Blogging Tips of the Day: What Stops You?

  February 12, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand


What stops you?


What stops your blogging campaign?


I sat down to write and publish 800 words a few moments ago. But a thought arose in mind: posts need to be 1500 words to yield value. Bullshit. I refuse to allow that limiting belief to stop me. But another thought arose: all posts need to be SEO-optimized for people to see Blogging From Paradise. Bullshit. People find posts through all channels.


Who stops you? Google? Does a lack of Google traffic handcuff you? Legions of humans find blog content through channels other than Google. People find you offline. People find you through blog comments. Folks find you through guest posts.


Wading through blogging limiting beliefs feels uncomfortable because fear arises in the mind. I despised facing, feeling and releasing fears related to:


  • wasting my time
  • losing opportunities
  • failing
  • struggling
  • wanting to quit


But I had to feel each fear to be free of the imagined blogging enemy.


Yeah that’s right; everything thing or person or idea that appears to stop you is solely in your mind as an imagined fear. Literally, you dream roadblocks. Even if SEO-optimizing blog posts can drive traffic and profits many bloggers succeed wildly sans Google traffic. Some thrive writing short blog posts. Why? Bloggers who succeed with less conventional approaches do not dream roadblocks for themselves. Nor do these bloggers surround themselves with bloggers who also dream roadblocks, that all bloggers in the group agree on and live by.


Trust Your Gut to Dissolve Roadblocks


Trusting your blogging gut dissolves imagined roadblocks. Going within reveals imagined fears to face, feel and release in order to let go blogging obstacles in order to succeed.


The intuition knows how to get from point A to point B independent of logic because your gut knows:


  • how to have fun
  • how to best help people
  • how to succeed


The intuition does not know how to struggle, fail and quit. The ego knows how to struggle, fail and quit because being imprisoned solely by logic gives handcuffs you. Logic says optimize all posts for SEO to drive passive, targeted traffic. But passive, targeted traffic find blogs through other methods. People believe Google is the best traffic source based on:


  • logic
  • prior experience
  • statistics
  • metrics


However, living and blogging in a field of infinite possibilities means anything can happen as far as traffic and profits.


Feel free to drive Google traffic. But understand how billions to unlimited channels of traffic await to find your blog. Never allow a lack of Google traffic to stop your blogging campaign. Never allow my blogging advice to stop your blogging campaign. Being ego-driven here and there, some of my advice may appear to limit you. Ignore it. Trust your gut. But on the other hand, be open to seemingly radical blogging tips posts like these because how can you ever succeed unless you:


  • challenge blogging convention?
  • challenge your limiting beliefs?
  • face your fears?
  • step up to what appears to stop you?


Never allow someone to limit your dreams. Be bold. Be free. Dream big blogging dreams. Listening to your intuition for perfect guidance alerts you to your blogging journey.


For example, I did not resonate with list building for a long time. But my intuition told me to begin building my email list again recently. I listened. Sign up for my email list here.


My intuition told me to frequently promote my eBooks and courses to help you and to help me. I listened. Prior, fears in my mind stopped me from:


  • growing my email list
  • promoting my eBooks
  • promoting my courses


But spending time in quiet, sitting with imagined fears, dissolving these imagined roadblocks and journeying within to hear my intuition moved me in the opposite direction. I gradually refuse to stop myself. I imagine myself as being limitless, a little bit more each day.


Consider Your Mental Roadblocks


What mental roadblocks do you imagine related to:


  • blog traffic?
  • blogging profits?
  • blogging business?
  • Google traffic?
  • not driving Google traffic?
  • building your email list?


Consider how you stop yourself. Be with these fears. Observe the illusory nature of each fear. Who says you cannot do something? Trust your gut. The intuition tells you how to succeed while enjoying the ride.


Logic may play a role in following specific blogging practical tips but honoring your intuition energizes you to follow an internal strategy for going pro. For example, I may trust my blogging gut to write this post but logic guides me to:


  • format the post effectively
  • share the post in a few spots
  • promote my eBooks, courses and email list


as well as following a few other blogging basics I picked up from pros over the years.


You are limitless.


Never allow anything or anyone to stop you.

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