Do You Make Blogging Tougher via this Imagined Enemy?

  March 24, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Opotiki, New Zealand


Billions of human beings use:


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Quora


Making any of these sites enemies is not wise. Why write off billions of human beings? We only have 7 billion people to work with. Writing off billions does not make sense.


However, attaching to any one social media site seems foolish as I have discussed via my social media manual for handling social chaos. Social media sites behave in a continual state of flux. Changing algorithms, shifting narratives and overall turbulence on social sites means detaching some from working these channels. If you do not own the site do not make it the priority. Make your blog the priority.


Social Media Sites and User Bases Are Not the Enemy: Do Not Turn Your Back on Them


Admittedly, I made the common error of allowing the ego to create an imagined enemy of sites like Facebook and Twitter.


But just because social media site owners lay out certain rules does not mean I should turn my back on billions of human beings who have yet to become familiar with Blogging From Paradise.


Blogging gets tougher as you limit your readership pool. Closing out sites because of ego beliefs makes blogging tougher; you have less people to work with.


Do you want to be right? Or do you want to help more people, become more successful and free yourself?


Can you put ego beliefs aside for the good of:


  • your readers?
  • yourself?
  • people you may potentially meet through sites like Facebook and Twitter?


Facebook is not the enemy. If every business is a people business it makes no sense to exclude 2/7’s of the world’s popular solely because you disagree with algorithms.


But if you make freedom, fun and service most important, being seen by a potential few billion people makes perfect sense.


Beliefs from Politics to Parties to the Matrix


Even though I circle the globe in shorts and T-shirts, I am not an utter idiot.


I have trained my mind enough to see this: an illusory matrix appears to control the world through the appearance of fear. Of course, fear is not real. The matrix is not real. No real thing can be based on an illusion.


Anyway, major social media sites appear to support certain politics, or parties, but ultimately hold the illusory matrix together through division, separation and chaos.


BUT… I have learned over the past 6 months, stepping through this illusion to use Facebook and Twitter to spread love and to help people connects you with a whole lotta people interested in your blog.  Plus….as they attempt to separate people….we hold it together, with love.


When my mind was deeper in the illusion of fear, I heavily pulled back from mainstream social media. But training my mind revealed that Facebook and Twitter are not the enemies because millions upon millions of people use each site solely to:


  • spread love
  • empower people
  • inspire people
  • step out of the matrix of fear
  • be One
  • learn about blogging
  • learn about me (not millions….currently)
  • learn about Blogging From Paradise (not millions….currently)


Trust Your Gut


For some, Facebook and Twitter represent such darkness that dropping both sites like a hot potato is the only option now.


Trust your intuition. Your inner guide will tell you to either trash both sites, one site, or to keep both sites to use for some higher purpose.


My gut told me to shut each down largely a while back. But as I observed how the ego made an enemy of a site versus:


  • learning how to play their game
  • seeing the millions of potential readers on each site
  • seeing the many people who desired my blogging help through each site


I slowly but surely became highly active on Facebook and Twitter.


Sites cannot be evil. Sites are inanimate objects.


Site owners may share different values than yours. But should you turn your back on billions of people solely because you share different values than someone?


The ego will make your life miserable. I know. I lived quite a depressing stretch over the years for allowing the ego to call the shots.


Feel free to trash major social media if it feels:


  • good
  • fun
  • freeing
  • relaxing


but beware.


Many people will only find your blog through these sites. Deleting the sites deletes the opportunities to connect with a massive chunk of humanity.


Some bloggers allow the ego to predict the doom and gloom of these major sites, the old me included. However, I do not have billions of users. Facebook does.


I gladly ate crow, fired up Facebook and Twitter, and decided to work within their rules to help people and to grow my Blogging From Paradise readership instead of prognosticating the demise of sites whose owners had a thing or two to teach me about growing a community through scale.


I do not agree with some Facebook and Twitter rules. But that is irrelevant because my disagreeing is my ego and the ego causes hell.


I do agree with the fact that billions of humans use main stream websites.


I finally figured out that social media algorithms do not make billions of people enemies, or, folks I should write off.

  1. Silva says:
    at 7:36 pm

    In my opinion, as the internet is the most democratic medium of all, we must connect to all types of people and it is necessary that each one understands each one’s idea. Very interested in your view. Congratulations!

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