Why You Should Never Build Your Blogging Business Through Social Media Alone

December 6, 2017
New York City


One form of blogging business silliness has gained some steam – especially in the travel blogging community – and it has to stop.


Bloggers and other online business owners are trumpeting that building your blogging business through social media alone is smart, sound and the way to go.


This is like trying to build a Qatari Royal Palace – trust me; I have seen the palaces in person in Qatar, which literally could almost have their own zip code – on a foundation of quick sand.


Watch this video as my friend and internet marketing pro Alonzo Pichardo and I chat about the dangers of using social media alone to build your business online.


The Dangers of Using Social Media Alone to Build a Business




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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. True true Israel. Google Plus does promote more engagement with its free model. Facebook feels OK for 1 to 1 connections through messaging but as for scale, G Plus whips its butt methinks. Thanks brother 🙂

  2. Thanks for the blog post, the video and eBook resources added alongside, Ryan! As you said in that post, I have seen a lot of online entrepreneurs too who literally believe in using the social media alone to build traffic despite all the SEO skills.

    I could imagine how Facebook was more efficient when the Ad Marketing section had not yet been launched than now. It was quite easier for anyone with an active account to leverage this platform in driving traffic than now.

    Google+ came up in a better way suddenly and it’s now taken the place that Facebook left a couple of years ago. Google+ and Pinterest are now the talks of the net as far as building links through social engagement is concerned. Thanks for sharing those resources, Ryan!

    Wish you much more success,
    Israel Olatunji

  3. Diversifying is one of the keys to online success, and life success Mike. Can’t go wrong with The Oracle of Omaha’s business advice either.

  4. Mike Bran Says:

    I agree with concept. You never want to put everything you got into one thing and one thing only. Like Warren Buffet says it important to diversify.

  5. So happy to be the first commentor buddy 🙂 Lisa said it best; a self-hosted WordPress blog is the place, the home, the central hub, on which we grow our business. Toss in those other streams like social, guest posting, blog commenting and forum marketing. Diversify, add channels and you will establish a viral online presence over time. Thanks much for the comment.

  6. Yep Paul; no sense attaching to any one online stream. We have a smorgasboard of channels to work with, so….work those channels, boost your organic traffic and rock out your business without holding on to desperately to a social media channel.

  7. Paul Says:

    I agree that we should not depend on social media to drive traffic. We can do promoting social media as one source of traffic but it is still better if we must focus on organic traffic because it is more beneficial and the only way to make organic traffic is to write valuable topic on a daily basis.

  8. Moss Clement Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    One of the components of blogging which some might not be aware of is to have an online presence. Hence, having an online presence is not just about being on social media, much is involved.

    For example, I recently setup my new blog and, interestingly you were the first to comment on it which I so much appreciate.

    Lisa Sicard who was the second to comment on my blog said in her comment, “I’m happy that you now have your on place.”

    What does sh mean? Simply put, you can’t put all your eggs in one place. You need o diversify and mix things up by creating other channels for your blogging business.

    Thanks for posting.

  9. Good deal Giovanni. The mix approach is the way to go. Much better for loving the ride, and for seeing greater success.

  10. Tossing in different streams is the way to go Sadhan. Mixes things up and helps you create a viral online presence, leading to greater business growth.

  11. Sadhan Pal Says:

    Right post. Social media can be a auxiliary part of traffic source. But this should not be the only source. Thanks.

  12. The right way to do it is a mix of a lot of different things. Social media, SEO, forums and much more. I’ve been doing a combination of these things, and my blog grew quite a bit.

  13. Sakshi much appreciated. I am glad you dug the video. Sharing it can wake some folks up and avoid this big time error.

  14. Sakshi Bhola Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    A really amazing video, I think, Everyone should watch at once. I have already subscribed your channel on youtube and see all your videos, I’ll definitely learn a lot of things from you… Thanks for sharing.

  15. Excellent Freddy. Funny, but before I read your rocking comment I popped in on Sound Cloud to check my latest podcast. Another medium through which I share my insights. Podcast going live on BFP tomorrow.

  16. I don’t think building your blog with social media alone is a smart thing to do. I agree.

    You can’t leave all of your eggs in one basket!

    A smart blogger will have a proven strategies that includes many different mediums. Social media should be part of your blogging plan, but not the solely strategy.

    Thanks for the valuable discussion!

    Cheers! 😀

  17. The sting of getting burned with the all the eggs in one basket scenario was one of my biggest online wake up calls Rhonda. Really alerted me to spreading things out, to acting abundantly and to creating more of a viral online presence.

  18. I went through that stage too Pospi. I became heavily reliant on social for a little stretch but learned my lesson quickly. Goodness knows I will take you up on that offer buddy 😉 Thanks so much.

  19. Blog commenting and guest posting will help you get those readers Lisa if you are a new blogger. Definitely we need to practice writing to craft impressive comments and guest posts, but that is the online tuition. Social is awesome as a secondary stream but from day 1, creating on your own real estate – your blog – and on other forms of owned real estate – comments and guest posts on self hosted WP blogs – is the best route because no algorithms will shake you out. Then, when you are getting readers and making friends with other bloggers, social works well to build the depth of those bonds. Thanks much Lisa.

  20. Tim great to see you! It has been a while buddy. I am glad you enjoyed the video and hope to see you soon.

  21. This is exactly the point Tanja. I see it happen with travel bloggers on Instagram all the time and Alonzo sees it more and more on Facebook and Google Plus. Nuts, really. Online catastrophic event here. Buy your domain and hosting. Build everything through your blog. Add social as a secondary or tertiary stream.

  22. Lisa Sicard Says:

    Great video Ryan and Alonzo. I’ve noticed many more doing just that today – starting their social media presence and then starting a blog. Interesting how you recommend this is backwards. But I have a question – how does one start with the blog if they have no social media connections, etc.? You do need folks to read the blog to get it spread throughout the networks and various channels. It’s like the chicken and the egg, which come first?
    Also like those that graduate college and cannot find jobs because they have no experience, how do they get it?

  23. Pospi Otuson Says:

    Thanks a lot for this video Ryan.

    I really see my self as a victim of concentrating only on social media platforms to build my blogging business.

    Pichardo is also a great inspiration, intended asking a question at the beginning of the video when Pichardo was talking about people following him on social media without him knowing the reason.

    But I got two different answers to my question…

    Sincerely I gained a lot from this video although took much of my. Don’t regret watching at all. Thanks Ryan… I will always share

    My blog is always open for you to share a little of your knowledge to my readers

    Regards to Alonzo

  24. Rhonda Albom Says:

    I will never put all my eggs in one basket again. You only have to get burned once to see your mistake.

  25. Tanja L. Says:

    Why would anyone in the world relay on only one source of customers? I agree, only writing for facebook or Instagram will not do in a long term. There were many popular networks in Germany that have died out by now, who knows what will happen to our current most popular ones in 10 years?

  26. Really interesting video, Ryan! I wasn’t able to watch it all but I really like the part about getting in it for the right reason. Awesome!

  27. I left a thought.