Do You Fear Asking for Blogging Help?

  February 7, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia


Struggling bloggers tend to fear asking for help.


Blogging struggles follow.


Humble bloggers ask for blogging help.


Success follows if the bloggers receive and act on blogging help.


Being humble goads you to ask for blogging help when you need help. For example, I began asking for help the moment I spotted some serious blogging struggles with my campaign. Bloggers freely helped me but only because:


  • I helped bloggers to make friends
  • I humbly asked bloggers for help
  • I put my pride to the side in order to see clearly


Vanity promotes long term failure. Vain, prideful, arrogant bloggers may experience some success. But failure meets prideful bloggers sooner than later. Everyone needs help. Blogging works for bloggers who believe in teamwork. Communities win. Blogging lone wolves fail. Connected bloggers run laps around bloggers who attempt to do it all solo.


Do you fear asking for blogging help? I feared asking for help for quite a long time. Shame, embarrassment and a general sense of feeling like a foolish blogging loser tried to prevent me from asking for blogging help. I felt deeply embarrassed to admit that I was wrong. I felt highly ashamed to see seeming year’s worth of blogging work go in the crapper because I knew asking for help meant changing my blogging strategy.


However, utter disgust, blind rage and cavernous depression seethed through my being. I felt as if I may go mad. I eventually decided to swallow pride, to learn from pros and to ask for help.  Asking for blogging help offered me:


  • counsel
  • advice
  • help in the form of retweets, guest blogging opportunities, increased eBook sales and blogging course sales


For example, my friend Cori Leigh generously invited me to guest blog for her rocking blogging community. She helped me reach more readers by offering me the opportunity to guest post on her blog. However, her generous help did not stop there. When Cori learned that I offered a discount on my blogging course (check it out to research a blogging guide) a while back she aggressively promoted the offer to boost my course sales. What a gem! What a helpful blogger.


Of course, our friendship grew as I genuinely intended to help her. I also asked for help by deciding to ask fellow bloggers if anyone wished me for to write a guest post for them.


Current Day Example


I recently deleted all eBooks from Amazon and uploaded a select few to my blogging eBook page.


Instead of making this change unannounced, I decided to share these changes and also invite you to share the eBooks with your blogging network. Feel free to tweet it, share it on Facebook or share it via your latest blog post as a quick backlink mention for bloggings seeking eBook resources. I can only do so much as one blogger. But you and I can do so much together. We can help bloggers live their dreams through our:


  • blogs
  • products
  • services


if we keep helping each other and also ask for help.


Dissolve Struggles


I remember struggling to generate eBook sales a few years ago. Versus continuing to struggle I asked around for help. Someone suggested an eBook written by an eBook selling machine. I bought the eBook, took notes and sold more eBooks.


Ask for help.


Stop struggling.


Help awaits but only if you:


  • admit your mistakes
  • own your failures
  • ask for help from fellow bloggers


One Key Note


Asking for help means:


  • asking for resources
  • asking for content
  • asking for courses
  • asking for eBooks


if you reach out to a blogger as a stranger. If a blogger has no idea who you are just ask for some free or premium resource to point you in the right direction. Help the blogger with your:


  • time spent on their blog
  • money (buying a product or hiring for a service)


to get help, to earn their trust and to force a strong connection.


Do not ask an established pro you have:


  • no relationship with
  • no bond with
  • no friendship with


as a complete an utter stranger, to:


  • retweet your blog post
  • place a link on their blogs
  • share their post on Facebook
  • buy their stuff or hire them


because GIVE needs to precede TAKE in any successful blogging friendship, save one clear exception. More on that shortly.


Give money and/or time onsite to take-get helpful content to solve your blogging problems anytime you reach out to a blogging stranger.


Never try to get traffic or money by trying to take influence, clout, traffic and credibility earned by a seasoned, established, professional blogger over years.


The Clear Exception


Building strong friendships with pro bloggers by helping them without asking for anything in return for many months opens the door to asking for “blogging favors” like:


  • asking for retweets
  • asking for Facebook shares
  • asking for endorsements (if you blog skillfully)


For example, observe my ask for help above. I asked you guys to feel free to share my eBooks with your networks because I have helped you with valuable free and premium content for many years. I gave freely. We built a strong relationship. I feel clear on getting, aka, asking for help.


However, I would never approach a blogging stranger asking for them to promote my eBooks.


Ask for help in terms of being directed towards:


  • blog posts
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • courses
  • eBooks


to solve your blogging problems.


Humble yourself.


Stop struggling.


Ask for help.



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