Blogging Tips of the Day: Do You Hang Up on Commentors or Keep Chatting?

  February 16, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia


When you call a dear friend on the phone do you talk for 3 minutes before saying:


“I have to go. I have 500 more friends to call today. Good-bye.”




Or do you spend 60 minutes chatting with your good friend?


Of course, you and I speak to good friends for a while before hanging up.


But the ego often frames the blogging world in different fashion. For example, since I blogged deeply from scarcity for a bit I would publish short comments, exit blogs and never return. I dropped a curt comment. I then hung up on the blogger forever.


Re-thinking my blogging campaign recently woke me up in terms of my commenting campaign. Even though I published in-depth comments in the past I thought about how rarely I actually replied to comments from bloggers who replied to my comments on their blogs. For example, I’ve published over 12,000 comments on Disqus. But out of the 1000’s of replies to my comments I rarely replied to these bloggers. I hung up on them instead of continuing the conversation to strengthen our bond.


Humans only become good friends by having meaningful discussions with each other in the offline world, right? Imagine how many meaningful blogging friendships I missed out on because I did not continue the conversation with replies? Even though I published many in-depth comments I missed the opportunity to continue conversations through a nested blog comment chat.


Feeling an intuitive pull nudged me to reply to bloggers who read and responded to my comments on their blogs, for the prior few days. I feel our bonds strengthen. I am making blogging buddies. Blogging feels really fun again. I decided not to hang up on bloggers. Continuing the conversation feels good because I am bonding with new blogging buddies and strengthening bonds with old blogging friends.


Do You Hang Up on Blog Commentors?


Do you continue conversations with fellow bloggers through comments on their blogs and on your blog?


Or do you hang up on commentors?


Lisa Sicard and Sue-Ann Bubacz are two pro bloggers who mastered the concept of keeping the conversation going. Observe how both hyper-connected bloggers reply, respond, engage and deepen the conversation through blog commenting and social media. Anthony Gaenzle is another pro who does this beautifully on Twitter and through blog commenting.


Pull up a chair. Take a seat. Stick around for a while. Read comments. Reply. If someone replies to your comment just read their comment and reply here and there. No blogger needs to begin a 10 comment reply thread but if the chat evolves organically into a fun discussion simply run with it. Keeping the chat going does not mean spending hours going back and forth with a single blogger. But at least you can reply to their replies here and there.


For example, if a blogger replies to my comment with a “Thank you Ryan!” I may reply here and there with a “My pleasure!” to deepen our bond. But if the blogger publishes a more in-depth reply I may pop in to write a more thorough reply comment. Everything depends on the nature of the chat along with my intuitive pull.


Stop Focusing on the Next Blogging Friend and Next Backlink


I erred for years comment-wise because I searched for the next blogging friend and the next backlink. After publishing thorough blog comments I exited blogs to look for new blogging buddies and new backlink opportunities. Meeting new bloggers helps you scale but building stronger bonds with friends who love what you do actually makes blogging easier. Trusting blogging buddies whom you reply to, engage and bond with influences these friends to grow your traffic, profits and overall blogging business.


Engaging friends who become big fans of your work grow your blogging success exponentially because these folks run through a brick wall to promote you, endorse you, to buy your stuff and to hire you. But you cannot hang up on these folks and expect your bond to become strong. Friends connect with friends by talking to each other frequently.


Feel free to search for a few new blogging friends daily. But focus on engaging established blogging buddies. Deepen your bond. Reply to their replies. Chat. Connect.


Where Your Energy Goes Grows


Where your attention and energy goes, grows.


Give your energy to devout fans of your blog. Engage your loyal followers. Do not hang up on blog commentors. Read. Respond. Reply. Befriend. Giving your attention and energy to people who help you succeed accelerates your blogging success.


Let go non-resonant bloggers. Release people who dislike your work. Focus exclusively on appreciating loyal readers. Appreciating loyal readers by engaging these fans creates more loyal readers and fans in your blogging community. Wildly successful bloggers simply build their follower base one engaged fan at a time.


Where your blogging attention and energy goes, grows.


Allow you fans to fan the blames under the growing wildfire that is your rapidly expanding blogging campaign. Bond with them. Help them. Listen to them. Reply to them. Loyal blogging readers will do the rest, expanding your reach exponentially over the long haul.




Stop hanging up on your blogging friends.


Stop hanging up on new blogging friends.


Connect. Bond. Keep the conversation going.


Free yourself by mastering the art of continuing the chat.


Have fun. Make friends. Thrive as a blogger.

  1. Cassie says:
    at 8:38 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for another great reminder. As you know, I’m new so I don’t have a lot of history to work through. So far, I give genuine responses to the comments that come through my blog. So far, it’s comment and response without another comment from the reader. What I might try is adding an open ended question that asks for a response to see if I can engage with them further. We’ll see how it goes. And, thank you for the intro to Lisa Sicard. I’m getting ready to read her blog now and have already followed her on Twitter.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:15 pm

      You are doing an excellent job from what I am seeing Cassie. Adding an open-ended question should definitely increase engagement.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:14 pm

      I am practicing what I preached through this post with another reply a few days after the fact. Lisa is a gem. She teaches you through her glowing example of how to building strong bonds through the art of engagement, re-engagement and keeping the chat going. Right now, I am big-time fighting my ego and its fears because the ego is trying to scare me into writing and publishing another blog post. However, engagement is the only issue on my blog right now. Adding valuable words has been the core problem for Blogging From Paradise as far as really scaling into the blogging stratosphere. I am happy to face, feel and release fears to keep the engagement train going with you and my fellow bloggers. Suffering through a few moments of discomfort feels beyond worth the mental effort, to me.

  2. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 2:57 pm

    Hi Ryan, Love the analogy here! Of course, we keep on chatting away, that’s why we blog right? Someone asked me today where I met my techie Mayura over a decade ago and I explained through blogging. I think they thought I was crazy to have a techie from halfway around the world. But it’s great to connect with others with like qualities and such. I just met Cassie from here too on my blog. It’s great to meet new bloggers as well. So many of the old ones have given up on blogging. We are a few of those left from over that decade ago Ryan!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:22 pm

      We are still rocking it out so many years later. You know why? We are about people. We chat with people. We listen to people. We serve people. I think that is why you have been at it for over a decade. Plus, a decade in the online world is similar to 100 years in the offline world since bloggers usually quit within weeks or months. Few bloggers keep at it for more than a year. Very few keep at it for 5 years. Almost none keep at it for a decade. Rare are bloggers that do this gig for 15 years.

      You met your techie how I met mine. A simple online chat through comments that mushroomed into more responses, more replies then a strong friendship opened the doors for a prospering partnership for both parties. He is about a quarter of the way around the world from us as you know, in Birmingham, UK. You know who he is. I barely mention his name these days. He is a celebrity in Blogging From Paradise parts.

      Simply replying to comments to keep the chat going gives humans the gift of our attention and energy. What better gift can we give to people in an attention-starved, mad, rushed, panicked, frenzied, insane world? Each day teaches me to be more mindful, to listen more, to reply more, to engage more and to bond more. This s exactly why we are here. This is the secret to happiness, freedom and worldly blogging success. Listen, think, reply, help and bond. That is it. I am not hanging up on anybody ever again on Blogging From Paradise. Every chat is running through here, nested comment threads, the whole 9 yards……..going forward.

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