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July 20, 2018


There is quite a big gap between Business Blogging and Blogging Business. Some months back, I was speaking at a bogging event and my jaws dropped massively when over 200 bloggers in attendance could not really tell the difference between the two.


I have not written about it elsewhere so I feel honored to share it with the BloggingFromParadise audience. My goal is to neutralize the confusion and help you with some knowledge that will surely bring a positive impact in your business.


1) Business Blogging!

This is when you use blogging as a tool to promote your regular business. You are involved in some other business. Any commercial activity that generates some income.


Now, there are many ways to reach out to your market. If you opt for blogging as one of these, you are doing business blogging. You create and publish content for mainly two groups of readers:

  1. Your regular customers
  2. Your prospects


Blogging for your customers


Blogging for your customers can help you educate them on your products and services. It’s a way to care and build up confidence in order to keep them. In this competitive business world, your competitors are doing all they could to drag away your customers. Not providing the information and training these customers need through blogging, you literally are giving them a reason to go for something better.


Blogging for prospects


Your prospects are your potential customer. Blogging for your business in this content-driven world is indisputably a vehicle to convey commercial information to your prospects, bringing them closer to buying from you.


Completely depending on your website and product presentation page is archaic. Blogging will help in your branding, thereby putting you ahead of your competitors. Business blogging keeps you active in business. Creating SEO friendly content opens more doors and helps you acquire more lead.


Static websites are fast becoming less found on search engines. Doing a quick search on Google, you will find out that more than 50% on SERP is made up of blog posts. This is a quick indication that business blogging is a powerful tool that simplifies customer acquisition process.


Why do some businesses not blog?


There are reasons business don’t blog despite the long list of advantages.

  1. Ignorance.
  2. Incompetence.
  3. Some businesses are scams and frauds. Blogging will expose them.
  4. The cost associated with running a business blog (Quite negligible if you ask me)


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2) Blogging Business

This is when blogging is your main business. You are not blogging to promote another business. You are regularly blogging to earn some reward directly from it.


There are different areas of blogging business:


  1. Content creation and promotion
  2. Consultation and coaching
  3. Blogging tools building and maintenance
  4. Blogging platform development and maintenance


There are bloggers who create and promote content with a monetizing strategy. Often, they make money from:


  • Affiliate marketing
  • Banner space sales (Direct advertising)
  • Sponsored content
  • Link sales (warning from Google)


Blogging consultation is a smart business for experts in any area of blogging. This can be in content creation, SEO, Themes and plugins, web hosting, etc


In this blogging business, some people are experts in creating tools. They are the ones doing the plugins and themes used to create and maintain content.


Another category of folks in the blogging business world are those involved in the creation of blogging platforms. They create and maintain WordPress, Weebly, Blogger,  etc. These are the platforms that allow us to create blogs.


There is another important group that requires a high level of skills to provide facilities that keep blogging going. They do this as a business and earn a living from it. These are those in the Web hosting industry.


Today, we have WordPress Hosting Services, dedicated to the hosting of the popular WordPress blogging platform.


How to treat blogging as a business


Now, we’ve just established the main differences between Business blogging and Blogging business.


If you want to succeed in blogging business, you must treat blogging as a business. Here are a couple of areas to focus on:


  • Invest in premium tools
  • Invest in training programs/materials to acquire knowledge
  • Work with a schedule
  • Be disciplined
  • Connect with other savvy bloggers
  • Avoid black-hat methods
  • Be transparent
  • Build your own community (Email list, social media followers, etc)
  • Don’t neglect SEO
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