Are You A Blogging Prima Donna?

April 3, 2018
Spider web at the beach, Opotiki, New Zealand.


“Aren’t you just a cock-of-the-rock there, strutting your stuff, pimping and preening.” ~ Odd 70’s Bird Speaking to Me in Coffee Shop, 1996


Well before I became a globe trotting pro blogger I was a meteorology major in college. During my college days I worked in a coffee shop. Biddulph was a Barista. And a roaster. I roasted beans. Coffee beans.


For some strange reason, a man who looked not unlike someone starring in the TV show M*A*S*H, with 70’s sunglasses, cheesy mustache, wiry hair and a bizarre demeanor, walked into the shop one day muttering the above phrase under his breath 20 feet away from the counter, in a heavy Southern accent.


I wore coffee-stained jeans, donned an Igoo haircut and had as much flair as a glass of warm milk. Liberace’s left nut out-flaired me. Yet this guy compared me to the most flamboyant, prima donna, blockbuster bird on earth: the cock-of-the-rock. In case you figured I slipped an adult film reference into the post.


Anyway, after spending the past 2 days doing intensive networking I came across blogging prima donna’s. Too many of ’em.


Bloggers who could not be bothered with readers. Bloggers intent on big timing their communities. A bit too big for their blogging britches, these fools reminded me what to avoid being if my ego swelled a wee too much into something delusional.


I know my shit. But also stare at a glowing rectangle and strike little rectangles with my fingers all day long. Sometimes, famous people ask me to share my thoughts on famous blogs. Who cares?


The Downside of Being a Blogging Prima Donna


Being a blogging prima donna who believes you are bigger and more famous and more successful than you really are:


  • repels money
  • repels prospering partnerships
  • cuts you off from your readers, creating a dangerous disconnect
  • makes you a Blogging Lone Wolf


In short, you will either fail horribly as a BPD or have some success but despise the ride, not enjoying your spoils because you act like a spoiled brat.


Here are some potential warning signs of being a Blogging Prima Donna.


Note; some are errors of ignorance but some are ego-drunk bloggers not wanting to be bothered by readers.


No Contact Page


The number of blogs I visited yesterday and today sans contact page baffled me.


How can you run a business without a customer service department?


Some bloggers are ignorant. But many bloggers refrain from posting a contact page to avoid getting 1 or 5 or 10 spam emails daily.


Don’t be a douche. Until you get 50 or 100 spam emails daily, publish a damn contact page. When you’re at the point where you’re turning down business left and right, totally swamped by spam, put up barriers to entry. Until then, be highly accessible, humble and willing to delete spam here and there.


Comments Closed


Minus bloggers completely unawares of the power of building a community through blog comments, some bloggers closed comments completely during my past 2 days of blogger networking.


Some bloggers have zero interest in:


  • receiving comments
  • reading comments
  • responding to comments


I know; I was one of these dingbats for a minute. Lesson learned.


Cut the Blogging Prima Donna Act. Open comments. Encourage comments. Read comments. Respond to comments gratefully.


Until you’re seeing hundreds of spam comments daily, keep ’em open and keep the engagement train running.


Ya ain’t that Blogging Big Time until overwhelmed with spam comments, ya’ blogging cock-of-the-rocks.


Refusing To Hyperlink Your Email Address


A few times over the past 2 days I wished to reach out to smaller scale bloggers to retweet one of their posts to my 60,000 member community. I also wanted to ask if they wished for me to comment on their posts.


I am a fairly busy dude. Some believe I am a blogging cyborg. Others, surrounded by dopplegangers. A third sect believes me to be a demi-god.


So when I see relatively unknown bloggers obviously not getting 100-200 emails or more daily pulling the ridiculous “email me at rbbidd(at)gmail(dot)com” stuff because they get “too much spam” instead of hyperlinking with I see a classic case of BPD.


Part of the responsibility of being a blogging influencer is being quickly and easily accessible at the click of a mouse. For readers, and more established pro bloggers like Ryan Biddulph who skipped over your blog because he has 1 second to click a hyperlink but no more time to open his email and type in your email address, confusingly laid out because you think you’re big time or are receiving too many emails.


Do you really want to know what it takes to be featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin blog, or Forbes, or Fox News, or Entrepreneur? Being a humble MFer who is:


  • generous
  • engaging
  • highly accessible
  • responsive
  • loving
  • caring
  • appreciative


Be highly accessible. Readers need to be able to contact you in a split second. At least until you become worth billions of dollars. Who cares if you respond 3 weeks from now, or never? It happens, as you get really busy, but at least readers can share thoughts and offer feedback, via comments, contact forms, contact pages and hyperlinked emails.


Humble yourself.


Be engaging.


Be appreciative of your readers.


Don’t be a Blogging Prima Donna.


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  1. Engagement is the backbone of blogging success Bren. Sometimes, we need to pull back for a few weeks or months for specific reasons – ahem ahem LOL – but then it’s time to get back in the game and keep the engagement train going. Thanks much for commenting 🙂

  2. Bren Pace Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    For a moment there, I was getting ready to come kick your a**! LOL I really despise landing on a blog, wanting to comment, and can’t. Really turns me off. Enough so much that I won’t visit that site again. Blogging is about engaging with others. You can’t engage if you shut out your audience. Buttheads. 🙂


  3. I left a thought.