Blogging Tips of the Day: Whose Blogging Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back?

  February 2, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

Aiken, South Carolina


I have observed bloggers who make millions of dollars publishing 600 word to 1000 word posts for years.


I have seen bloggers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars publishing in-depth, thorough, detailed, SEO-optimized blog posts spanning 2000 words or longer.


Some bloggers go pro by placing a heavy emphasis on video content. Others go pro by publishing one post monthly but promoting the living bejesus out of this content. Other bloggers become professionals by networking skillfully.


I personally observed one blogger who made millions in large part by patiently, persistently and generously building strong relationships with people who headed syndication at major media outlets. Eventually, his posts became syndicated through these iconic outlets.


Networking persistently introduced me to this basic truth: bloggers succeed in 1,001 ways. No one way to success exists. No blogger speaks gospel that all bloggers need to follow. I routinely advise you to run my blogging advice through your intuitive filter before following the counsel. What works for me may not work for you.


But imagine if I had not networked extensively for my blogging career? I would have fallen prey to a common blogging mistake.


Some bloggers struggle, fail and quit for allowing OTHER blogger’s limiting beliefs to hold them back. Picture a pro blogger who believes that no one can go pro with short, sweet blog posts. He or she clings to that limiting belief based on their limited sphere of experience. But thousands of bloggers go pro by publishing short, sweet content. Proof abounds. Imagine if you allowed this pro blogger and their limiting belief to handcuff you?


Bloggers tend to struggle because they blog with the limiting beliefs of other bloggers in mind. Drop their fears like a hot potato. Or fall victim to the limiting beliefs, struggles and headaches consistent with these fears.


Negative Review? No Big Deal


Some seasoned, professional bloggers cling to such a deep, self-conscious, pulsating fear regarding receiving negative reviews that a single 1-star review seemingly destroys their blogging world. Said pros people please to avoid getting negative reviews. Said pros flip out, going into a blogging tail spin for hours, days or even weeks in reaction to the negative review.


I mindfully decided years ago NOT to fall prey to this common blogging limiting belief. If someone published a negative review in response to one of my eBooks it is:


  • their mind
  • their problem
  • their fear
  • their projection


because we see the world as we see ourselves.


Embodying this mindset allowed me to gracefully coast through negative reviews, seeming blips on the blogging radar screen.


A few moments ago, I checked my Instagram DMs. One popped up from 2019 in the spam folder. Someone bought one of my audio books. He enjoyed the basic content but said that the narrator was horrible. He told me to work with another narrator because this narrator was crap.


Not only did I not take his negative review personally, I fully agree with him and even chuckled as I scanned the feedback. He tells the truth. Some of my audio books are pure shit because my mind was in a terrible place during the period where I chose many of the audio book narrators. I trashed all audio book links from my blog months ago because:


  • the narrating quality does not match the current Blogging From Paradise brand
  • scrubbing the audio books from acx dot com is difficult; narrators have a say, too
  • audio book pay is pure shit; I do not work for peanuts any longer
  • my eBooks are far higher quality, higher paying offerings yielding far more positive feedback than my audio books
  • my courses are better teaching manuals and pay better, too; $3.46 eBooks do not help you island hop as a pro blogger but $200, thorough blogging courses do


I made no big deal about the negative audio book review because I chose not to be subject to fellow blogger’s limiting beliefs concerning receiving negative reviews.


Who Holds You Back?


Some of the top bloggers on earth offer fabulous and horrific advice based on their un-enlightenment.


I am not a top blogger by any means but offered terrible advice at times because I projected my fears onto you. Largely, my blogging tips are solid. In moments, my blogging tips sucked because the ego called the shots.


One top blogger – who offers some of the best blogging advice on earth – once published a post stating that no one cares about you or your blog as a new blogger. This is not true. But the ego created that narrative in his mind because he had to overcome incredibly challenging physical conditions growing up….and he projected that ego-fear-limiting belief onto you via his blog post. I used to teach the same limiting belief but decided to let go the fear, the ego projection and the invisible set of handcuffs I placed on you guys every time I claimed no one gives a rat’s rectum about new bloggers.


Note; the thriving blogger above, me and other bloggers who project limiting beliefs onto readers:


  • offer dazzling blogging advice nearly 100% of the time
  • love our readers
  • mostly share blogging tips proven to promote success
  • mean well
  • suffer a moment of misunderstanding because we allow the ego, the past and guilt to call the shots, temporarily, through our limiting belief projections


Identify Limiting Beliefs to Release


Scan your blogging campaign.


What limiting beliefs projected onto you, do you need to:


  • face?
  • own?
  • feel?
  • release?


Forgive bloggers who project limiting beliefs onto you; they knew not what they did. Or maybe they did, and need to face their own fears.


Let go the limiting beliefs. Bloggers succeed through all different types of approaches. Be limitless. Follow your path. Eventually, you will gravitate toward a blogging style. But be open to changing your blogging campaign.


Be flexible. Do not hold yourself back because other bloggers held themselves back without even knowing it. Gradually, I am seeing that Blogging From Paradise works best for me and you as:


  • a collection of SEO-optimized posts and opinion-style posts
  • me networking freely
  • me allowing you to help me succeed organically, based on the merit of my work and the quality of our friendships




Break the invisible handcuffs placed on you from blogging mentors….me included!


Even if I limited you in the past I deeply believe in you.


You are limitless!

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