Blogging Tips of the Day: Do You Blog from Abundance or Scarcity?

  February 15, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Keel-billed toucan Panama

Keel-billed toucan Panama


Have you watched the movie Captain Marvel?


Spoiler alert.


A soldier on a foreign planet eventually realizes that she has been mentally imprisoned and becomes the most powerful sentient being in existence. Her super powers are limitless since she became infused with one of the Infinity Stones.


Before I lose most of my audience in one of my comic book benders, one of Captain Marvel’s lines sums up the message of this post:


“For my whole life, I’ve been fighting with one hand tied behind my back.”


In one instant, she went from being mentally imprisoned to being…..limitless.


I feel a bit like Carol these days. Over the prior few weeks I realize that I blogged with one hand tied behind my back for much of my 14 year blogging career. I held back. I followed rules. I even taught some of these rules, although I usually advise you to follow your intuition before trusting anyone else.


My dramatic shift consisted of blogging from scarcity to blogging from abundance. I blogged a bit too much from fear for most of my career. Gradually, I am blogging more from love, power and limitlessness.


For example, my intuition told me to write and publish whenever I felt the inner pull, for you and for me. Some days I write and publish 1-2 blog posts. Abundance also told me to update and re-publish a series of blog posts daily. Don’t kill the messenger. Abundance told me to do it.


Of course, blogging from abundance goes against scarcity blogging. Concepts like write and publish one post, promote it to your list, promote it in 100 spots, then wait for everyone possible to see it before writing the next post tends to be scarcity because fear in the mind attaches you to each of these outcomes:


  • max traffic
  • max profits
  • max exposure
  • max business


for the single blog post.


Far from being right or wrong, blogging from scarcity just means “fear” predominantly motivates you to do certain things in order to get other things. Scarcity fears that publishing too many posts means bad, failing outcomes. Abundance says keep ’em coming. But beware; blogging from abundance means blogging slowly, peacefully, calmly, and mindfully. Trying to publish 20 posts daily for some desired outcome in a mad, frenzied dash is scarcity because fear scares bloggers into following such mad, desperate or greedy approaches.


Blogging from abundance means:


  • blogging mainly for fun
  • blogging peacefully
  • detaching almost entirely from blogging outcomes
  • detaching from blogging agendas
  • slowly, calmly and generously helping people as often as possible


For example, I have intentionally published 1-2 posts daily and have updated and re-published 1-3 posts daily over the prior week because my intuition told me to take these abundant steps. I am having fun putting the content out there to let it do what it does as it helps bloggers with simple blogging tips. Blogging from abundance feels good because I no longer have 1 hand tied behind my back. But shifting from scarcity blogging to abundance blogging felt uncomfortable because I had to face, feel and release deep fears scaring me into blogging from scarcity over the years.


Most conventional blogging advice is scarcity. Most conventional business advice is scarcity. Much of this advice works in terms of netting traffic and profits. But you will blog with 1 hand tied behind your back following scarcity tactics while abundant-minded entrepreneurs use both hands. While Elon Musk boosts his net worth to $200 billion from abundance, you will have 14 email list subscribers for the next 3 weeks  because you blog from scarcity, holding back, fearing to break blogging rules. Even though Bezos and Mark employ scarcity tactics, evidence of their abundance mentality is the fact that I can refer to them with one name and you know who they are.


Mark had such an abundance mentality in being so detached from outcomes that he did not monetize his site until he built a monstrously massive user base. Meanwhile, most bloggers blog from such severe scarcity and such attachment to outcomes that they desperately try to monetize 10 users-readers day after day…..versus abundantly figuring out how to attract the next 100,000 targeted users-readers. (Guilty as charged, on this one.) 


Bezos went $150 million into debt during early Amazon years while he abundantly expanded his reach. He was so detached from business outcomes and built his business abundantly enough to where most of the world knows Amazon now. Talk about literal worldwide exposure. Yet most bloggers blog from such scarcity that 4 people know who they are.


I intend to cut no blogger down. But I do want to offer you vivid examples of how abundance thinking feels more fun, enjoyable and allows you to help more people while scarcity thinking feels more tense, rigid and prevents you from helping more people.


Relax. Have fun. Stop blogging with 1 hand tied behind your back.


Blog from abundance.

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