Can Short Form Content Be Valuable?

  March 22, 2022 blogging tips šŸ•‘ 4 minutes read
Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia


Imagine being a new blogger.


You know no one.


You have no idea where to find bloggers to network with, to befriend and to follow.


Imagine coming across this 665 word blog post:


6 Spots for Meeting New Bloggers


As a new blogger who has no clue where to meet new bloggers, would you find the 665 word blog post valuable?


Probably yes.


In one moment you have no idea where to meet new bloggers. After spending 3 short minutes you now have 6 spots for meeting new bloggers.


Many new bloggers – or struggling bloggers – would likely deem the 665 word post as being valuable. Read the post. Visit each spot. Meet new bloggers.


Do new bloggers need an in-depth guide within the blog post for location #1 from the blog post linked to above? No.


Anyone can scan Blogging From Paradise comments. Anyone can click on links. Anyone can visit new blogs through this easy strategy.


Blog Post Length Does Not Necessarily Determine Value


Avoid making the common error of believing that long posts yield value while short posts yield no value. New or struggling or even veteran bloggers extract value from helpful 600 word blog posts. Short posts bleed value. Long posts bleed value. All depends on fulfilling the title promise.


I promised 6 spots for meeting new bloggers through the title above. I delivered by sharing 6 spots via the blog content. Many bloggers who needed this specific information would likely find the post valuable because I completed the job in 3 minutes. For 3 minutes of your time, you received value in the form of 6 spots for meeting new bloggers.


Blog post length does not necessarily determine value because long posts sometimes lack value and short posts sometimes bleed value.


However, short posts may be thin and long posts may dazzle readers. Everything depends on your intent. All depends on your abundance mentality related to the post itself, in addition to the specific preferences of your readers.


Should You Publish Short Form or Long Form Content?


I discuss this question here:


Short Form Versus Long Form Content?


Do you want more details? Click the link to read the post.


But if you want a short summary: long form content ranks better on Google but short form content gets the job done in some cases.


Everything depends on your:


  • intent
  • audience
  • mindset
  • sense of detachment


I mix short and long form content on Blogging From Paradise to:


  • solve reader problems
  • tailor content to their preferences


Some readers love short posts. Other readers love long posts. I enjoy writing each type of post.


Mixing my passion with your needs seems like the right way to blog.


Beware Following Common Blogging Advice Mindlessly


Top pros usually offer solid blogging advice.


But beware parroting common blogging advice mindlessly. Beware following common blogging advice mindlessly.


Mindfully assess whether or not blogging advice resonates with you.


Pros often advise to only publish in-depth, 2000 to 2500 word long content. But what if your readers enjoy 600 word posts? What if your readers have only 1-3 minutes to scan and use 600 word posts? What if you enjoy writing 600 word posts? What if you hate writing 2500 word blog posts? What if 600 word posts packed with practical tips become consistent with your blog and brand?


Mindfully assessing whether or not pro, common blogging advice works for your readers and yourself is the only way to take or leave common blogging convention.


You have to think!


I have followed more than a few multi-millionaires who publish short form blog content. I also follow pros who publish long form content. Everything depends on your intent. All depends on your mindset.


Trust Your Intuition


Trust your intuition to guide you. Listen to your gut. Follow your heart.


The heart-gut-intuition works best for all. This means that your intuitive nudges will tend to best benefit your readers.


Short blog posts can be highly valuable. If your gut goads you to publish short form content simply publish this type of content to succeed.


Bloggers Need Something Different at Various Stages of their Careers


Some bloggers need one blogging tip acquired after 5 second’s worth of reading, today.


Other bloggers need a 2500 word blog post.


Yet other bloggers need a 8,000 to 15,000 word blogging or eBook manual.


Other bloggers need a 6 hour long blogging audio course.


Some bloggers need a minute-long video.


Other bloggers need a 600 word blog post.


Every blogger has different needs at various stages of their online careers. Varying forms of content best meet their needs at these differing stages.


This is why short form content can be highly valuable. Thousands of bloggers only need 600 words explaining 6 places to meet bloggers, right now. Thousands of these bloggers have no need of a 2500 word guide delving into 30 places to meet new bloggers. Thousands of these bloggers do not need a 500 word breakdown of how to meet bloggers in these 6 spots.


Short form content rocks as a value-added vehicle for solving blogging problems.


Never undervalue the benefits of being to the point because thousands upon thousands of bloggers find the most value in a little bit…..not a lot.


  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 6:52 am

    You are right on with this one Ryan, I mix them up as well and probably do about 75% short form over the lengthy blog posts. People don’t have the time to read war and peace today.

  2. Tanish Shrivastava says:
    at 2:24 am

    Hmm. Personally, I think it depends on the topic as well. Certain topics are best for short blog posts. If you try to write a long post about them, it’ll turn repetitive, and might even drive the reader away. No one wants to read a repetitive post which hammers the same point again and again, without changing anything.

  3. Amy D'Souza says:
    at 5:28 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    Great post about short content article. I thought wrong that short content even with quality works will not be useful but this post proved something better. Thanks and keep sharing some more interesting posts.

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