Blogging Tips of the Day: Hug Your Blogging Journey

  February 21, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Baldpate Mountain New Jersey

Baldpate Mountain New Jersey


Every blogging lesson I learned only because I walked my blogging journey.


My blogging journey is similar to other bloggers in some ways but vastly differs in other regards. Even though my journey appeared to be bumpy at times I feel grateful to walk my path. I never would have been the blogger I am today unless I walked this blogging path with its ups, downs and all steps in between. All I experienced gave me the skills to blog as I blog. Imagine if I skipped adversity? I never could flash my blogging skills unless I faced some heartache to purge deep fears.


Hug your blogging journey because your path molds you to be your blogging best. Each experience you hate triggered deep fears you needed to feel and release to move briskly forward. Thank goodness I faced deep fears and purged these energies during my blogging career. How could I become largely clear and confident unless I released the unclear, non-confident energies resonant with fears I let go? Your path is your path. Embrace your path because your journey needed to be that way for you to unearth your blogging talents.


For example, I faced stiff struggles blogging-wise on and off for much of my blogging career. Stepping into these experiences full-bore triggered deep fears I needed to face, feel and release to reach the next stage of blogging growth. No blogger grows by resisting fears holding them back. Bloggers only grow by hugging fears forming as imaginary anchors. Let go the fear. Release the anchor. Catapult yourself toward greater blogging success.


Stop comparing yourself to other bloggers. Other bloggers experienced their journey for intimately person reasons. Even if someone seems to succeed with greater ease and speed than you these bloggers learn from their journey as you learn on your journey. Lessons that they learn and share with their communities needed to be exposed and embraced on their specific blogging path. Why would you compare their journey with your journey when each person needed to walk separate paths to become the bloggers they were destined to be?


I admit how I needed to learn how to be:


  • patient
  • persistent
  • generous


through my blogging journey. However, bloggers who succeeded more swiftly than I did not need to learn patience, persistence and generosity quicker than I because this crowd learned those skills earlier in life. Perhaps these bloggers cared for a grandparent or parent during their youthful years; their generosity, patience and persistence blossomed during their teen years. I did not live my teenage years caring for my parents or grandparents; generosity, patience and persistence lessons met me in my 30’s to 40’s. Why? My blogging journey followed this trajectory. I needed these experiences to unfold for me to learn, to get clearer, to gain confidence and to best be of service to other people.


Hugging your blogging journey allows you to connect with successful, kind bloggers like Amol Chavan and Cori Ramos. Each blogger helped me a bunch over the years. But our blogging paths only crossed because I walked my unique blogging path. If I moved in a different direction – by resisting my journey – I never would have befriended such wonderful people and I never would have been the recipient of their generosity.


Imagine if I resisted my intuition 15 years ago? I would still be working as a security guard in a shipping terminal. However, I intuitively knew my journey was not spending 40 years working in a shipping terminal as a security officer because my life was not about benefitting my employer and myself, but involving far more people in the benefitting process. I honored my journey, hugged my experience and remained on my path to wade through resistance. I am where I am today solely because I embraced my blogging path versus cursing, bemoaning or complaining about my blogging experiences.


Do the same. Create a more seamless blogging experience. Hug your blogging path to be the blogger you were meant to be.


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