Blogging Tips of the Day: 1 Traffic and Profits Analogy

  February 14, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
Beach, Playa Espadilla, Costa Rica

Beach, Playa Espadilla, Costa Rica


Insomnia has me in its grips.


After arriving to our new house sit in Georgia I feel myself getting adjusted to a new environment. Usually I sleep OK. Sometimes I barely sleep for a day or 2 on settling in.


Increased creativity seems to be one gift insomnia lends me. As I tossed and turned, an analogy popped up in mind a few moments ago related to traffic and profits. This has been one of my biggest blogging problems over the years in terms of scaling on a massive, titanic level. Sharing the analogy should let the image sear itself onto my mind. That is the plan, anyway.


Imagine 10 people walking in to a department store in NYC today. Picture the store owner checking daily sales after the close to observe zero sales. Frustrated, the store owner allows the image of zero daily sales to completely dominate his business strategy. He never thinks of ways to get more targeted traffic. Nor does he look down the block to observe the thousands of people visited thriving department stores in the same niche, on a daily basis. His entire business seems built on the concept of 0 daily sales. Thinking from fear, he tries to push sales on 10 or 20 daily visitors versus thinking of new ways to drive 100, then 1000, the 10000 daily visitors to his store. He has a low traffic issue. But he is too mired in scarcity to see it.


The following day he attracts 25 people but 0 daily sales. He follows the same 0 daily sales approach the following week. Foot traffic fluctuates from 8 to 55 people daily. But he nets zero sales daily for the entire week. Now he feels even more frustrated because he made zero daily sales for the entire week. The process continues for months. He makes no sales for the next 6 months.




His focus on feeling bad about generating a profit outcome blinds him from the fact that he needs to adopt a new strategy for driving an increasing amount of targeted foot traffic into the store. If he analyzed the thriving department store down the block he would notice their focus was never on day to day sales but driving a higher amount of targeted foot traffic daily. He does not necessarily need more targeted traffic to make money. But he needs to stop focusing exclusively on day to day store sales as his sole determinant for a business strategy because doing so:


  • makes him play small
  • blinds him from his tendency to play small
  • closes his mind to new traffic sources
  • blocks increasing sales, let alone exponentially increasing sales


I have yet to massively scale my blog because I have suffered from this blogging problem for most of my 14 year career. I have no genuine intent to make Blogging From Paradise some iconic brand like Amazon. But I have largely allowed day to day, week to week or month to month fluctuations to dictate my traffic strategy, goading me into a cocoon of too much comfort. My only issue on this blog has been my resistance to mindfully, slowly and deliberately unleashing an increasing blog traffic campaign that would drive a Macy’s level of foot traffic during Christmas Time in NYC. 


Instead of focusing on trying to get 1 sale to move up from 0 daily sales, the folks at Macy’s, Jeff Bezos and Mark Z focused on driving titanic amounts of targeted foot or cyber traffic to gain massive exposure. Sell something helpful. Offer a useful service, whether free or paid. One can always monetize later. But make sure to drive as much targeted traffic to your offer now or else you will get caught in an endless daily-results-driven-look that prevents massive scaling.


I vividly remember the line in the Social Network when Sean Parker told Mark Z not to go the angel route for a fortune because Facebook was not cool enough yet. He meant that Facebook had not generated monstrous traffic yet. Not enough people knew about the site to really scale, in his opinion. Whether true or not, he teaches a powerful blogging lesson in terms of traffic and profits. Sell something simple and helpful but give almost all thought to driving a hefty amount of traffic to that offer and give almost no thought to day to day or week to week or month to month fluctuations.


Stats can be a helpful guide but in most blogger minds become a heavy anchor tying them to long term profit struggles.


Stats can be a helpful guide but in most blogger minds become a heavy anchor tying them to long term profit struggles.Click To Tweet


The money really does come when you have a helpful offer or 2, or 10, but only on driving a steadily increasing amount of blog traffic:


  • generously
  • patiently
  • persistently


to your blog.


Instead of focusing your attention on trying to get 1 sale today or instead of feeling frustrated about generating no sales last month give your full attention and energy to patiently driving an endlessly increasing volume of targeted traffic to your mind. Focus on the word endlessly. Iconic brands think endlessly. Some think this way from fear and greed. Others simply build businesses on concepts of:


  • abundance
  • limitlessness
  • ever-increasing service


Keep bringing new people to your blog by shining the spotlight on them. Keep meeting new people. Hold me to my burgeoning blog commenting campaign guys; I am meeting a handful of new bloggers daily. New is good. I always shied from new after a few days of meeting new bloggers through commenting. Let’s hope this Macy’s analogy forms a permanent impress on my mind.

  1. Stuart Danker says:
    at 5:15 pm

    Wow, this constant traffic angle instead of focusing on sales really does give me some ideas. I never really looked at it this way before. But then again, I have nothing to monetise, so that helps simplify my blogging life a little. Great posts you share here, Ryan. Thanks for this!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 5:19 pm

      Stuart my pleasure 🙂 I totally woke up to this concept the other night; literally! I intend to genuinely scale to keep having fun and to keep helping people. Keep on inspiring with your fabulous blog.

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