Blogging Tips of the Day: Do What You Do Well

  February 17, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Ubud, Bali.


Have you ever tried to force a square peg into a round hole?


Imagine the process. No matter your approach you ain’t pushing a square shape into a round hole.


Blogging works similarly. Trying to force success through channels not matching your:


  • skills
  • expertise
  • passion


creates struggles, failure and eventual quitting. I know. I spent some time attempting to force a square peg into a round hole. Each time, I struggled, failed and even considered quitting.


I do one thing exceedingly well; I write and publish blog content with ease. I can write my ass off. I love writing and publishing blog content. Anytime I spend days, weeks or months writing and publishing a high volume of helpful:


  • blog posts
  • guest posts


everything works well for me because doing what I do well allows success to amplify. We all know this. Pros teach this. Do what you do well. Let go what you do not do well. Either hire someone to handle that work or simply let go those tasks entirely.


However, most bloggers make the error I made on and off for years. Most try to do what they cannot do well because some pro blogger told them to do those things to succeed. After struggling and failing, most quit. A few torture themselves like me until choosing to do what the blogger does well. Slow and steady success follows.


Specific online activities do not work for me because I hate working these channels, my readers do not respond well and I receive all energetic and worldly feedback I would ever need to let go the channels like a hot potato. I network solidly. But I do not deeply enjoy networking. I love writing blog content. Blog commenting feels OK to me but writing blog posts feels awesome to me. This is why I blog comment sparingly but publish content liberally. Doing what I do well makes me happy. Being happy energizes me to best help you with blogging tips. A few bloggers appreciate my blog comments but a large crowd of bloggers deeply enjoy my blog posts.


What can I do?


I do what I do well to:


  • have fun
  • help you
  • enjoy the ride
  • enjoy worldly blogging success


Do you try to force blogging success through miserable-feeling channels? Successful bloggers go pro by following their passion. Some bloggers enjoy optimizing blog posts for Google. Other bloggers love list-building. Some bloggers deeply enjoy commenting genuinely on blogs. Other bloggers love analyzing metrics. Do what you love doing to be successful and to love the blogging ride. Let go what you do not like doing by either outsourcing or completely releasing these activities.


Being passionate fuels your motivation before traffic and money arrives. Doing what you love doing makes the work the reward. Success flows organically to passionate bloggers who love what they do. Failure flows to bloggers who do things they do not enjoy doing because pros tell them to do these things to succeed. If I try to force success through passion-less channels for years I may as well return to my pier guard job. Working a job to get paid is similar to trying to force blogging success through uninspired channels.


Do what you love doing to do it for a long time until you succeed. Let go everything else. Either outsource or let it go entirely.


Writing prolifically allows me to be seen in many spots. Being seen in many spots allows me to help many bloggers with sound blogging tips. Both parties benefit by me following my passion. Neither party benefits if I refuse to follow my passion because I believe success flows through other online channels.


Remember; bloggers succeed through all types of channels. No one channel yields success. Successful bloggers who follow their passion become successful because passionate bloggers out-practice and out-shine everyone else.

  1. Philip Verghese Ariel says:
    at 12:53 am

    Hi Ryan,
    Yet another thought provoking piece.
    Yes, different people do thinks in different way, but the point here is do the thing well when you do it. As you said, some bloggers deeply enjoy commenting genuinely on blogs. Yes, i can very well relate to this. And i do this often when i go thru a post likes this.
    I often quit the page, immediately, if there is no comment option to the readers in that platform. I believe there is no meaning in wasting time there is there is no chance to air their views on the given or read content.
    Ryan, yours is a wonderful platform which gives enough space to its readers.
    Yes, Ryan, i fully agree with you the concepts you pointed out in this post.

    All the best Wishes 💞 from Philipscom Associates, Secunderabad, India.

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