Do You Flex Your Creative Blogging Muscles Daily?

  November 14, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
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I create oodles of content. Creating content makes me more creative. Does that make sense? Flexing my creative muscle makes the muscle for creating stronger. Making the creative muscle stronger allows me to create content more easily. Creating content more easily allows me to become prolific. Being prolific allows my blogging success to expand.


Everything seems quite simple. Everything is quite simple. But flexing your creative muscle feels uncomfortable sometimes because edging into new levels of creativity nudges you into your fears. Do you create too much content? Do you overwhelm the RSS feed? Why do you publish oodles of content versus writing one in-depth blog post? All of these fears knock on your mind’s door the moment you intend to create content more freely.


I even doubled down the prior few years and began SEO-optimizing blog posts here and there to publish in-depth content in addition to shorter, sweeter posts. Edging into fears associated with this process felt highly uncomfortable.


Most bloggers avoid facing these fears, turn around, and quit being creative. Creative mental muscles atrophy; such folks slam into writer’s block routinely because no one becomes creative by allowing their mental muscles to atrophy. But flexing your creative muscles makes your creativity stronger and also inspires you to create more content.


Mind is muscle. Never forget this truth. Mind is tangible. Train this mental muscle to make the mind strong. Train your creative muscles to make your creativity strong. Everything depends on you, your willingness to flex your creative muscle and your openness to being uncomfortable sometimes. Go for it guys. Totally worth it.


The video I recorded below was from Bangkok in 2019. I have created a steady flow of helpful content since then. Why can I sit here in Pennsylvania, USA with a high volume of helpful content under my cyber belt? I flexed my creative muscle for years. I strengthened this muscle to the point where I can create 5-10 posts daily between video posts, podcasts, blog posts and guest posts. I flexed. I built my creative muscle strong, for years. Now I can create a high volume of helpful content based on the years I spent building up my creativity.


Blogging is not nearly as difficult as you make blogging to be but blogging becomes uncomfortable sometimes. Blogging is not complex but blogging feels scary in moments. Nudging into new levels of creativity feels uncomfortable sometimes because fears await you. Hug these fears. Feel these energies. Create. Become prolific. Help more folks. Expand your blogging success.


Keep creating to become more creative. Feel fears triggered by:


  • giving too much away for free
  • the illusion of scarcity
  • the illusion of blogging competition
  • the illusion of blog content saturation


to release these fears and to keep on creating. Being prolific allows you to succeed but you need to flex your creative muscle on a daily basis to become more and more creative.




Everything changes the moment you choose to be more creative because the mind shifts from its fears to the love of helping people. Make that clear shift to be more creative and to accelerate your blogging success.




I filmed a short video in Thailand a few years ago underscoring this point.


Click the link to enjoy the video.


Blogging Video: Flex Your Creative Muscle


Being creative goads you to be even more creative. Creating content daily guides you to be even more prolific.


Targeting readers lays a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign. But after pinpointing your ideal reader the simple act of creating helpful content generously expands your:


  • skills
  • credibility
  • exposure
  • traffic
  • business


Flex your creative muscles daily.


Publish content to target your readers.


Accelerate your blogging success.

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