Do You Question Poor Blogging Decisions?

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(Updated 7/1/2022)


Poor blogging decisions push you backwards.


Refusing to question unwise blogging decisions pushes you even further into struggles and failure.


I Googled “poor blogging decisions” a few moments ago.


Blogging From Paradise popped up on page 1, position 1.


But I decided to update and re-publish this post because another poor decision graced page 1 of Google.


Scrolling down revealed this Blogging Pro post on page 1 position 6:


6 Critical Blogging Decisions to Make


After reading a few paragraphs I realized that I wrote this post even though my name does not appear associated with the post. However, since Blogging Pro owns the:


  • domain
  • content


the owners decide how they wish to present the content.


Please do not take this post as a complaint or grievance because I did the same thing on Blogging From Paradise. I deleted many guest posts and removed names for a few inactive bloggers because I own:


  • Blogging From Paradise
  • Blogging From Paradise content


When you own online real estate, it is your blog and content. Do with it as you wish depending on your vision and brand.


I made a poor blogging decision writing prolifically for other blogs like Blogging Pro instead of prolifically blogging on Blogging From Paradise.


Blogging Tips owners removed all 1200 guest posts published by Ryan Biddulph when the blog changed hands.  I learned from that unwise blogging decision too.


Instead of complaining or airing grievances I simply learned:


Create mostly on a blog you own and only a tiny bit on blogs you do not own because owners set the rules, adjust and progress according to their vision, brand and preferences.


Blogging Pro and Blogging Tips are valued blogging tips resources. Follow each if both vibe with you. But learn from my unwise blogging decision to accelerate your success by avoiding this error.


Contrarian Thinking


Contrarian blogging tips posts force you to think.


You and I have read  many blog posts telling you to believe in yourself. Never question yourself. Believe. Do not doubt yourself. Believe in your blog. Kick skeptics to the curb. Trash haters.


I largely agree. Believing in yourself and believing in your decisions benefits you most of the time.


But how can you succeed if you do not question poor decisions? What if you make blogging mistakes? How can you figure out what errors you make unless you question poor decisions?


Multi Niche Blogging Mistake


I recently answered a high volume of questions on Reddit and Quora. Bloggers struggle terribly because almost all strugglers rarely or never question poor blogging decisions. For example, struggling bloggers often blog about multiple niches. Since the world loves specialists and dislikes generalists, these bloggers tend to fail miserably.


How many multi-niche bloggers questions their poor decision to cover multiple niches? On a deeper level, how many of these multi-niche bloggers question whether or not THEIR ego or their READER’S NEED’S drive their decision to cover multiple niches? Most niche-happy bloggers profess to wanting to share THEIR thoughts but…..who cares? Do I follow blogs to read about some random blogger’s random thoughts on 2, 3 or 10 topics?


I turn to a blog to get advice on one topic from an expert who gives all attention and energy to covering the single topic, inside-out. Would I walk into a post office expecting to receive a plate of warm, tasty Chinese food, because the post office manager wants to prepare and serve Chinese food, since the individual loves cooking Chinese food?


Covering multiple niches because the ego wants to share its thoughts is one of the most damaging, poor, failing blogging decisions to question. Did you ever question why you publish posts on multiple niches because the ego wants to share its thoughts? Do your readers care about your ego desires? How does you sharing your thoughts solve their problems? Why would someone follow your blog if you do not blog to solve one of their specific problems but because you want to share your thoughts on multiple topics?


Train Your Mind


Few bloggers have enough mind training to actually doubt their terrible decisions. Believing in yourself is important. But doubting your mistakes to correct your errors may be the most important blogging decision you ever make.


Highly successful entrepreneurs believe in themselves and believe in their businesses but also question decisions that feel:


  • unclear
  • heavy
  • off
  • unsteady


Second-guessing yourself may just be one of the most powerful decisions of your career.


Trust Digging into a Lack of Clarity


Every blogger possesses an inner guide.


Call it the intuition. Perhaps label it your gut.


Whatever you name the inner guide does not matter. What does matter is the fact that the inner guide is:


  • perfect
  • true
  • unfailing
  • loving
  • a beacon toward your freedom, fun, joy, peace and happiness


Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina

Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina


Clear decisions feel largely good. Unclear decisions feel largely bad. Questioning a lack of blogging clarity regarding any decision goads you to trust in digging deeper, deeper and deeper into the choice. Digging deeper reveals your genuinely poor decisions. Owning poor blogging decisions moves you in the opposite direction.


Poor Blogging Decisions


I made a poor blogging decision 8 years ago. Instead of writing, self-publishing and blitzing 1 blogging eBook every 3-6 months for year after year I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks in months.


Digging deeper, then deeper then even deeper into this decision revealed that I did benefit from gaining some confidence and writing practice but never gave any of the eBooks the love each deserved. I subsequently pulled all eBooks from Amazon and uploaded a few to Gumroad and Payhip. Check out the eBooks here.


One other poor decision I made involved not genuinely leveraging my presence by creating and connecting freely for a long time before monetizing my blog. Even though I suggest monetizing from day 1, I should have blitzed the creating and connecting across all types of channels for blogging income to increase more easily. In essence, I tried to put the cart before the horse by forcing monetizing for a small, not highly targeted, audience. Lesson learned.


Genuinely questioning these poor decisions nudged me in a freeing blogging direction. However, I put my ego to the side, observed my choices in the light of truth and dug fairly deep to reveal the mistakes I made.


SEO Optimizing


I wanted to save the poorest blogging decision I corrected, for last.


As of this publish date, Blogging From Paradise posts became SEO-optimized for the prior few months.


I optimize each new post. I also optimize and update old posts on a daily basis.


Addressing my most unintelligent blogging decision to date involved questioning why I resisted optimizing all posts for SEO.


Being honest with myself revealed general:


  • laziness
  • lack of clarity
  • delusion
  • resistance to success


I made a blanket poor decision to not SEO-optimize all posts for Google traffic from 2014 to 2022. Reversing course drove organic traffic through:


  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


in addition to other online channels.


What poor blogging decision to you refuse to avoid right now? What unwise decision fuels your blogging struggles? What do you need to change to move from blogging failure to blogging success?




Aspiring bloggers often make the poor decision of actually believing blogging is irrelevant.


Blogging is alive and well.


Listen to this podcast to see why:


BFP 532: Is Blogging Still Relevant?




Question your poor blogging decisions.


Dig deep into your blogging choices.


Be honest with yourself.


Questioning your poor blogging decisions can change your blogging course immediately.


Be at peace with becoming more successful through intense internal analysis.


Doubt your poor decisions to make success-promoting decisions.


  1. Praveen Rajarao says:
    at 12:16 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    It’s cool that you find time to answer blogging questions on Reddit & Quora as well. I am sure there are a lot of bloggers like me who are struggling with content/SEO/monetization/design etc. You are being a great help.

    Yes, leveraging social presence is great and every blogger should definitely build that online community and gain followers who will eventually come land on your blog. That said, one should also stick to what they are expert at, not read elsewhere and try to spread the knowledge with half-baked understanding. I am sure readers will see right through.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 2:08 pm

      Great point Praveen. We want to stick with what we know to best help people and to thrive. Thanks bro!

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