Blogging Tips of the Day: Do You Help or Hurt through Your Blogging Campaign?

  February 21, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
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Paphos, Cyprus


As a fascinating social experiment I massed approved hundreds of Facebook friend requests a few months ago.


Most new friends asked me how I was doing via a Message. Some pitched me their business as an introduction.


Oddly enough, I recall an older version of me reacting in borderline violent fashion to such frequent pitching sessions. The old me wanted to hurt people who pushed their business on me, mentally, at least. Thank goodness I did not want to hurt people physically.


Anyway, the hurt me intended to hurt people through my blogging campaign if individuals:


  • spammed my blog
  • spammed my social media accounts
  • blind pitched me via social media
  • blind pitched me via email
  • blind pitched me via my blog


The problem with intending to flip out on folks – then following through – is that any moment you spend hurting people robs you of moments for helping people. Successful bloggers help people generously. Failing bloggers offer stingy service at best but spend hours fighting, criticizing and hurting people, at worst.


Observe combative bloggers. Fighting types waste precious hours hurting people versus devoting time to helping people. Success is in service. Hurting promotes failure or muted success, at best.


Face fears in your mind. Edge into uncomfortable emotions. Hurt bloggers intend to hurt bloggers not for the offending parties but what offending parties triggered. Annoyed feelings reflect fear in the minds of bloggers angry at spammers. Perhaps you fear wasting time. Maybe you fear failing. Spammers trigger fears manifest as annoyance.


I currently observe spammers as being part of the blogging job. Bloggers with exposure attract spammers who covet the exposure. Spammers humble you if you trade the hurt for help. Perhaps spammers ignore help or maybe you can only help a few spammers here and there but at least you waste no time trying to hurt these folks. Let them go. Release them. Observe their fear. Spammers have no idea. Some seem aware of spamming but see no other option. How can I blame ignorant individuals?


Being unenlightened reveals you and I feel agitated from time to time after being flooded with 70 spam comments from the same individual. Be with the human element we all experience sometimes. Embrace annoyance after being sieged with a spam assault. But move on after hugging annoyance. Proceed from wanting to fight a bit to return to helping people.


Spammers, scammers and general online riff raff know not what they do. Fear scares people into success-blindness. Blogging from fear goads you to do stuff leading to blogging failure. If someone seems blind to success and only sees failure why would you hurt them? Beyond making this realization, know that bloggers blind to success cannot be helped until being open to success. Bother not forcing help on lost blogging souls. Allow them to seek success-promoting help of their own accord.


Busy yourself with helping people to lose the urge to hurt people. Being a generous servant dissolves any intent to want to fight, criticize or hurt folks.


Blogging is doing simple things genuinely for a sustained period of time. Hug this truth to avoid sweating the small stuff. Being spammed is small stuff. Receiving blind pitches seems like small stuff, too. Picture gaining enough exposure to where people from all over the globe want your:


  • help
  • financial assistance
  • business


based on your success. Does that sound horrible? Does seeing people worming out of the blogging woodwork to spam you seem bad if you frame the event in this fashion?


Dealing with annoyance is a due pro bloggers pay based on their exposure, credibility and overall web presence. People want a part of your success. Versus fighting these folks simply help other folks. Focus your attention and energy on bloggers in higher circles in addition to newer bloggers blogging from abundant, trusting, generous energies.


Help ready and willing readers to forget about hurting scared, spamming types.


Build your blogging foundation.


Increase your peace of mind.

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