Should You Make Blogging Income Claims?

April 7, 2018
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Do you want to attract greedy, desperate or fear-filled people? If you are unclear on making blogging income claims, yes, go ahead, and see how your lack of clarity attracts people who only want to make money and have no interest in serving people.


Do you feel clear, comfortable and relaxed about making blogging income claims? Awesome. Go for it. Pat Flynn is your gold standard in this department. He does the income claim deal with genuine, dyed in the wool, integrity.


Does Making Blogging Income Claims “Work”?


Strange idea. Bloggers pass a horse shit meme to one another; “This works, this does not work.”


What does “work” mean? You define it.


Some people think making blogging income claims works because you make money by parting foolish, desperate or greedy people from their money. If success to you means scaring fearful, desperate or greedy folks to give you money, whatever tickles your pickle.


All depends on the clarity of the blogger. Again; look at Pat Flynn. He makes claims from a genuine energy. Then he goes bonkers teaching you, in-depth, really authentically, how to manifest money. You feel that he loves you want wants to generously help you.


He is blogging from the heart. Of course making income claims works for him.


Other bloggers do manifest quite a bit of coin – meaning, making blogging income claims *appears* to work for them – but if you choose not to sign up for their opt in offer the “No” option says “Fuck you; stay broke, you loser.”


I feel compassion for these tortured souls, who have learned the art of attracting money from a pained, miserable, fear-filled, “Holy Shit I Will Never Be Enough Even If I Make Billions” type of energy.


Even though I bust balls and call some of these guys hand jobs, I genuinely feel compassion for them. Only a pained, fear-filled person attempts to manipulate people into making money.


Why I Don’t Do Blogging Income Claims


In 5 minutes, I can whip up a false document to prove how much I make. Anybody can do this. Requires 5 minutes of your time.


But it required me 5 years to know my blogging shit so well, inside-out, that I can talk for 6 hours about blogging without taking a breath via my blogging audio course.


It took me 10 years to practice, to learn, to create, to connect and to dive into my fears to where I can now broadcast live for 30 minutes on Facebook, diving into a blogging topic.


Not anybody can do a 30 minutes Facebook Live Broadcast on blogging off of the top of their head. Not anybody can write a valuable 1,000 word blog post on blogging. Not anybody can write 126 eBooks.


The proof is in the teaching. Not in the doctoring of documents.


The proof is in the service.


The Good Book


Raised Catholic here but honestly; I just read the red lettering – aka Jesus’ Love – when scanning the Bible.


I recall one line vividly: “Hold back, and it will be held back from you.”


Unclear, fear-filled income claim guys REALLY hold back on giving aka service aka teaching and focus almost exclusively on outcomes. Of course, as they hold back, it is held back from them. Meaning money, meaningful friendships, etc are held back from them. These folks are the architects of their own misery.


Some of these fear-filled folks become highly skilled at manipulating people from fear, greed and desperation, and do in fact acquire vast amounts of money. Along with an army of greedy, desperate followers, most of which fall flat on their face because they want something for nothing, and yes, a few select Masters of Illusion aka Fear Mongers will embody their pained mentors in the art of separating scared people from their money. Either way; it’s a road to hell. Ample money, some bragging, but fear and pain bleeds through their pours.


Meanwhile, guys like Pat Flynn, Zac Johnson, Alonzo Pichardo, Gary Vaynerchuk and dare I say, Ryan Biddulph (I make one ass-hole-ish, 3rd person reference every 4 months; deal with it) do NOT hold back at all. We give generously. helping, serving, helping, connecting, being generous, helping, not giving a shit about outcomes (largely), as since we do not hold back with teaching and mentoring and promoting others and being of service….it is not held back from us.


We prove we know our shit by our devotion to service.


Only a sea slug brain dead with skepticism would look at Gary Vee’s blog and say; “Yeah…but I gotta see his income before I’d trust him.”


Be Genuine Blog With Love And Go From There


Blog from an energy of love. Be genuine.


If your intuition tells you to go the income claim route, it is for you.


But you’d be a rare bird, guys. Almost all income claim bloggers I see and honestly observe come from a heavy energy of fear, desperation, greed, manipulation and anger.


Anybody can falsify income claims in 5 minutes. No solid proof there.


But it takes years of learning, practice and service to create helpful content generously and persistently. Big time proof there. This is where the money is.


The proof is in the teaching.


Ready for Some Money eBooks/Audiobooks?


I hand-picked a few of my eBooks and audio books for suggested reading/listening.


Buy a few and dive in to learn the art of having fun and allowing money into your experience.


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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Pat is such a pro in this regard. Cori. He shows results and generously explains how to achieve those results. Rockstar!

  2. Cori Ramos Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about blogging income claims. I have to agree with you. Some years ago, I read a blogging income report. I’ll admit I was amazed at the amount of money she made and since I was still leraning the ropes I wanted to know what she did to earn that much money.

    When it got down to her links, almost all of them pointed to a sales poge. Instead of showing us how she did it it was more like promoting her eBook. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I was looking for more in-depth stuff. You know, like ‘I made this much with this affiliate product with a blog post I wrote’ with a synopsis of what she did that resulted in revenue and then of course a link to that post.

    To me, that is walking the walk and talking the talk. If a blogger is going to share their income they should also show the reader exactly what they did to pass on the love.

    Much like Pat Flynn. I hopped over to his site to have a look at his income reports and wow, he really goes into detail! And I bet his success is because of his generosity.

    Thanks for sharing this and for introducing me to Pat and the other bloggers.

    Hope you’re well! 🙂


  3. I left a thought.