Blogging Tips of the Day: Do You Need to Humble Yourself?

  February 10, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Alpacas Timaru New Zealand

Alpacas Timaru New Zealand


Far and away, the best thing I did online is humble myself to help people.


Far and away, the worst thing I did online is arrogantly believe I was above certain opportunities to help people, and not help people.


Do you need to humble yourself as a blogger? Even though you and I cannot help everyone we can help as many people as possible. Perhaps you and I may pass on helping some people who need to first help themselves in some regards. But bloggers can spend their day helping other bloggers freely, far more than most bloggers believe.


For example, I took a freeing step a few moments ago. I asked my followers and friends, “Who wants a guest post?”


I did not say, “I will only help so and so famous bloggers because it benefits me, them and because I am beyond specific guest blogging opportunities.”


This is a good practice for taking your ego out of the blogging equation. Help people. Release expectations.


However, even the most generous, humble bloggers let go specific opportunities for the intuition guides you on how to be most helpful and also steers you away from less than helpful opportunities. For example, if 30 bloggers blogging on free platforms asked me to guest post, these individuals would need to help themselves by buying a domain and hosting to begin blogging. Users use free blogging platforms. Bloggers buy their domain and hosting. As another example, imagine if someone asked me to guest blog daily on their blogs. First, these individuals need to help themselves freely by blogging daily.


But beyond the rare cases of bloggers needing to help themselves first, freely help bloggers who reach out to you to be:


  • humble
  • generous
  • patient


Benefits of Being Humble


Humble bloggers:


  • have fun helping people
  • connect seamlessly with people
  • establish peace of mind
  • position themselves to succeed


For example, a while back I decided to guest blog prolifically for a few days. I put my ego to the side and asked anyone and everyone if they wanted me to guest post for them. 16 bloggers replied quickly. Guest blogging for those 16 bloggers felt fun, freeing, peaceful, enjoyable and as an added bonus, accelerated my worldly blogging success.


The Secret


The secret to being helpful is to honestly observe, own and release your:


  • pride
  • arrogance
  • vanity


For example, I cringe after reading some old blog posts on Blogging From Paradise. At the time, my mind was in a place of fear, pride, arrogance and vanity. I own the states of mind at the time. Owning these mental states allows me to release my pride, arrogance and vanity. Humbleness remains. Humility remains.


This secret seems lost on arrogant bloggers because the ego blinds you from your faults. However, delving deeply into your mind reveals how fear manifests as these states of mind, creating all of your blogging problems. In addition, you even see how not being humble appears to allow you to succeed (aka ego-drunk bloggers who seem to have no fear of rejection because they are in love with themselves) but actually holds back your blogging success (aka ego-drunk bloggers turning down endless opportunities to be 1 million times more successful).


A few moments ago I began scanning through a list of sites accepting guest posts. Feeling humble, relaxed and open, I realized how I arrogantly turned down endless opportunities to guest blog over the years solely because I felt I was above these opportunities. My pride left ample traffic and profits on the blogging table. Eventually I learned my lesson. But struggle, failure and immense suffering came affixed to my arrogance over the years. Peace of mind, happiness and a general sense of enjoyable service overtook my being in moments of humbleness.


Do not be above or beyond anyone. Level yourself. Train your mind to see everyone as being equal…..because we are! I recall chatting with someone decades ago. She admonished me for greeting someone who worked at a grocery store. She told me to ignore the produce guy and to save my attention and energy for powerful, influential people who could help take me places. We soon parted ways.


Release folks who need to humble themselves. Let go the ego. See everyone as being equal. Humble yourself. Help bloggers who ask for your help. Help people offline. Train your mind to see how the greatest happiness, joy, and freedom is in helping people. Everyone has experienced this universal truth at times but bloggers tend to forget how serving people, being generous and detaching from outcomes breeds true happiness while chasing money, popularity or other external drivers creates a sense of hollowness, depression and flat out sadness after a fleeting, illusory surge of wild-eyed excitement.


Let go dysfunctional thoughts dripping with arrogance, pride and vanity. Allow your true nature of humbleness, humility and being a generous servant to arise in your mind and being. Help people. Let go outcomes. Stop judging people. Simply help them. Write a blog post. Write a guest post. Publish a video. Mention a fellow blogger on your blog.


Promote your premium offerings freely not solely to generate sales but to help readers with clear solutions to their blogging problems. Do you need a guide for blogging? Check out this course. Do you need a resource for how to comment on blogs the right way? Check out this eBook. Do you need help with writing and publishing an eBook? Check out this eBook.


Focus the mind not so much on self-promoting but on helping fellow human beings with premium resources. This is a humbling, simple way to take the money charge out of your courses, eBooks and services.


Humble yourself.


Love the blogging journey.


Love helping people.



  1. Praveen Rajarao says:
    at 11:25 am

    Hey Ryan,
    I missed when you asked “Do you need a guest post?” 🙂 Definitely yes, if you are interested. Of course my niche might be somewhat awkward if you arent a big fan of coffee 🙂

    Yes, being humble as you are and trying to help other bloggers is a great way to get word around. Appreciate all the things you do.

      • Praveen Rajarao says:
        at 12:58 pm

        haha…got you thinking

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