Do You Put in Blogging Effort?

  April 22, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Ryan Biddulph Fiji



After driving 4 and a half hours across South Carolina and settling in to our current location I am sitting down to write this blog post.


I am a professional blogger. I put in professional blogging work.


Before I became a professional blogger I put in professional blogging work. First you put in a pro effort while you drive little traffic and no profits. No one shows up for a while. But you need to put in work; otherwise, no one shows up, ever. Gradually, the pro effort you executed as an amateur allows you to become a professional blogger.


Do you put in blogging effort? How many hours did you spend generously creating and connecting today? Working allows you to thrive. Not working precedes struggles. Everything depends on how you work your blogging campaign.


Some bloggers claim to desire success. But when it comes time to put in a serious effort most shy away from doing work. The ego makes a laundry list of excuses. People have families to attend to on the weekend. Full time employees prefer to let off steam each night after work. Your favorite sports team has a game that you need to watch. Blogging takes a back seat.


If you put forth little to no blogging effort you will see little to no blogging traffic and little to no blogging profits.


Whatever you give to blogging determines what you get through blogging.


But putting in effort alone never guarantees blogging success. How you work dictates the results that you see.


For example, if you spam comment 1000 blogs today you will fail because mindlessly blogging from an intent of fear manifest as desperation and greed reflects fear back to you in the form of blogging failure. Working hard is never enough. Working intelligently does not guarantee success.


Working generously precedes a successful blogging campaign.


Generously create and connect for hours today. Do the same thing tomorrow. Put in a serious blogging effort. Commit fully to blogging.




Blog for Fun and Freedom


Know why you blog. Tie the reason to:


  • fun
  • freedom


Allow these reasons to dominate your mind. When you love freedom more than you fear feeling uncomfortable you will put in the blogging effort.


How do you feel now? Do you feel free? Do you feel liberated? Or do you feel trapped? Do you feel confined?


Most people are so conditioned to think like a trapped, confined individual that being free and having fun feel like pipe dreams. Most people do not put in a serious blogging effort because they live their lives primarily to survive. Trying to just get by leads to a life of feeling dominated by circumstances.  “Why would you blog now to be free later? You need to survive now….and forever.” 


The part time blogger wants to feel the freedom of being a full time, traveling blogger. But the fear of discomfort and general confined attitude seems so strong in the mind that the weekend becomes two days of:


  • rushing around
  • distraction
  • gossip
  • caring for the family


How can you be free if you choose to live in the chains of:


  • fear?
  • comfort?
  • scarcity?


How can you become a pro blogger if you spend all of your free time not blogging but trying to wind down from a job that you dislike? Why do you wind yourself up with fear in the first place? Why do you live to survive? Why do you choose to do things that consume your time and give you no freedom in return?


Choose freedom. Blog. Put in blogging effort. Get to blogging work.


Perceive blogging as a freedom investment. Put in generous service now. Enjoy a freeing life of travel down the road. Invest now. Experience increasing freedom now and later.


Get to work!


Blogging won’t do itself….it needs you!

  1. Anthony Gaenzle says:
    at 9:10 pm

    Spam commenting indeed gets your nowhere. Why waste so much time on a tactic that will offer so little ROI, when you can spend it building relationships, grabbing links, and creating high-quality content that helps your readers? Great article!

  2. Jason says:
    at 8:55 am

    These are excellent points that you have mentioned. The problem I see all the time with my subscribers is that they are doing two things that I do not agree with. 1. They are not building an email list. then 2. they think all they have to do is throw up a blog post and the traffic will come.

    I think that you point out some very good reasons to why bloggers are not making it the way they expect. The lack of effort on their part.

    What was your biggest hurdle as you were starting your blog?

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:09 am

      No one hurdle comes to mind Jason because I seemed to slam into a few hefty blogging obstacles.

      A few ideas:

      – not thinking like an entrepreneur
      – chasing stats
      – not networking

      were a few biggies.

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