What Do Successful Bloggers Understand About Blogging Groups?

  May 26, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
Mediterranean Sea Paphos Cyprus

Mediterranean Sea Paphos Cyprus


I Googled the term “blogging groups” a few moments ago.


Google replied with a collection of posts listing a high volume of groups for bloggers to join.


Facebook Groups appeared to dominate the results.


Scanning a few groups – and knowing a few from personal experience – revealed what successful bloggers know about groups. Beyond that, observing groups indicates what unsuccessful bloggers think they know about groups.


Blogging groups appear to drive traffic and profits to your blog if you help people through groups patiently without any expectations.


Blogging groups appear to drive traffic and profits to your blog if you help people through groups patiently without any expectations. #blogging #blogger Click To Tweet


Successful bloggers know this. Successful bloggers live this.


Blogging Groups Mistake


Unsuccessful bloggers struggle to drive traffic and profits through groups by adding expectations to their help.


For example, a struggling blogger tries to share a link to one of their blog posts because they expect, desire and flat out want people to visit their blog.  The idea is:


“I will help you but need you to help me. I will only help people in this group if they help me. I will post my link here to get blog traffic and blogging profits. I will use this group to serve me. I will try to get people to visit my blog. I will make the group about me. I will try to get people to do what I want them to do.”


Kathmandu, Nepal


Every blogging group that becomes a link orgy which all potential readers ignore seems infested with me-itis. Each of these groups either closes down or becomes inactive. Literally, I have seen Facebook Groups consisting of 50,000 members with zero activity. 10,000 or 20,000 human beings who intended to be active became sick and tired of bloggers who tried to get blog traffic through the group without giving one thought to helping people without:


  • expectations
  • conditions
  • manipulation


Each of these groups become dinosaurs sooner than later.


What Successful Bloggers Know


Successful bloggers know that:


  • helping people freely
  • releasing expectations
  • letting go conditions
  • contributing to blogging groups for others not themselves


draws people to their blogs indirectly.


For example, a successful blogger publishes detailed, thoughtful answers to questions for a bit, patiently and persistently. Group members who deeply appreciate the blogger’s valuable answers trust the blogger and their advice. Trusting the blogger and their advice, the group member wants to learn more about the successful blogger because if their group updates dazzle, their blog must be fabulous. The happy group member visits the blogger’s profile, clicks their blog link and visits their blog.


Maybe the group member reads a few blog posts. Perhaps the group member buys a blogging manual. The group member may subscribe to your list or buy your course. Even if the group member exits your blog, the individual boosted your organic blog traffic.


Indirect, organic blog traffic is the realm of professional bloggers. Pros tend to drive a heavy volume of organic traffic based on their helpfulness in indirect fashion.


Blogging groups can be dependable blog traffic sources if you answer questions:


  • generously
  • patiently
  • persistently


with no expectations.


The blog traffic arrives if you do not care about traffic but do care about helping people with:


  • detailed
  • in-depth
  • relevant
  • helpful
  • valuable
  • generous
  • thoughtful


answers through the group.


Practical Example


I do not consider myself a successful blogger but want to share an example consistent with how successful bloggers answer posts on blogging groups.


Someone asked whether or not they should publish a sponsored post on their blog after receiving 2 pitches.


I published this answer:

I thought of a few things before answering the question:


  • my blogging experience with sponsored posts
  • adding a few different perspectives
  • asking important questions
  • waiting for important answers
  • sharing a handful of details to consider


I did not publish a partner to War and Peace in terms of a monstrously-massive word count. I simply spent 5 minutes thinking through a detailed answer then wrote the detailed answer to offer the blogger one possible solution.


The less you think about yourself and your needs the more you help other people. Being helpful through blogging groups draws readers to you indirectly based on your service.


The Obstacle


Bloggers with fear in their mind usually think only about:


  • themselves
  • their needs
  • their wants
  • their traffic
  • their profits


No one can think about themselves and others at the same time because only one thought resides in your mind at any moment.


The obstacle arises: if you think about yourself you will mis-use blogging groups. Mis-using blogging groups either results in being banned or flat out ignored.


Granada, Nicaragua


Solve the obstacle. Patiently face, feel and release fears in your mind. Put fear in your rearview window.


Organically, putting fear in your rear view window places your focus on helping people versus trying helping yourself. Helping people positions you to be a successful blogger. Successful bloggers know that blogging groups are communities for detached, unconditional service versus being for attached, conditional self-service.


Video: How to Build a Rabidly Loyal Blogging Community


Tune Out the Ego Screams


The blogging journey is not always comfortable. No pro blogger ever admits that the blogging journey was an easy cake walk. Training your mind to face fear in order to think about and serve others literally becomes the death of the ego. How do you think your ego will enjoy dying? Do you think the ego will try to tell you that:


  • you are wasting your time
  • you are failing
  • you are losing
  • you are struggling
  • you need to look out for yourself


as you patiently learn how to contribute to blogging groups as a successful blogger contributes?


Yes; the ego will try to scream these thoughts and feelings at you as you learn to give genuinely.


But sitting with these screaming thoughts to allow the ideas to dissolve points you in the right direction.




Although many blogging groups themed posts offer a high number of genuine groups for prospering you need to ask yourself the question:


“For what purpose?”


Joining 200 groups is meaningless if you do not generously help humans via those 200 groups.


Joining 200 link orgies masquerading as blogging groups does no one any good.


Think like successful bloggers think. Frame blogging groups as communities for helping people with no expectations.


People will visit your blog if you stop trying to get them to visit and simply help them via blogging groups.

  1. Amber says:
    at 9:57 pm

    I absolutely agree with this ! My blog is fairly new and I have realized jointing small groups and communicating is helping us tremendously. I appreciate this insight!

  2. Morris Grand says:
    at 1:49 pm

    Stellar post, Ryan! I had to laugh at the term “link orgy” – I’ve seen this happen so many times and it’s the perfect term to describe this awkward exchange haha

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