What Moves You Higher in Blogging Circles?

  February 19, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Blue and gold grasshopper

Blue and gold grasshopper, El Valle de Anton, Panama


Be genuine.


Be generous.


Embody these qualities to move higher in blogging circles.


Being honest makes you credible. Honest bloggers become trustworthy bloggers. Credible bloggers rocket higher through blogging circles. Being generous makes you attractive to success. Readers enjoy following bloggers who freely share their knowledge, skills and experience. Pro bloggers connecting in lofty blogging circles befriend generous bloggers because high level pros displayed generosity to reach the top; pros gravitate toward like-minded bloggers.


Each connected blogger does a fine job generously helping top bloggers genuinely for a sustained period of time. Observe any top blogger. Each pro paid their dues to become the thriving bloggers they are today. But paying dues involves facing fears seemingly strangling ideas of being genuine and generous.


Note spammers. Spammers resisting fear in mind do the non-genuine thing of spamming people by trying to use someone for their blogging platform. Imagine seeing a fellow human in such inauthentic fashion that you try to use them and their hard work to seize:


  • exposure
  • online business
  • sales


through a worthless, useless, value-less blog comment. Do you wonder why spammers never seem to move higher in blogging circles? Do you remain perplexed as to why spammers reside in low energy blogging circles? No one goes forward by clinging to strategies holding them back.


But being non-genuine is only one issue holding you down in lower blogging circles. Being stingy because you fear being generous also causes loads of blogging problems with your campaign, weighing you down and pulling you down into lower blogging circles. Picture bloggers who publish thin blog posts for the fear of not wanting to give away too much for free. The fear mirrors back to them via blogging struggles fueled by zero visibility and a non-existent blogger buddy network completely void of big dawg bloggers.


Top bloggers do not befriend stingy bloggers because top bloggers reached higher circles by being generous. Note how long pro bloggers worked for free to gain:


  • credibility
  • exposure
  • skills


enough to reach the level of being a professional. How could a generous person ever feel resonance with stingy bloggers terrified to give away much work at all for free? Like attracts like.


Be generous and genuine like pros to appeal to pros. Appealing to pros allows you to move higher in blogging circles.


Be Generous and Genuine


Be generous and genuine to move higher in blogging circles. Give away oodles of helpful, detailed, free content via blog posts and guest posts. Gain skills. Increase your exposure. Boost your credibility. Impress pro bloggers to move into their circles. Increase your visibility by popping up on their radar screen.


Be genuine in all blogging interactions. Express an authentic interest in professional bloggers. Learn about these individuals. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Promote pros on your blog and through social media. Practice mindfulness. Once you mindfully establish presence, being honest in dealings occurs naturally. Any non-genuine urges sprout from fear in your mind. Fear in your mind goads you to try to use someone for your ends.


Again; peep the spammer example. Spammers attempt to use fellow bloggers in an inauthentic way to gain traffic and profits. Once again, the less than genuine attempt winds up in spam folders almost every time, keeping spammers buried deep in blogging circles.


Picture rats scurrying around in a sewer, amidst filth, fighting and struggling to survive. Stingy, inauthentic, inexperienced bloggers are similar to sewer rats struggling to survive but only because of fear in their minds manifest as stinginess and inauthenticity.


However, imagining someone living 30 stories above the rat-infested sewer in the penthouse reveals how generous, genuine bloggers succeed to live the high life.


Everything begins and ends in mind.


Do you want to live in the sewer or the penthouse?

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