Blogging Tips of the Day: Do You Remain on Your Blogging Toes?

  February 23, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica

San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica


Life if change.


Being open to change lets you glide seamlessly through life.


Flexible humans find life quite easy because changing with change as far as strategies promotes your success. Remain fixed in terms of your principles. Hold your fun, freeing intent. But be ready to change at the drop of a hat to flow with change, being on your blogging toes.


Fighting change makes life miserable because if you resist a constant you find yourself perfectly equipped to deal with a world long past.


Google seems to be worshipped by most bloggers. Bloggers do all bloggers can do to appease the Google gods. Some build their entire blogging campaign on making Google happy to drive Google traffic. What happens when Google changes its algorithm, as the search giant does, frequently? Unless you publish the most search-friendly content you will likely be punished for not following their rules closely, carefully and diligently.


As Google change evolves your blog traffic drops. Suffering follows.


But imagine if you remained on your blogging toes. Picture if you simply blogged for human beings who loved your blog versus blogging for a thing like Google. Imagine if you optimized posts for SEO but did not rely solely on Google for blog traffic and profits. Picture yourself creating and connecting generously to build your blogger buddy network. Success follows. Freedom follows.




You remained on your blogging toes, being nimble to change, being open to growth and being flexible enough to read the blogging tea leaves.


I hopped back into prolific guest posting today solely because I keep on my blogging toes. I am flexible, if nothing else. Even though I publish posts frequently to my blog I still guest post freely to embody an abundant mindset but to be flexible amid a changing world. No matter what happens with Google, Facebook or Twitter I have 1000’s of guest posts spread across hundreds of blogs, insulating myself from any change by the heavies by being flexible. Being nimble hurts the ego but who cares about that fool, anyway? Ego leads to failure. Your heart and its openness lead to greater blogging success.


Skilled bloggers remain open to change.  My intuition told me to begin guest posting again but I know on a worldly level how publishing content across a wide range of blogs helps you and helps me too. No matter what happens with any major website, I am good because my content and links pepper a high number of blogs.


But being flexible feels uncomfortable because you must bend to be open, leaving your comfort zone. Exiting your comfort zone forces you to face your fears. Facing your fears feels highly uncomfortable but what choice do you have? Either be comfortable and fail or exit your comfort zone to succeed. Everything is on you. All is your choice and your choice alone.


Decide for growth. Choose freedom. Be on your blogging toes each and every day to spot trends, to see change and to honor intuitive nudges in the direction of growth, fulfillment and expansion. Never box yourself in through fixed rules. Avoid being rigid. Rigid bloggers break under the pressure and stress of change. Flexible bloggers feel uncomfortable but bend with change to be niche leaders. Count yourself in this lot to be a thriving, prospering blogger who goes with the flow versus fighting your way upstream.


Being flexible means being open to discomfort. For example, I publish as much content to Blogging From Paradise as ever these days. Being prolific feels good and uncomfortable, too. I had to be flexible to ramp up my publishing schedule. But being flexible forces me to stretch. Stretching demands that I reach out beyond my comfort zone.


I have no real choice. Either I stretch, feel discomfort and grow or scramble back to my blogging comfort zone.


Do you remain on your blogging toes?


Are you open to blogging change?


How can you be more flexible?



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