Blogging Mindset Training: Why You Cannot Get Something for Nothing

  February 22, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Opotiki, New Zealand.


I scanned a few comments popping up in my spam folder moments ago.


Each comment indicated a blogger or freelancer trying to get something for nothing. Each offered nothing in value via a spam comment. A few folks promoted their business via the comment. Other folks attempted to publish a generic comment lauding my work but followed up with a link to their business and a command to check it out. The something desired would be a website click and potential sale.


But since you cannot get something for nothing, each of these comments stayed in spam until I trashed ’em.




You literally get what you give blogging-wise. Being generous means giving away oodles of valuable, free content. Naturally, over the long term, generous bloggers get plenty of traffic and profits because as you sow, so shall you reap. The spammers gave me nothing; of course, they got nothing. Think of a simple, 1-to-1 ratio in some regards. But understand that all ratios work out perfectly over a long term of months and years before the giving results in big-time getting. However, giving nothing instantly results in getting nothing solely because you immediately turn off folks with desperation, greed and rank repelling energies.


I spotted each spam comment based on the individuals giving me nothing of value. Comments need to be:


  • genuine
  • generous
  • detailed


to yield value. Promoting your business or publishing a generic, lame comment yields zero value. Yielding zero value finds the spam or trash folder on my blog. Give nothing. Get nothing. Give nothing. Vanish into the spam or trash folder. Trying to get something for nothing is an impossible task since you get what you give. Giving nothing always results in getting nothing. Now more than ever, more sophisticated web users rarely find themselves fooled. People see through smoke, mirrors and low to no value content. Savvy online users force you to be on your tippy-toes; see their knowledge as a good thing to keep you on top of your blogging game.


People head for the hills if you give nothing. How can you increase traffic and profits if no one visits your blog? Observe a thin blog lacking content meat. No one sticks around for more than a few seconds because if you give nothing you do not get much in return, if anything at all.


Bloggers often wonder why they do not gain traction on social media. Why do you never seem to get traffic or profits through Facebook or Twitter? Nearly 100% of the time, you get nothing on social media because you give nothing on social media. Bloggers act mystified about driving no social media blog traffic. But one quick scan of their social media accounts reveals they do not engage on Twitter or Facebook. Perhaps they publish a blog post and simply share the post via Twitter and Facebook. But solely sharing a link to your latest blog post means not giving much value at all.


Real social media traffic and profit traction grows through your consistent, generous, genuine engagement. Give your attention and energy to engagement to inspire people to engage you through your blog. Traffic and profits increase if you chat frequently on a daily basis. Give effort to engage. People engage you and the blog posts you share. Getting occurs if you give frequently by engaging generous on social media.


Mind training factors deeply into shifting your intent from getting to giving. I am training my mind a bit more daily to facilitate this inner shift. Shifting within goads me to give with more detachment from any blogging outcomes.


Give freely.


Fall in love with the process of helping people.


No blogger has figured out how to get something for nothing.


Stop spamming.


Begin helping.


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