Building Your Tribe: 1 Factor Most Bloggers Miss

September 10, 2018

Building Your Tribe: 1 Factor Most Bloggers Miss


Large, loyal tribes grow through genuine, warm, 1 to 1 interactions.


I beat this drum again and again guys. You may be disgusted with me by now. I get it. But you see the message again and again because most bloggers miss the message again and again.


My blogging sweet robbins; most bloggers just want to:


  • write a blog post
  • publish a blog post
  • promote the blog post in a bunch of spots
  • count Scrooge McDuck type dough, diving into their pool of dubloons, picking dollars off of their money tree, as the millions flow in


Fat chance guys. Unless Scrooge McDuck is reading this post. If he is; how do you have the upper body strength to swim through a pool of gold dubloons? I can barely contend with some strong rip currents in Phuket, at my beloved Nai Harn Beach, during monsoon season.


Building a Tribe


Anyway; build genuine friendships with bloggers 1 to 1. Help people. Comment on their blogs. Promote ’em on your blog and through social media.


Make friends. Friends flock to your blog, building your tribe as friends promote you and endorse you.


A tribe is born.


Focus on humans over numbers. Concentrate on making friends by helping bloggers versus looking for a magical platform where you blast a message and see stunning blogging success. That platform does not exist. Never did. Never will.


Helping human beings through genuine blog commenting, by promoting ’em and by not expecting anything emits a generous vibe. Said vibe makes you irresistible to folks. Tribe building gold, right there, guys. Pure gold. Humans over numbers. Friendships over manipulation.


I explain in the video:


1 Blog Tribe Building Factor Most Bloggers Miss


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