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  February 13, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
what to look for in a street food stall

Yangon Myanmar


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Yesterday my wife and I ate at a fast food restaurant outside of Atlanta.


This chain lets you custom build your Mexican meal.


The dude 2 guys in front of us really loved food. He was hefty. He ordered everything one could order, literally. He even ordered extra of everything. His bowl rose higher than the Empire State Building. The man never apologized for holding the line up for 10 minutes because he did not need to apologize. The fact that remaining people in line only spent 1-3 minutes ordering made no difference. Every human deserves to get what they ask for from an ordering perspective.


The large man did not feel bad. Nor did he feel ashamed or embarrassed. He went for what he wanted. Who cares if his belt could have been used to create a border around the Metroplex of Atlanta? He ordered what he wanted and deeply enjoyed his meal.


But some bloggers flash a serious warning sign by trending in the opposite direction. Many bloggers feel:


  • bad
  • ashamed
  • embarrassed
  • awkward
  • uncomfortable


promoting their:



For example, some bloggers fear annoying their readers with promoting products and services, publishing content or taking the simple step of monetizing their blogs. How can you go pro if you feel bad about making money? How can you make money if you feel bad about promoting your products and services? As a practical, real world analogy, did you ever feel bad about picking up and cashing your paycheck from a 9-5 employer?


I never felt awkward, embarrassed or ashamed about cashing paychecks from prior employers. People work jobs to render service and receive money. People blog to render service and receive money if you cling to professional aspirations.


Spot this warning sign. Heed this red flag. Own fears concerning your blog, monetizing or simply publishing a high volume of helpful content. Intuitively, you will feel when publishing 20, 200 word blog posts daily may promote your blogging failure and annoy readers. Intuitively, you will know that emailing your list 5 promotional offers daily annoys readers. But believe it or not, some internet marketers become clear and fearless enough in using similar volume email tactics that they net a handsome profit. I do not advise emailing 5 promo offers daily. However, I want you to see the difference between someone who feels uncomfortable with receiving money versus someone who feels comfortable with receiving money.


Promo Boost


From my email list links, to my eBooks to my blogging course, I began promoting each freely with a sharp boost the prior week. My intuition told me: talk about this stuff to help people. Every blogger possesses a different style. Some profit freely sans promo mentions. Some do better promoting premium offerings. I do better promoting premium offerings because I feel good, clear and confident on mentioning what I offer professionally.


How do you feel promoting premium eBooks? Do you feel awkward? How do you feel promoting coaching services? Do you feel ashamed to self-promote? Awkward, shameful emotions are fear. Making money becomes difficult for bloggers who fear making money. Money loves being invited into your experience. Money will head for the hills if you fear making money.


Dig deeper back into your mind. Spot money fears. I grew up being conditioned with poverty conscious ideas including the blanket terror that we would lose the house at any money. Gradually I spend time and energy daily unearthing, facing, feeling and releasing these fears on my journey to abundance. Facing blogging fears by promoting my eBooks, courses and email list triggers money fears to be released but also allows me to feel increasingly comfortable with receiving money. I simply see that I am helping you with each offering via a valuable, tangible, step by step solution for your blogging and self-publishing problems for which you exchange the neutral energy called money.


Imagine if you feel scared, intimidated and flat out fret your writing pants off concerning writing and self-publishing an eBook. Checking out this eBook:


How to Write and Self Publish an eBook in 24 Hours


reveals how you can write and self publish an eBook in 1 day. Does that sound hard? Does it sound difficult? Exchanging $10 for this information to solve your problems sounds like a good idea.


Use this same reasoning with your blogging campaign. Spot money warning signs. Feel embarrassment, shame and general discomfort with promoting your professional products and services. Help readers with premium offerings instead of feeling bad about taking money from them. Move out of a scarcity mindset. Move toward abundance.

  1. Goldie says:
    at 1:42 pm

    Great motivation.
    I hate holding up lines and bragging about myself and my accomplishments, but you are right – you just have to in order to get anywhere.

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