1 Blogging Success Tip that Almost No One Wants to Blog About

  July 16, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


I have blogged for 15 years.


Each day reveals new fears in my mind that appeared to hold back blogging success from me, for the past 15 years.


Every day, fears long buried seem triggered by circumstances. I love blogging. Blogging feels fun. But uncomfortable moments arise sometimes during this fun, freeing journey.


For example, my wife and I are re-watching Succession on HBO.


The other night one thought crossed my mind:


Logan Roy does not fear monetizing fear, guilt, greed, rage, racism and classism. He freely publishes fear-content to the world as do all mainstream media tycoons. Why do I fear marketing all 800 posts on Blogging From Paradise? Why do I fear promoting my courses and eBooks? Why do I hold back? I am not hurting people with my content. I am bringing them together. Why am I afraid?


Blogging about your fears makes you:


  • genuine
  • honest
  • authentic
  • transparent
  • trustworthy
  • credible


but the ego tries to convince you that blogging about your fears makes you:


  • not genuine
  • dishonest
  • inauthentic
  • not transparent
  • a fraud
  • not credible


The ego thinks upside down.


The heart thinks right side up.


Blogging Success Tip


Blogging about your:


  • fears
  • struggles
  • failures
  • worries
  • anxieties


along with blogging about your:


  • dreams
  • passion
  • loves
  • wins
  • successes


helps to make you a successful blogger.


Almost no one honors this blogging success tip closely because the fear of being vulnerable, open and honest seems too great to wade into; the fear of being honest triggers the fear of losing:


  • traffic
  • readers
  • followers
  • money
  • business
  • clout
  • influence


However, anytime you refrain from blogging about your fears when the urge arises, you begin lying to yourself, just like the characters from Succession, politicians, mainstream media and the world as the trained mind sees it. The more you lie to yourself the more lies you need to tell to yourself and others to maintain an appearance of success, freedom, happiness and authority.


As you fall deeper down the rabbit hole of fear you need to lie to yourself and your readers even more about yourself, your blog and your success.


Eventually, you begin publishing headlines like this:


This 33-year-old mom makes $760,000 a year in passive income—and lives on a sailboat: ‘I work just 10 hours a week’


Mainstream media can do as they wish because because we all have a free will.


However, this headline is a literally insane promise: be young, make $760,000 a year in passive income in just 10 hours a week while working on a sail boat.


Making 3/4 of a million dollars in passive income requires 15,000 to 20,000 plus blogging work hours over a decade, not just 10 hours a week.


Intentionally publishing a title like this deliberately lies to millions of fools simply to make money off of them and to keep the morons coming back for more.


If you do not admit your fears to yourself and your content you will begin to lie like this in order to scare:


  • fearful people
  • desperate people
  • lazy people
  • greedy people




  • clicking headlines
  • visiting your blog
  • clicking your ads
  • buying your stuff
  • hiring you


But you need to tell even more lies in the future to yourself and to your readers in order to keep the attention of fear-filled people.


Telling the truth becomes poison. What sucker will believe the truth? Scared people want nothing to do with the truth. Scared people want fantasies, not realities. Plus, scared, desperate, greedy, lazy suckers are easy money.


Eventually, you really do sell your soul and your life becomes a nightmare of fear, lies, deceit and moral bankruptcy.


Plus, you lose every idea of who you really are because life becomes one big acting job.



Pay close attention to every news item that ever existed to see this principle in action: newsmakers weaponize fear by using your fear against you to pad their pockets, to reel you in daily, to keep their influence with corporate and politicians and in the process, descends into the hell of fear, rage, defense, threatening and manipulation to maintain the illusion of a pristine reputation.


Bloggers who go down the path of lies, illusions and refusing to be honest, to admit fear, to preach responsibility, to tell of struggles, pain and loss, to stress failures and to be truthful simply become part of the machine.


For example, I wrote for a mainstream publication boasting world famous celebrities as fellow contributors.  I wrote one line about individuals taking full responsibility for everything in their lives to avoid being victims and the editor told me that I’d need to remove that line for the post to be published.


I politely thanked her for the opportunity and moved on from the contributor gig. I prefer feeling peaceful and free versus feeling at war with myself and bond to the illusion of fear.


Why Almost No One Wants to Blog About It


Almost no blogger wants to blog about their:


  • fears
  • failures
  • losses
  • struggles
  • nightmares


because they believe that admitting your fears makes you:


  • a fraud
  • less credible
  • less trustworthy
  • weak
  • not follow worthy


Organically, this crowd fears that you will lose all traffic and blogging income the moment you admit your fears.


Who enjoys feeling fear? Who enjoys feeling uncomfortable? Who likes being vulnerable? Who has fun with digging deep into fear manifest as guilt?


No one enjoys feeling fear but the only way to be free of the illusion of fear and its nightmare of lies is to face your fears.


Not an Endless Pity Party Permission


Every human being has the right to blog about anything because we have free will.


But this post does not intend to give you permission to create only pity party posts moving forward. No one is a victim. No one establishes peace of mind by ranting for the next 10 years. No blogger ever found happiness by complaining for a decade.


Hope is a core human driver. Blogging hopelessness for weeks, months then years turns off virtually all readers because we all hope.


Share your hopes and dreams. Blog about wins. Cheerlead other bloggers. Empower fellow bloggers. Uplift bloggers.


Blog about your loves and fears. Teach bloggers how to succeed and publish cautionary content sharing your big failures.


Find a mix between blogging about success and sharing your fears, mistakes and failures to be honest *and* uplifting.


Readers can find enough endless nightmares in the world of the news, thank you.


My Blogging Fears


I have overcome some blogging fears over the years.


But 15 years in, I am gradually peeling away the fear of going all out with my blogging campaign. I still fear letting go to allow my full blogging power to be completely unleashed.


I do fear losing readers. I also fear experiencing too much success for the fear of what and who I will lose as I thrive.


If you see it on my blog I likely cling to some fear about it.


Jimbaran Bali


However, writing these words feels liberating.


How freeing does it feel to admit your fear when you ***are*** afraid?


Be You, Fear and All


Be you.


Share your fears.


People respect honest bloggers.


Uplift readers, too. Cheerlead bloggers. Lift people up. Be a generous servant.


Tell the rest of the story (ups and downs included) to feel good about your blogging campaign.


Forget any idea of karma for a moment; being dishonest creates unconscious guilt that lives in your head until you decide to face your fears.


Living with unconscious guilt is a nightmare because it scares you into trusting liars and disbelieving people who tell you the truth. Plus, living with deep guilt scares you into lying to yourself and your readers as you punish self and your community with deceit, lies, hype and nothing that helps people free themselves.


Have fun helping people by being truthful with them about your full blogging experience.


Thrive with peace of mind.

  1. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 7:22 pm

    This is excellent, Ryan. Don’t be afraid to show your setbacks, how you stumbled along the way, and be real. I love the example of the $760k sailboat mom! Those types of types of stories are fine if they are true and you tell people about the 10 years of being broke and struggle that led you there, but when you lead people to believe there are “4 easy steps” to quick your job and be a millionaire, that’s just shady.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 10:09 am

      Exactly Anthony; it is OK if the title reflected an honest experience and then the post backed up the truthful story but the 4 easy steps, the 10 hours a week and the overall feel are lies. This world is nuts LOL but honest people are slowly but surely reclaiming it. Thanks as always, my friend 🙂

  2. Danilo says:
    at 6:26 am

    Thank you my friend Ryan for inspiring us. God bless you!

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