Do You Get Hopelessly Lost in a Sea of Blogging Stats?

  February 8, 2022 blogging tips đź•‘ 4 minutes read
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Imagine if I began tracking blogging metrics every few minutes or every few hours?


Clicks and sales are all well and good. I get it. You and I like clicks and money. But the sea of stats bloggers drown in kills blogging careers. Versus creating content, building bonds and boosting impressions for the eBook widgets I would waste precious time and energy trying to analyze all types of metrics concerning the Books on a daily or even hourly basis.


Busy yourself with creating and connecting. Traffic, clicks and profits care for themselves if you care for people.


Feel free to check stats weekly or monthly. Spot trends. But allow trends to develop organically over a sustained period of time. Trends do not develop over hours or a few days. Trends evolve organically over weeks or months.


Sea of Stats


I gained inspiration for this post by reading a few posts recently listing a hefty volume of blogging statistics. I appreciate gauging statistics to spot long term trends but poring over 5, 10 then 20 different statistics for 20 minutes, 30 minutes or for 2 hours drowns you in a sea of status. How can you make time to write and publish blog content if you spend that time analyzing statistics?


I came across a post listing a plethora of social media statistics. The hours bloggers can spend reading, processing and analyzing stats is better spent writing and publishing a blog post to solve reader problems. Blogging stats take care of themselves. Avoid any temptation to get lost in a sea of stats.


Imagine if one statistic explained how a particular blog post title generates interest on Facebook. But scanning another statistic shared via the post reveals how another blog post title works best on Twitter. LinkedIn proves to be a different animal with its large, serious professional network. Picture yourself spending 20 minutes trying to decide blog post titles to select after being pulled in 10 different directions of stat frenzy. One stat told you how a specific title type performs well on Twitter but LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Google disagree.


Scanning a social media stats focused post a few moments ago gave me inspiration for this blog post. I barely read the thing but saw how bloggers can easily spend 30 minutes sifting through blogging metrics.


How to Frame Blogging Stats


Slowly, calmly and deliberately scan your blogging stats.


Reading numbers on a screen reveals how numbers gradually increase in increments if you slowly, patiently and knowingly publish problem solving blog content.


Frame blogging stats as a tiny outcome that never gets you too high or too low. Simply see numbers on a screen. Be less concerned with particular blogging stats and more focused on the blogging process of creating and connecting. The more you can create and connect the better blogging becomes for you and your readers.


But addressing stats frenzy often involves a real, cold, hard look at your stats obsession. No one enjoys feeling a heavy attachment to outcomes. Attachment to outcomes seems to be deep fears, manifest. No one enjoys facing, feeling and releasing fear. Some of my most bad feeling moments as a blogger relate to seeing a lack of hits or sales on my courses and eBooks during various stretches of my blogging campaign. Facing, feeling and releasing fears related to my attachments on these fronts felt flat out miserable.


No one enjoys feeling emotions like loss, hopelessness, rage and blind fury. But out these emotions must go to lose stats obsession and to free yourself to create and connect generously, in order to build a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign.


Letting go a stats obsession freed me to sell more blogging courses and eBooks. Letting go the metrics gave me energy to create helpful content and to bond with successful bloggers. Creating and connecting is the key to making money online. whether through courses, eBooks or any channel….or if you are open to blogging support through various channels you will even prosper through that channel as well.


PS….I dropped the prior link and opened up to this abundance channel for readers who intend to express their appreciation financially. Whatever works for you.


Stop obsessing over numbers. Do not get lost in meaningless metrics.


Busy yourself with creating and connecting generously, patiently and persistently. Focus heavily on the blogging process instead of fretting over blogging outcomes. Success is about giving versus worrying about getting inanimate numbers sitting in a backoffice. Ultimately, who cares about numbers? Do numbers care about numbers? Only the insane ego cares about numbers that mean nothing, but that the ego assigns bizarre meanings to…..why worry about the meaningless when all meaning, value and fun is had in helping human beings through your blog?


Success finds bloggers who get caught up in helping people, not bloggers who obsess wildly over inanimate numbers on a screen.

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