Blogging Tips of the Day: Have You Given Your Blog This?

  February 3, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read

Aiken, South Carolina


Put practical blogging tips to the side.


Forget about opening one more stream of blogging income.


Kick the idea of optimizing blog posts for SEO out of your mind.


Have you given your blog the gift of your attention and energy recently?


Most bloggers struggle for not giving blogging the gift of their attention and energy. Some bemoan living busy lives; blogging gets the shaft. Bloggers backburner blogging to the point of not being bloggers because bloggers blog, and people who do not blog are not bloggers.


Rewind the prior line. Re-read.


Bloggers blog. People who pay for a domain and hosting but no nothing else are not bloggers but individuals who keep domain and hosting companies afloat.


Does blogging seem like an afterthought? Blog. Find your reason why. Tie the reason to some fun, freeing intent. I deeply enjoy the freedom of circling the globe. Blogging feels fun to me. Blogging feels freeing to me. I give my attention and energy to blogging because I enjoy being free. But I had to give my attention and energy to blogging well before circling the globe as a pro because we BE then we BECOME.


Be then Become


Be the pro blogger before becoming a pro blogger.


Be the blogger who:


  • creates and connects generously
  • opens multiple streams of blogging income
  • trusts in self
  • trusts in the blogging process


well before becoming a professional blogger.


For example, a blogger with 2 daily visitors and zero blogging profits:


  • writes 1500 word, SEO-optimized blog posts
  • guest posts on top blogs in their niche
  • engages in genuine blogger outreach to bond with top bloggers


to BE a pro blogger before BECOMING a pro blogger.


Be the pro blogger amid appearances of being an amateur blogger with nothing going on. Become the pro blogger in the future.


Of course, giving your blog the gift of your attention and energy is the way to be the pro before becoming the pro. Finding your most fun, freeing driver is the step to put in work generously, patiently and persistently for 1000’s of hours spanning years of your life. No one takes short cuts. Overnight success does not exist. No one publishes one post to go from 0 profits and 0 traffic to $1 million in profits and 500,000 daily visitors.


Success behaves in organic, progressive fashion but only if you give your attention and energy to blogging.


Stop Making Excuses


Every blogging excuse you make as to why you cannot blog mirrors your values back to you.


Imagine working a busy full time job. If you claim to feel too tired to blog after work you value distraction over freedom. Bloggers who claim to have no time to blog spend that time doing what they value. But what they value often reeks with:


  • fear
  • distraction
  • delusion
  • depression


For example, a full time employee who intends to blog part time spends 3 hours watching TV each night and rarely if ever blogs because said blogger values:


  • distraction
  • delusion
  • depression


over freedom. People watch TV for hours on end to distract themselves from the truth. TV appears to pull your focus away from your:


  • sadness
  • depression
  • anger
  • terror
  • horror


at devoting most of your life to living in silent, palpable, crushing guilt, grief and other fear-based states of mind. Choosing to sit in front of the idiot box for 3 hours versus writing a blog post that frees you and your readers indicates that you value a death wish over love, freedom, service and joy. By valuing a death wish, I mean that you spent 3 hours distracting yourself mindlessly to move closer to death of your human body. Mindlessness is a death wish because it distracts you from the truth that you are a free, infinite being. Attempting to create the illusion that you can actually deny your infinite nature is an ego wish for death.


Change Your Values


How do you change your values? How do you shift from valuing fear, distraction, delusion and death to valuing freedom, love, fun and service?


Imagine the most freeing, fun, enjoyable version of your life. Do it now. Seriously. Imagining the picture and feeling the fun, freedom and joy of living your dream now gradually shifts your mind values from fear and distraction to love and freedom. Shifting from fear to freedom in mind goads you to turn off the TV and write the blog post. Instead of mindlessly cruising the internet for 3 hours after work, you engage in 3 hours of genuine outreach to free yourself and to free your fellow bloggers.


Give your blog the gift of your attention and energy. Put in work by valuing freedom over fear. Prepare yourself to make uncomfortable choices. Even though I love writing I feel discomfort on writing this post because the ego still tries to convince me to hold back. What can I do? Face, feel and release fear to do the largely fun, freeing thing of writing and publishing this blog post.


Blogging feels easier if you give it your attention and energy. Blogging feels tougher if you do not give it your attention and energy. Everything depends on decisions you make in your mind. All hinges on your willingness to go within, to shift from fear to freedom and to see the journey through over years.




How much attention and energy do you give to blogging?


Look at yourself in the light of truth.


Be willing to squirm if you have not committed much at all to blogging.


Everything changes the moment you see the truth.


Even though the truth frees you to blog diligently and to succeed, the ego-sting associated with seeing yourself truthfully feels uncomfortable to hug.


But doesn’t a lifetime of freedom through blogging seem worth a few moments of temporary discomfort?

  1. Lisa Sicard says:
    at 12:14 pm

    Hi Ryan, oh my. I can’t even add up the hours, most days are 10-12 hours and a few hours on the weekends. Time flies when you enjoy what you do though. I don’t watch much TV but do puzzles to relax as well as hike and snowshoe 🙂 You have to focus on content before you can focus on making money!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:32 pm

      100% true on the content-focus Lisa! I am learning that more daily. Out of the 600 million blogs online I am attempting to stand out with some more helpful content LOL. It takes much time to create that content but like you I love what I do. Thanks my friend 🙂

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