What Is The Most Powerful Blogging Email Marketing Strategy?

March 29, 2018
Tub of lemon yogurt. Emphasis on *tub*. New Zealand is world renowned for its delightful dairy. Best yogurt I’ve tasted.


I ceased growing my email list.




No opt in forms. No calls to action. Had a wee list anyway. As you can tell, I’m doing OK for myself. Circling the globe for 7 years and enjoying jaw-dropping Opotiki, New Zealand now.


But on releasing my list – largely, as I still do email my subscribers here and there – I found the most powerful email marketing strategy.


Incredibly simple strategy too; easy peasy to build strong bonds which lead to business-building, prospering and so much freaking fun.


Bloggers tend to obsess over numbers. 40 subscribers daily.  List size of 20,000. But these numbers mean nothing. Numbers are inanimate objects. Numbers cannot *do* anything. Human beings build your blogging business, not numbers. The email marketing approach I share helps you connect with human beings. Instantly.


This is a short, 1 minute long podcast guys.


Click the play button.



Are you using this email marketing method?


Blogging eBook


If you want to become a successful home based marketer buy my eBook:


How to Become a Successful Home Based Marketer



PS…I snapped the eBook cover image in lovely Phuket, Thailand. The palm tree demanded a selfie. I obliged.

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