Blogging Your Life: Yes or No?

  June 3, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 9 minutes read
Rickshaw Penang Malaysia

Rickshaw Penang Malaysia


Blogging your life appears to be a good idea to most beginner bloggers.


Sharing your ideas can seem to inspire people. Offering your thoughts feels cathartic.


Blogging about various aspects of your life supplies you with a rich list of blog post ideas. Even someone whose life seems boring can pluck one of the 40,000 thoughts we experience daily to expand into a blog post.


However, blogging about your life only works in specific cases.


Before discussing whether or not to blog about your life it makes sense to define the concept.


Blogging About Life


For the purposes of this post, blogging about your life literally means blogging about any aspect of your personal human experience.


New bloggers usually begin blogging about their lives to gain confidence in tackling an easy subject. Everyone has multiple daily experiences to blog about. Blogging about personal experiences dissolves writer’s block.


Blogging about your:


  • kids
  • breakfast
  • job
  • political preferences
  • personal struggles


or any of your personal experiences feels easy because no pressure arises in:


  • picking one blog topic
  • sticking to one blogging niche (enjoy this niche resource by Adam Connell)
  • researching the niche
  • becoming a niche authority by patiently writing posts, building SEO-optimized content and networking genuinely with niche leaders


Scan each bullet point above. Doesn’t this sound like hard work? Doesn’t it seem easier to blog about your daily experiences?


In truth, it is easier to publish blog posts about any personal experience but it is also impossible to:


  • build a large community
  • grow a loyal readership
  • target blog traffic
  • drive Google traffic
  • grow a thriving blogging business


except in rare cases.


Blogging about your life is easy. However, getting traffic and profits from blogging about life is virtually impossible save a few instances.


Blogging about your life is easy. However, getting traffic and profits from blogging about life is virtually impossible save a few instances. #bloggingClick To Tweet


Few bloggers possess the mental clarity to discern between easy to do and easy to receive. Anyone can blog about their infant’s Cheerios, puppy training, the news and personal development. Virtually no one can monetize these posts because the world loves specialists and only trusts generalists in the rarest of situations.


Should you blog about your life experiences?


I want to explain who should and who should not blog about their life.






Celebrities have:


  • millions of loyal followers
  • virtually blanket credibility in the eyes of raving fans
  • star power; the ability to change worldly, public opinion with one blog post, social media update or press blast


Most celebrities spent 5, 10, 20 or 30 years building their name, brand, star power and niche credibility. Most worked incredibly persistently to become the best in the world at what they do.


Most experience joy, passion and peace from executing their craft. But one worldly benefit of giving a large chunk of your life to your craft is – whether intended or not – gaining a following of 10 million to 100 million plus people who believe most if not all that you speak because they believe in. They trust celebrities because they love celebrities.


A celebrity can begin a personal blog, post about anything and 20 million human beings will:


  • trust the posts because they trust the person
  • buy the product created by the celebrity or the affiliate offer promoted by the star because they trust the celebrity
  • loyally follow every blog post about any personal topic because they love the person and seem fascinated about the person’s interests


Celebrities who blog are the rare cases of bloggers who get away with blogging about their life because if 50 million people are highly interested in:


  • you
  • your life
  • your interests


a star can drive heavy, targeted blog traffic and big profits since the interest is not in a niche or topic but in the celebrity who publishes the blog post.


Being the Business


Jay Z once rapped:


“I’m not a businessman. I am a business, man.”


He is the business. Jay Z is the brand. He mindfully built his name into a brand and business. If he sells something his loyal fans buy it because they trust Jay Z.


Celebrity bloggers can blog successfully about their lives because millions of trusting fans express great interest in star’s lives, experiences and opinions.


Bloggers with No Professional Aspirations (Blogging Therapy)


Bloggers who intend to be amateurs forever can blog about their lives.


Yangon, Burma

Yangon, Burma


Since you do not want to become successful simply blog about your life because you have zero expectations. If 2 or 3 readers show up to follow your personal experiences or if no one appears to follow your blog it makes no difference. Success is not your goal. Attracting readers is no desire. Making money never enters your mind.


Blogging about life works for this crowd because:


  • nothing needs to work
  • nothing will ultimately work


Blog your life. Publish your experiences. People will not show up but people showing up was never your goal.


Blogging is personal therapy for this crowd. Writing feels cathartic. Publishing posts boosts your confidence.


Even if no one reads your posts you left your comfort zone. Publishing private, intimate thoughts in a public setting establishes a sense of being vulnerable which is often step 1 in being liberated.


