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  August 6, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

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One simple but uncomfortable tactic accelerates your traffic and profits.


Build blogging success momentum.


Add on to success by doing persistently what brings success. Imagine a boulder gaining speed as it moves downhill. See the boulder crushing all in its path. Perhaps you do not devastate as the boulder does but building blogging success momentum works in similar fashion.


Each successful act executed accelerates your success through the concept of momentum. Picture a bricklayer building a house. Each brick helps to form the home. Imagine each blog post you publish as being a brick forming your full time blogging business home. If you skip laying bricks today the house is that much further away from completion. Momentum lost. But if you lay bricks daily you build the home in far less time because work momentum carried you through the process.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give attention to blogging. Observe your blog grow.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give attention to blogging. Observe your blog grow. Click To Tweet


Everything is momentum. Success momentum is doing successful things generously for a long time. Never forget the time element. Momentum builds over seconds, minutes, weeks, months then years. Imagine ceasing to blog for 8 months. Count those 8 months as success momentum lost. No 8 month blogging vacation demands you to start over again but 8 months of lost momentum cannot be gained in minutes, hours of days.


Picture yourself riding an old school bicycle, Heavy and cumbersome by nature, building momentum proves to be a Yeoman’s task. But once you pedal through tension to gain momentum the bike virtually rides itself. Momentum largely carries you and the bike based on your strong pedaling  work.  Pedaling may still be required but you already did the heavy lifting. Enjoy smoother sailing.


Frame blogging in similar fashion. Put in work when things feel tough as a new to intermediate blogger. Allow success momentum gained during formative years to carry you to and through your professional blogging career. Make no bones about it; you will still work as a professional. Work never ends as long as you blog. But the prior work executed creates exponential success based on each post published and friendship established serving as brand ambassadors.


Every post you publish promotes:


  • you
  • your blog
  • your business


Every blogging buddy you make promotes:


  • you
  • your blog
  • your business


Blog posts and blogging buddies built your success momentum for you but only after you build success momentum yourself. Building momentum requires genuine work on your part. Either you work and prosper or avoid work and struggle. All hinges on knifing through fear. Nobody loves feeling fear. But feeling fear clears energies to allow forward progress.


On a gorgeous Friday afternoon I seem faced with two choices:


  • swim in the pool now
  • spend 20 minutes writing and publishing this blog post


Ego prefers the pool. My heart writes the post.


I chose to write the post for you and me. Digging deeper, this post builds success momentum for us all. You gain blogging insights. I increase the Blogging From Paradise digital footprint. However, most bloggers likely laze around a pool with their floaters now instead of writing the post. Building blogging success momentum is not easy, comfortable or seamless. But if you crave freedom more than comfort you write the post and delay your time floating with your rubber ducky for 30 minutes.


Blogging is not all work. Blogging 18 hour days is no different than working a job. Make freedom your goal. Leverage. Expand your presence exponentially by making strong impacts through each action.




I recorded a video a while back delving into this concept.


Check it out here:


Build Success Momentum




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