Blogging Leveraging: 4 Tips to Leverage Your Blog

  June 2, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
Pedasi, Panama

Pedasi, Panama


(Updated 6/2/2022)


Blogging leveraging seems to be a secret among all new bloggers.


Struggling bloggers have a tough time understanding this concept.


Most bloggers never apply this idea consistently.


Going pro hinges on leveraging your blog because being seen in many targeted spots with intelligent work seems necessary to gain professional level exposure.  Never mind enjoying the sugary sweet benefits of leveraging effectively.


What Is Blogging Leveraging?


Leveraging your blog means getting maximum benefit from each blogging act.


For example, optimizing one blog post for SEO:


  • increases targeted, passive Google traffic
  • draws greater organic traffic through Q and A sites, social media and forums.


For the singular act of writing, SEO-optimizing and publishing one blog post that post drives a maximum amount of blogging traffic and blogging profits. This is a good example of leveraging.


Unfortunately, most bloggers struggle by not leveraging content.


For example, writing and publishing a 600 word posts not optimized for SEO results in:


  • no Google traffic
  • muted if not scant or non-existent traffic through Facebook, Twitter, Q and A sites and forums


Spending 2 hours to write and publish a leveraged blog post driving 2,000 targeted visitors per month going forward makes more sense than spending 15 minutes to write and publish a non-leveraged post driving 50 to 100 untargeted visitors for a few months until gaining no visitors at all.


Pro bloggers leverage.


I will hit the sack in a few hours.


Blogging From Paradise will hum along whether I work at my laptop or sleep in my bed. Why? I leverage my blog.


Publish a blog post to take your first blogging step toward success. Then leverage each post through various strategies to increase traffic.


Pros leverage. Full time bloggers maximize their blogging growth by pondering ways to reach bigger, targeted audiences.


Leveraging is one secret to running a thriving blogging business. But running a thriving blogging business means little unless the venture frees you.


Freedom is your end goal. Beyond money, all bloggers desire to free themselves through their campaigns. Blogging leveraging offers you maximum freedom because your work actually works for you. Every post you worked on works for you if you leverage posts intelligently.


Posts drive traffic and profits around the clock for bloggers who scale effectively.


Enjoy life offline. Sleep more. Circle the globe. Experience a life of fun and freedom by optimizing your blogging presence.


Make Freedom Your Intent


Most bloggers make the mistake of trying to make money without setting an intent to live a life of freedom through blogging. Unless you divorce yourself from your business that business enslaves you.


For example, I am updating and re-publishing this blog post a few years after the initial publish date to free myself by letting the post drive traffic and profits for me around the clock. Updating old content boosts exposure on SERPs. Google favors aged domains. Adding timely content to old posts often pushes these posts to the top of page 1 for long tail keywords.


Circling the globe with my wife demands that we engineer our life based on the concept of freedom. Leveraging your blogging campaign promotes freedom because if you reach a maximum number of targeted readers in minimum time you have ample time to enjoy offline.


Blog with leveraging in mind.


Free yourself from your blogging business.


Follow the 4 tips below to seize and use the concept of blogging leveraging.


1: Use Social Media Sharing Buttons


Optimize blog traffic. Post easy to see and easier to click social share buttons to leverage your blog. Bloggers leave serious traffic on the table every time they ignore using social sharing buttons. Avoid this mistake. Use social media sharing buttons for each blog post. Allow readers to increase your blog traffic.


Bloggers possessing big, targeted audiences on social media can double or triple your daily traffic via a retweet or Facebook Share. Make it easy for bloggers to share your blog posts on social media. Post prominent social media sharing buttons on your blog. Find a social sharing plug in that works for you. Run with it.


Never miss out on social media traffic. Even if social media seems a bit volatile these days more than enough folks use Facebook and Twitter. Drive traffic through Facebook and Twitter. Make social media share buttons prominent.


2: Build an Email List


Build an email list to leverage posts sent via email.


Picture a large, targeted readership gobbling up your posts through their email inbox.


Subscribers who receive your posts via email increase your blog traffic fast through this convenient medium.


Share a lead magnet via a sidebar opt-in form or pop up. Alert readers to the email frequency; daily, weekly emails seem to work best.


Charleston, South Carolina


Email value. Receive value in the form of increased blog traffic and increased blogging profits.


Build your list. Leverage your blogging presence. Drive traffic and profits at the click of a button.


3: Optimize Posts for SEO


Google serves as a masterful leveraging agent for your blog.


Imagine the ultimate search engine driving traffic to your blog 24-7, 365.


Leverage through Google by SEO optimizing blog posts. Download an SEO plug in for help.


Follow SEO pros like Neil Patel and Anil Agarwal. Learn from the best. Allow SEO-optimized posts to drive increasing traffic to your blog through Google.


SEO-optimizing posts became a thing for me recently. Leveraging continues to reign supreme in my mind. I do not optimize all blog posts for Google. But I do drive an increasing amount of Google traffic to reach as many people as possible passively, around the clock.


Put in the SEO work now to increase passive, targeted blog traffic.


Picture yourself partnering with Google.


Optimize blog posts to let Google drive a hefty volume of targeted traffic to your blog passively.


4: Add Video and Podcasts


Appeal to bigger, more targeted audiences.


Give more people a reason to follow your blog.


Some people prefer visual or audio content. Watchers and listeners leverage your audience.


People love watching videos on their phone. Podcast seem to be as popular as ever.


Serve up multi media to leverage your blog.


Be seen and heard to multiply your blogging presence.


Recording videos offers you an added benefit; most bloggers feel self-conscious fears triggered on uploading their first few videos. Releasing these fears can precede increased blogging growth. Self-conscious fears hold back most bloggers. Shedding these anchors accelerates your blogging growth.




Being patient is a critical ingredient in the leveraging recipe.


Putting in work and patiently allowing your efforts to amplify your reach is part of the leveraging game.


Don’t give up on blogging.


Success unfolds organically after you patiently put in blogging work.


Check out the video:


Don’t Be So Quick to Give Up on Blogging




Leverage your blog to free yourself from sitting in front of a computer all day long.


Work. Then allow that work to work for you.


Leverage intelligently to grow your blog exponentially.


Add a passive element to your blogging campaign.

  1. Cassie says:
    at 11:53 am

    Some really great ideas here, Ryan. I definitely have some work to do. Like you, my goal is freedom… the power to choose what to do with my life and when. I want to work smarter not harder, that’s for sure. If only I had a lead magnet. I’m sure I will think of something.

    Thanks again!

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