Blogging for a Living: Develop an Abundance Consciousness

  May 10, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Doha, Qatar.


One of the genuine blogging secrets pros embody entails blogging freely.


I mean giving away oodles of helpful content for free.


Perhaps this seems backwards to you. People tend to work jobs solely to get money. Or, to be employees for pay. Everyone seems entitled to get money for work executed. But blogging is different. Blogging is WAY different.


Blogging for a living requires you to create helpful, free content to increase your:


  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility


Skilled bloggers gain trust. Bloggers seen all over the place also build trust in addition to boosting traffic. Credible bloggers boast skills and serious visibility. Each factor influences readers to:


  • click your ads
  • buy your eBooks
  • hire you
  • promote you
  • endorse you


Peep the bullet points above. Each factor increases your blogging income indirectly. Increasing your blogging income eventually leads to blogging for a living.


Observe my day today. I helped people for free by updating and re-publishing this blog post. I help people for free. No one pays me to write, update and re-publish this blog post. I do not punch a clock, work and get paid. Yet I write. Why? I slowly cultivated my abundance consciousness. I learned how helping people for free allows you to help people for pay.


Blogging abundantly often feels alien to new bloggers. Newbies want pay for each act. Or newbies expect to get paid after publishing helpful, free content for 2 weeks. Fat chance. Money never comes until you gain skills, exposure and credibility. Gaining each consumes vast amounts of your energy and time. One needs to think abundantly to give substantial time and energy to blogging before getting paid.


I blogged for a bit before making coin. Blogging for a bit meant helping people for free. Even though I link to an eBook below I write and publish a free blog post for you. Perhaps you buy the eBook. Maybe you pass. One thing is certain; helping you for free increases my skills, exposure and credibility, positioning me to grow my blogging business.


The challenge feels daunting. How do you patiently help people for free? Thinking, feeling and acting abundantly facilitates the process. But how do you think, feel and act abundantly? Pay close attention to icons. Observe your blogging niche. Pay close attention to prospering entrepreneurs. I recall Gary Vaynerchuk stating how he helped people for free for many years before building his business significantly.


Paying close attention to pros influences you to abandon poverty conscious ways to make room for your expanding abundance consciousness. Goodness knows I required training in this discipline. Pros like Gary Vee proved to be shining examples. I watched him for years. His success expanded solely because he lived abundantly. Note his social media streams. He gives away a high volume of content for free. He chats with people for free. Pay particularly close attention to the staggering time and energy investment he makes to engage folks on social media.


This is a healthy abundance consciousness in action.


I recorded a video for you to enjoy:


Blogging for a Living: Develop an Abundance Consciousness

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