Blogging Tips of the Day: Do You See Social Media Like this?

  February 11, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Kapiti Island. This was the view from the kitchen during our 2 month house sit in Paekakariki, New Zealand. Kapiti is a wildlife reserve rich with bird life. No humans live on the island. Peter Jackson filmed scenes from his King Kong remake on the sea around this area.

Kapiti Island, New Zealand


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Social media has been good to me in many regards.


I made many blogging buddies through the platform.


But I finally see sites like Facebook and Twitter truthfully.


Social media sites are 100% designed to keep you on social media sites 100% of the time and 100% designed NOT to send you to blogs. Think about your last social media visit. Did a sidebar ad point you to Blogging From Paradise, courtesy of Facebook owners? Did Twitter direct you to buy one of my eBooks on Blogging From Paradise, based on the kindness of Twitter’s owners?


Of course neither scenario ever unfolded because Facebook is entirely engineered to keep you on Facebook and not to send you to Blogging From Paradise.


Do you see social media sites like this? Or do you actually believe Facebook and Twitter want to send people to your blog? Have you seen evidence of this? Do you spot Facebook trying to keep Facebook users on Facebook? Or do you spot Facebook trying to send Facebook users to your blog?


I have no issues with Facebook, Twitter and their business models. But I finally clearly realized that spending moments on Twitter and Facebook daily makes the most sense for me because minus making a few friends on these sites, why in the Hades would I spend more than a few moments daily on websites clearly designed NOT to send anyone to Blogging From Paradise?


I am in the Blogging From Paradise business. I need to spend most time helping people through my blog and helping bloggers through their blogs with guest blogging and genuine blog commenting. Doing these things always brought me the greatest success. Not doing these things always held back my success.


I do not hate on Facebook and Twitter for keeping users onsite and for not sending users offsite. I am actually beginning to adopt their business model a bit more closely by:


  • keeping comments open
  • building my email list actively
  • linking to popular blog posts
  • linking to related blog posts


Point blank; I admire Facebook and Twitter, learn from these iconic brands and appreciate the blogging buddies I made on each network. But just because I admire social media, learn from the brands and appreciate each site does not mean I will spend more than a few moments on each site, moving forward.


Social media is not the enemy. I wrote this eBook to help you use social media in a volatile world because accessing a connecting agent helps human beings. However, seeing social media as an entity designed to keep users onsite and not to send users to your blog quickly reveals that spending most time on your blog and blogs in your niche promotes your blogging success.


Light Bulbs Unfollows then….Huh?


Light bulbs popped up above my head the week prior. I began unfollowing everyone on Twitter. I began unfriending almost all people on Facebook. But in the next moment I said to myself:


“Why am I spending time on Twitter and Facebook unfollowing when I can just delete the apps and spend that time writing helping content on Blogging From Paradise that helps me drive traffic, helps you as a blogger, positions me to grow my business and allows me to build relationships with my readers?”


Think like a professional blogger even if you are an amateur blogger. Think like an owner. Think like Facebook owners. Think like Twitter owners. Spend most time on your blog and blogs in your niche. Keep people on your blog. Do not send them anywhere else unless they will buy something you created through a digital storefront. I send people to Selz, Gumroad and perhaps a third party ad network here and there. That’s it.


Give readers oodles of content to read. Give them eBooks to buy. Give them courses to buy. Build your email list so readers come back to your blog often.


I even considered removing social share buttons to stop sending people to Twitter and Facebook, away from Blogging From Paradise. I realize the massive user base on each site but am beginning to build a bigger user base here, organically, through my blog content, through guest posts and through blog comments. For now, the social media buttons remain. But I will intuitively feel this one out moving forward. For you, this means subscribing to my email list and bookmarking Blogging From Paradise to keep connected with me, to get helpful blogging tips and to divorce yourself from social media.


Be a blogger. Spend most time on your blog. Spend a decent chunk of time on blogs from your niche. Spend little time on social media because they have no interest in sending people to your blog.


If 100% of their business model seems to be keeping people onsite, why would a blogger spend much time there?

  1. Praveen Rajarao says:
    at 12:56 pm

    Hey Ryan,

    How about you want to increase your audience and reach bloggers whom you havent bookmarked yet? I rely on social media to see which blogs my contacts are visiting and thereby end on those blogs and so on. I think checking up on our social profiles every day but limiting it to reaching your audience and promoting your blog works for me.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:24 pm

      That is the best way to work social Praveen. Check these sites to connect with your audience, promote posts and then keep blog commenting, blogging and guest blogging. Smart move bro!

  2. David Leonhardt says:
    at 11:27 pm

    100% Social media sites are self-centered and think only of themselves. Hmm, I wonder if any other types of companies are like that?

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:25 pm

      So much of the world is built on this concept. It is crazy. In truth, virtually the entire world in terms of big business and mainstream anything relies on this idea because almost all seems based on the illusion of fear. Fear scares you into trying to gobble up everything for you, and also tries to completely starve other human beings of any success you should be doling out to those folks. Facebook is particular is nutz. Why would I spend hour after hour to help Mark Z become a trillionaire when he does everything in his power to keep everybody on Facebook and to send no one to Blogging From Paradise? Bloggers never think this shit through. But a few moments of thought completely opens your eyes. Lesson learned here. After I publish this comment, I am updating my about page to tell folks that if they want to contact me to simply leave a comment here. I do not check email. I do not check Facebook. I do not check Twitter. But I do check comments on Blogging From Paradise. I read and reply to all comments. If anyone wants to get in touch with me, my comments on Blogging From Paradise are the way to do it.

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