Engaging in blogging therapy by blogging about your life can be immensely helpful in:


  • facing fears
  • dissolving mental blocks
  • fostering peace of mind


Blog to heal. Blog about life.




Aspiring Pro Bloggers


Aspiring pro bloggers cannot blog about their lives to go pro because


  • going pro requires highly targeting your readership
  • going pro requires building a large following
  • going pro requires building a loyal following


Bloggers who blog about multiple topics from their lives


  • draw untargeted, passively interested, or disinterested readers
  • lose followers every time they cover a different topic
  • lose follower loyalty every time they cover a different topic


The ego leads to blogging ruin because you do what you want to do without considering the people who buy your products, hire you, click your ads, endorse you, promote you and loyally following your blog.


The ego leads to blogging ruin because you do what you want to do without considering the people who buy your products, hire you, click your ads, endorse you, promote you and loyally following your blog. #blogging Click To Tweet


For example, if I began blogging about my life because I wanted to I may have published a post about house sitting and dog care this morning. I changed wee wee pads, cleaned the dog bowl, offered the doggies duck jerky and spent time petting the little ones. 99.99% of you would not read this house sitting / dog care post because you follow Blogging From Paradise for blogging tips. Imagine if I published a post about my morning Kriya tensing sessions tomorrow morning. Immediately, I would begin to lose:


  • readers
  • customers
  • loyal followers


I built my credibility over years blogging primarily about blogging tips. People read this blog for blogging tips. If I began blogging about my life people would stop following me because I have built no credibility in those areas.


The world loves specialists. Generalists? Not so much.


Video: How to Increase Blogging Profits by Staying on Topic


The Solution


Pick one niche to go pro.


Cover that niche inside-out for years.


Gain credibility.


Be a specialist to go pro.


Amateur Bloggers Who Want to Help People


Amateur bloggers intending to help people should not about their lives because changing topics frequently:


  • alienates readers who stop following your blog
  • creates the exhausting task of trying to find new people to help every time you change topics


For example, today you blog about personal development. Attracting a few people who want personal development tips feels good because you helped these people.


Tomorrow you blog about child care. Personal development readers feel alienated; why do you blog about kids when you should blog about personal development to help them? Most of these readers stop following your blog. Now you need to find a whole new batch of personal development readers to help whenever you post about personal development again. Child care fans appreciate your help but become confused when you publish about how to boil spaghetti properly the following day because you enjoyed spaghetti for lunch and had to share your life with people.


The few personal development readers are long gone. Who wants child care tips and spaghetti boiling tips if someone appears to be going through a scary personal crisis? This crowd ditches you blog permanently to follow a personal development specialist like Steve Pavlina. He does one thing. He has done one thing for a long time. He does it well. He shares personal development tips for smart people.


This is how you help people as a blogger. This is how you go pro. Cover one topic for a long time to grow a loyal following who returns to your blog with the sole expectation of solving one core problem in their life aligned fully with your blog topic.


You cannot help people through blogging if you:


  • alienate them
  • confuse them
  • send them running for the hills


Stick to one topic. Be a specialist. Grow reader loyalty. Help people by establishing credibility in one blogging niche.


Anyone Who Wants to Make Money Blogging


Amateurs who intend to increase their part time income through blogging should never blog about their life for the same reasons listed for aspiring pros and any blogger who wants to help people.


Blogging about life can generate a few random sales. However, establishing steady part time income becomes impossible for bloggers who change topics frequently.


People buy from bloggers that they:


  • know
  • like
  • trust


How can readers get to know, like and trust someone who tries to earn credibility in 5, 10 or 15 niches? Blogging about 15 niches related to your life is blogging hot air. Stop flapping your blogging gums. Nobody will buy your affiliate gourmet spaghetti because they genuinely believe you know more about how to boil spaghetti than a food blogger who perfected their cooking craft over decades.


Honeycreeper, hummingbird and tanager in El Valle de Anton, Panama


People buy from you if you really know your stuff in terms of whatever you sell. How can you genuinely know your stuff if you sell stuff from 5, 10 or 15 different niches, especially in a world of specialists who give 100% of their attention and energy to developing skills, credibility and exposure in only ONE of those 5, 10 or 15 niches?


The Solution


If you plan to earn a part time blogging income simply specialize in one niche.


Earn credibility by being a specialist. Prosper.


The Verdict


Celebrities can get away with blogging about life to drive traffic and profits.


Bloggers who blog to heal and not gain a professional career can blog about personal experiences as an act of largely private catharsis.


Any blogger who wants to go pro, help people or earn a part time income should specialize in one niche to earn credibility.


Decide on your personal goals to walk the blogging path that works for you.

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