Blogging Tips of the Day: Do You Overwhelm Your Readers?

  February 9, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read



I opened a blog post a few moments ago.


On scanning the post I asked myself: what the hell was this blogger trying to do?


Did he want to impress readers with what he knew and achieved? Or did he want to give readers practical tips for them to use and benefit from immediately?


He experienced immense worldly success in his own right. I applaud him. But he did what many pro bloggers do: overwhelm readers with one blog post best self-published as a short eBook.


Some bloggers who read the post – God bless them for their patience – now believe that making millions through blogging is:


  • highly complex
  • super-naturally detailed


But if you make $1 through blogging and crave greater riches the only issue is how to scale to make $1 million through blogging.


Scaling involves doing simple but highly uncomfortable, freeing, fun things for increasingly bigger groups of people. No complex actions need be involved with scaling to go from $1 to $1 million. But the ego, and its fears, make the assinine error of believing complex, insanely-detailed, layer after layer of steps, tips and techniques, go into moving the monetary needle from $1 to $1 million.


When I first released my flagship eBook:


How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging


I sold a handful through my blog. I did nothing complex to sell the eBooks. I shared a handful of helpful, practical, blogging tips details through the:


  • eBook
  • blog post promoting the eBook
  • blog posts leading up to the eBook promotion, for quite a bit


in order to gain reader trust. Trusting readers bought the eBook. The process took ample hard work, generous service, patience, willingness to face fears and persistence but:


  • complexity
  • heaviness
  • overwhelm in doing my due diligence – research


never, ever, ever became part of my process.


I then scaled my eBook promotional campaign. One of my blogging buddies – whom I befriended by helping genuinely and generously for a while – reviewed my eBook. She helped me sell a decent chunk of copies through the blog post. Note; no complexity here. No 1,001, in-depth, detailed strategies in a single blog post to add blogging income.


But any new or struggling blogger who read the 1000’s upon 1000’s of words worth of complex, heavy tips in the post I scanned today automatically believes and even builds their blogging campaign on the idea that making big money is a complex, overwhelming experience. Increasing your blogging income is a great deal of hard work, generous service and feels scary sometimes. But complex, overwhelming blogging strategies are not part of the blogging equation.


Do You Overwhelm Your Readers?


Before you write a 3000 word blog post teeming with 47 practical tips ask yourself: why in the hell would I do this to my audience?


Do they have time to put those 47 tips into action NOW to begin seeing positive results?


Observing a few high level blogs recently, I spied 100 tips, 55 strategies and 73 techniques for succeeding. Please stop overwhelming your readers. I appreciate that everyone has a different approach. But I can assure you that no blogger needs 73 techniques through a single blog post to succeed in any venture.


I am kidding on the numbers shared above but we all have seen – and perhaps written – single posts of an overwhelming nature intimidating our readers. Some readers deeply appreciate our generosity but what sane human with 24 hours in a single day can:


  • absorb
  • consume
  • study
  • use


30, 40 or 50 tips acquired via  single blog post?


Plus….you do not need to follow 50 tips to sell 1 freaking eBook! 50 steps are NOT involved. Why would you trigger analysis paralysis in your readership?


My Blogging Course


I published a blogging audio course for you to learn how to blog:


11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course


Course students receive 11 fundamental steps in a comprehensive, full, complete course for becoming a successful blogger. 11 steps. Not 72 steps. Plus it is a course. Not a blog post.


I then break down the 11 fundamentals into a series of practical, simple, steps to add clear details in order to help you complete the steps and to succeed. None of the steps are complex. The course itself gives off no whiff of overwhelm.


Check it out if you need a blogging course.


Be Generous But Not Over the Top for a Single Blog Post


Be generous in giving away oodles of detailed, practical tips.


But beware sharing some over-the-top, unrealistic guide through a single blog post.


Think about your readers, not about your ego. The ego desires to shock, to awe, to outrank and to over-deliver to prove that you are good enough.


But blogging is not about the ego. Blogging is mainly about your readers. How would you like to read a post with 36 or 55 tips? Most human beings live such busy lives that they do not have time for 5 tips. Readers cannot read, study and use 55 practical tips so in essence, sharing that much content is:


  • selfish on your part because readers cannot read, use and benefit from your entire blog post quickly, easily and seamlessly
  • not helpful for your readers because they cannot see a quick traffic increase if it takes 45 minutes to read the freaking blog post
  • not helpful for you as a blog, brand or business owner since your blogging strategy, teaching style and overall delivery is not scalable, follow-able or realistic for new or beginner bloggers to put into action for themselves, and their benefit, immediately


Have you ever thought of blogging in THAT fashion?


Instead of overwhelming your readers keep your blog posts so:


  • simple
  • practicable


that any beginner blogger can use a similar approach and begin succeeding with your style, practical tips and blog content RIGHT NOW.


Make it about their swift success.


Do not make it about your ego.

  1. Praveen Rajarao says:
    at 10:37 am

    Hi Ryan,

    I agree, sometimes we do tend to go overboard with the information, especially when it comes to topics of special interest. Thanks for sharing this important message, it makes the reader/blogger to take a pause and revisit their ideas.

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