Blogging Tips of the Day: Did You REALLY Think through Your Blogging Campaign?

  February 11, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Pong Noi, Thailand.


Kelli and I are renting an AirBnb in the deep south.


We love the location. The renter stocked the place chock-a-block. Coffee, coke, water, crackers, cookies….not to mention bathroom toiletries. Check!


But even though she advertised a kitchen for preparing your meals she provided no:


  • pots
  • pans
  • spoons
  • forks
  • knives
  • bowls
  • dishes
  • drinking glasses


I deeply appreciate her generosity in the stocking situation as far as foodstuffs. But she thinks like someone renting out an AirBnb versus someone renting an AirBnb.


No one travels with:


  • pots
  • pans
  • dishes
  • bowls
  • forks, knives and spoons
  • drinking glasses


unless you are the Swedish Chef.


I know this because I have circled the globe for 11 years. I also know hundreds of travelers who do not travel with a rolling kitchen.


Anyway, far from being a complaint, or a rant, I want to help you get clearer on your blogging campaign with this vivid example. She did not think through her rental campaign. Advertising a full kitchen for preparing food does not mean being able to roast cocktail weenies from the toothpicks in the kitchen but supplying all necessary items to actually:


  • prepare
  • cook
  • consume
  • enjoy




Toss in the fact that she advertised a photo of a bedroom inside of her house – not the apartment – and the process of finding the key proved to be quite confusing, and she may be hitting the mark sometimes but not thinking out her rental situation through the eyes of a renter.


Point blank, unless Kelli offered kind but direct feedback, the lady would eventually be blown out of the water with negative reviews on AirBnb.


Blogging Campaign


I underwent a transition of Kafka-esque proportions recently.


My blogging campaign changed because my mindset changed. Visitors now see:



on visiting this blog.


I am intending to think like you, a Blogging From Paradise reader, to give you the best blogging help in the easiest to consume fashion.


Thinking through blogging from the reader’s perspective makes blogging easier. Help readers by giving them valuable free and premium content. Help yourself by gaining loyal:


  • readers
  • customers
  • clients


However, deliberately thinking through your blogging campaign feels like exhausting work sometimes. The ego loves creating blind spots too. As I noted via this guest post on Anthony’s blog:


3 Words That Will Save Your Blogging Career


you and I need to admit when we are wrong to right our blogging campaigns. Bloggers succeed by spotting failures, in most cases. Few bloggers begin blogging intelligently. Most bury fears deep in the mind creating ego blind spots. Ego blind spots block blogging mistakes you are making right under your cyber nose.


Be honest with yourself. Does blogging feel like a struggle to you? Own your failures. Pinpoint mistakes. See yourself and your blog in the light of truth. Mindfully think through your blogging campaign. Ask friends and family to lay fresh eyes on your blog. Sometimes bloggers make the error of asking fellow bloggers for feedback. Bloggers tend to be somewhat advanced, make assumptions and seem blind to obvious user experience errors. Less internet savvy folks spot silly UX errors to fix and correct.


For example, one of the basic, stupidest things I did from a non-technical level was not mentioning that I write and sell eBooks, left and right, through most if not all blog posts. Assume nothing! NEVER assume readers know anything, like, that you wrote and self-published eBooks. Plus, mentioning my eBooks helped me see: I slowly but surely condition rocking readers to not flat out buy eBooks necessarily, but to at least check them out and maybe to even share the eBooks with their readers. Ditto for my blogging courses.


Thinking through my blogging campaign revealed that eBook interest perked up in the past via my mentions, eBook interest dropped off with no mentions and eBook interest spiked last week with frequent mentions. I intentionally thought this through from my mind and through the eyes of readers. REALLY thinking through my courses, eBooks and blogging campaign in general created a clear, peaceful inner shift over the week prior.


Do you need to think through your blogging campaign? Consider how to better help readers. Think about making it easy for readers to get what readers want. Be transparent. Share helpful practical tips through your blog posts. Share your premium offerings just as freely.


Connect the dots. Create a seamless user experience.


If you advertise a kitchen for use via an apartment rental you better include everything all normal humans:


  • expect
  • use
  • enjoy


inside of a kitchen.


I am not a traveling chef!!!

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