Does Your Blogging and Real Self Split?

  February 19, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Southern Alps, New Zealand.


After I’ve met bloggers offline over the years during my global travels one common thread seems to be shared.


Bloggers I meet offline profess how I am just like the personality I share online. Overall, my blogging and real self are the same. I do not act, or build a blogging persona, for the online world split from my genuine self. What you see online if what you see offline. In truth, what you see wherever I happen to pop up – online or offline – is what you get.


However, chatting up fellow bloggers offline revealed some bloggers experienced awkward encounters with other bloggers offline. Why? Online blogging personas deviated greatly from the offline personality. The guy online is an act. The guy offline is their true self. Seeing this blogging-real split hurts your credibility unless the blogging persona is a clear, genuine, intentional act. Think….vlogger Jake Paul.


Humans tend to know when someone acts because bloggers specifically let readers know the blogging self is an:


  • act
  • honest persona


However, when the blogging persona is supposed to be the genuine you but the real you is quite different, fear manifests its ugly head. Fearing the idea of being yourself creates a disconnect. Readers sense a less than genuine blogger. People tend to stay away from less than authentic bloggers.


Does blogging you mirror real you? I regularly inject personal stories into my blog to add a genuine touch to my work. Reading my blog reveals who I really am. I have little to nothing to hide. Nor do I carefully build some perfect image of self based on my life of circling the globe. I stress the ups and downs of travel because real me knows blogging is not all sunshine and rainbows for digital nomads. However, other traveling bloggers convey images of Infinity Pools, coconut shakes on the beach and dazzling sunsets without sharing stories about traveler’s diarrhea, mosquito bites and draconian laws consistent in developing nations.


Do not lie. Tell the truth. Tell the rest of the story through your blog to blog as you are. Blogging as you are means being your real self as you share your knowledge. Share ups and downs. List wins and losses. Blog about your successes and struggles. Give people your honest experience. Never focus solely on the highlights. Share some lowlights to be genuine.


Being honest ensures no split exists between a blogging persona and how you really are. Blogging you simply becomes the real you. Readers know, like and trust genuine bloggers who share their real personality through their blogs. However, trusting an unrealistic blogging persona carefully constructed on a bed of sugary success, positive experiences and a dream-like life becomes highly difficult if not outright impossible. How can you trust perfection from a worldly perspective? Everyone knows life seems to have ups and downs, highs and lows and a sense of contrast.


Focusing solely on the positive aspects of your niche through your blog makes you:


  • non-credible
  • untrustworthy
  • impossible to connect with
  • non-genuine
  • inauthentic


Tell the truth and you’ll never need to establish some spotless blogging persona. Being honest through your blog feels good for your conscience. Tell the truth to bridge the chasm between any appearance of a split between blogging you and the real you.


I may appear to be many things but at least I am genuine. I have met people who seem quite different in 1 to 1 encounters from the public persona the individual projects. Although I have zero issues with this deviation I dug deeper into mind to be as authentic as possible in all I do to avoid any deviation or split from offline to online me.


Be truthful.


Be you through your blog.


Keep your credibility intact.


  1. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 12:05 am

    This is great. I fully feel that you need to inject your real personality into your brand. Be yourself. Let people in behind the curtain. That’s when you make the real connections. When I first started blogging, I tested different things and I ultimately found myself trying to speak in a voice that wasn’t my own. Once I opened up and allowed myself to shine, blogging became more clear, and the results came through.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:30 pm

      I had the same experience. My first blog seemed to be a study in parroting top bloggers. I blogged in their voice because I feared blogging in my own voice. But facing, feeling and releasing self-conscious fears revealed the genuine me screaming to escape through my blogging voice. Not only does it feel good to blog as you are, increased success flows toward genuine bloggers in a world of fake bloggers. People mean well in some cases but deeply fear being rejected so mimic some top blogger, or simply try to parrot a professional, stiff, stuffy writing style. Other bloggers genuinely want to mislead readers because they fear that the real version of themselves would be too much for their community to handle. Ultimately, being you and blogging that you accelerates worldly success, feels fun and lets you sleep well at night. Life becomes sweet when we are fully aligned with our true self in all that we do.

  2. Yaro says:
    at 9:12 am

    Be real or go home. The offline self needs to align with the online self. We need more genuine bloggers out there. Way too many bloggers build a false self based on some persona then behave in different fashion offline. Seen it myself. Rocking post brother.

    • Abdul says:
      at 9:15 am

      Good to see fellow bloggers chatting up being genuine.

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 6:51 pm

        I know, right? We need more genuine folks online. Way too many bloggers miss out on making connections because they are in such a hurry to succeed. Meanwhile, authentic bloggers rocket to the tops of their selected niches. Be real. Chat. Connect. Succeed. Everything happens quite seamlessly and organically when you engage in genuine conversations through blog comments on a daily basis.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:26 pm

      You know it bro. Your blogging self needs to be aligned with your offline self. Any split between the two simply causes oodles of problems. In a way, you are acting because the real you becomes a fake, acted out you online. I have no interest in following bloggers who play some persona. The only exception is in the case of bloggers who deliberately create a persona. Think of someone like The Blog Tyrant. Ramsay founded the blogging persona years ago. He sold the blog to someone who simply carried on with the persona. I do sense his voice on some level but detect a different human being calling the shots over there. Either way, he made it easier to sell the blog because the blog, brand and persona were not tied to his personality.

  3. Balthazar says:
    at 10:15 am

    Sensational tips as always. Being genuine makes bloggers credible.

  4. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 5:39 am

    Hi Ryan, If I made up stories I’d forget what I had written on the blog 🙂 Being real is the best we can do to separate ourselves from other bloggers. We are all unique and should highlight that in our writing.
    I love Yaro’s comment, go real or go home 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:32 am

      I love his comment too Lisa. Unless we are being genuine we lose our way. Plus it feels better to be ourselves. I have no idea how bloggers maintain a persona unless they are doing it intentionally as in the case of blog tyrant. Ramsey did a great job with that. But when you are using your birth name to blog something weird begins to happen when there’s a deviation.

      I saw this at least once or twice at internet marketing conferences. Bloggers who presented themselves in one way online seem to be different offline. But I also saw some of the top bloggers on Earth who were just like the blogger at interacted with through their blogs and email. Zach Johnson and Kulwant Nagi are two such bloggers. Both are such nice guys and show that nice guys finish first. We need to be authentic or we will lose our way. Plus we will have a terrible time sleeping at night. I just try to be me and all I do even if it feels uncomfortable. That’s ultimately what stops most people from being themselves as bloggers. They fear rejection or criticism or being vulnerable or sharing some failing aspect of their personality. I have zero problems doing this.

      Being transparent helped me be where I am at today. I remember way back when I ran my old blog with only a few readers following me. One lady in particular kept telling me and her blogging buddies that I had integrity. I was transparent. I was being me. I learned early on that being genuine was the only way to be as a blogger because it makes you stand out in a world of bloggers who largely are terrified to be themselves.

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