Stop Taking Blogging Shortcuts

  July 17, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


(Updated 7/17/2022)


Blogging shortcuts lead you to nowhere, then, backwards.


I updated this post after coming across a few bloggers who copied my social media updates and blog posts.


One blogger even attempted to copy this blog theme.


I chuckle.


How can you succeed when people see that you copied someone else?


When the few readers you have eventually see the popular blogger you’ve been copying you lose credibility and followers. Followers simply follow the blogger you copied because people prefer to follow the real deal not the blogging imitation.


Never mind the rough blogging karma one generates by intentionally copying their content and claiming it as their own. Deep unconscious guilt hangs around their necks. How can you ever succeed when you feel guilty and punish yourself unconsciously for the guilt by taking content created by other bloggers, claiming it, then observing your blogging campaign fall apart?


I do not even think about blogging copycats because I know that fear drives them to do as they do. But addressing why taking shortcuts promotes failure can goad you to stop cutting corners.


Every time you attempt to take a blogging shortcut you add time to your blogging learning curve. Shortcuts do not exist.


Every time you try to speed up your journey you add more time and work to your blogging campaign.


For example, imagine trying to take a blogging shortcut by attempting to write one viral blog post. Doing this deprives you of 1000’s of writing-practice hours. Perhaps you write a solid 4000 word post but you never go pro based on one blog post.


Pros go pro based on developing their skills, exposure and credibility over 1000s of blogging practice hours spanning years of their lives. Imagine spending 10 hours to write your allegedly viral post. Then you just sit there, doing nothing blogging-wise, wasting precious practice hours you need to eventually go pro years down the road.


Taking the shortcut of trying to write one viral post then sitting on your blogging rump without doing a thing adds hours, weeks and months of work to your blogging campaign.


Making matters worse, expect to add months to your blogging learning curve because sitting on the blogging sidelines after publishing your post robs you of rich blogging experience you need to go pro. The short cut actually makes your blogging job tougher and longer. Not taking the shortcut makes your job easier and shorter but you still need to face fear, work and earn your blogging stripes to go pro.


Pay Your Blogging Dues


Becoming a professional blogger is about paying your blogging dues by putting in years of blogging work. Putting in blogging work means never taking shortcuts. Stop trying to get rich quickly. Stop looking for overnight success. No shortcuts exist. Good, old fashioned, generous work executed patiently and persistently allow you to go pro over the long haul. Nothing else works.


I speak from 15 years of blogging experience spanning many hours spent working at my laptop. Blogging is doing simple things generously for a long time. Doing simple things like publishing helpful content and building strong bonds lays a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign.


Do you want to lay a rock solid foundation or do you want to lay a foundation of quick sand for your blogging campaign? Rushing things by taking blogging shortcuts lays a weak, non-existent blogging foundation guaranteed to crumble quickly. Putting in work for a sustained period of time lets you build a granite-like foundation for your professional blogging career.


Think of blogging as being a long marathon versus being a short, intense sprint. Marathon runners adopt a swift but steady, controlled pace for a long time to finish the race. Sprinters run aggressively, exerting themselves, to run out of energy in a short period of time. Never try to sprint through your blogging campaign because after sprinting as fast as you can for 100 meters, you will need to run 26.2 miles to finish the marathon.


Beaufort, South Carolina

Beaufort, South Carolina


Allow this analogy to seep into your mind. Every shortcut you take is like sprinting until you become completely exhausted at the end of your 100 meter race. But you only completed 100 meters of your 26.2 miles while wise, patient, persistent bloggers find a slow, steady pace, jogging laps around you because they embody a long term approach to blogging. Blog like a marathon runner, not a sprinter.


Examples of Blogging Shortcuts


Some bloggers copy fellow bloggers. Taking this shortcut dissolves your credibility. Losing reader trust turns a blog following into a non-following.


Bloggers often publish thin content to volume promote a dizzying collection of posts. However, taking this shortcut backfires because no one reads or enjoys 300-500 word blog posts not centered on a specific keyword.


Some bloggers push low quality products and services. Readers never become customers or clients because people sniff out low quality businesses a mile away.


Other bloggers try to manipulate pro bloggers to give them high quality backlinks through persuasive emails. Taking this shortcut only damages your reputation and sends all emails to spam folders.


The Long Journey Works Best


Highly successful entrepreneurs admit: the bigger the ambition the longer a journey you will walk.


However, success grows slowly and steadily until one achieves exponential growth if you blog patiently.


Do you plan to be around a few years from now? If so just spend those years slowly, patiently and persistently blogging the right way.


Put in the time to build a rock solid foundation for your blogging campaign.


Blogging short cuts go nowhere.


Walking the long blogging journey gradually builds exponential blogging success.




Why Does the Quickest Way to Become a Successful Blogger Confuse Just About Everyone?


Your Turn


Do you feel tempted to take blogging shortcuts?


Do these shortcuts ever work out for you, over the long haul?


How can you be a more patient blogger?

  1. Christie says:
    at 5:53 am

    There are no honest blogging shortcuts. Your post really makes sense. I have been blogging for many years and have seen it all! People want instant success. Basically they want everything to be instant but it just doesn’t work that way. Slow and steady is what wins this race. Quality over quantity. Thanks for a good read!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:26 pm

      Excellent advice, Christie. A long term blogger like yourself knows how it goes. Good things take ample time and patient service.

  2. Martin Pavey says:
    at 7:04 am

    “Blogging is doing simple things generously for a long time.” – DELICIOUS Ryan!

    It is incredible that people still plagiarise other peoples’ hard work. It’s a very similar feeling to when you’ve written a great post for Facebook, pouring your heart out and sharing valuable wisdom and someone merely commenting “oh yeah!” or “nice post.” Lazy, mean-spirited and the other baffling consequence of shortcutting…..

    Missing out on the joy and satisfaction of truly inhabiting your own work and being a real leader. Such copycats have no idea what freedom they are missing out on but, as you wisely question Ryan, they lack even the willingness to be patient let alone embody it.

    I am no saint however, I have struggled with steadying myself in this process but it’s worth it. Facing and overcoming fears is way better than taking shortcuts.

    Thank you for this, Ryan. You inspire me to be better.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:25 pm

      Wise words here, Martin. I too practice to steady myself in order to be patient and persistent for the long haul blogging journey. Keep up your inspired social media updates, my friend.

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