Business Or Personal?

January 21, 2019
Date palms in Oman.


Wow; this is a sneaky money and blogging block.


Watch the 0:44 second video by clicking here.


Business Or Personal?


Before we chat a bit, I want to shout out engaging, chatty, warm travel bloggers for you to connect with. Fran Opazo  Carl Hedinger and Dave The Silver Backpacker are fine examples of how to engage folks through social media. Follow them.


OK…now that you watched the video…be honest; do you feel uncomfortable sharing:


  • blog content
  • products
  • services


on your personal account, social media wise? If yes, you are not being your true self in front of friends and family because you fear being blogger self in front of friends and family. I have no fear sharing anything blogging-wise ANYWHERE online because I am being me, everywhere. I am genuine. I do not play a different role for fam and friends than I do for my blog readers.


I will promote this eBook 1,001 times on my personal account, on Facebook. And on my FB Page. And on Twitter.


The problem is; if you feel uncomfortable sharing business stuff on your personal account, you have both money fears and fears of criticism from fam and friends. Gotta clear those fears to make more money and to see greater success.


Be you. Everywhere. Get clear, face fears and if you share a business service or say, some vulnerable-feeling topic in one spot online, you better share it everywhere. Find the secret to being genuine. Uncover the secret to being comfortable in your own skin. Have fun seeing increased blogging success.


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