Blogging Disgust: A Growth Accelerant

  February 24, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read
Cows, Opotiki, New Zealand

Opotiki, New Zealand


Some of my most profound blogging growth occurred after periods of intense, utter blogging disgust.


I slammed into a few horrible obstacles during my 15 year blogging career. The genuinely hellish nightmares woke me up. I realized huge, damaging, massive mistakes I had been making for months or even years. Feeling lost, hopeless and almost ready to quit blogging proved to be a springboard for exponential blogging growth. Everything changed – because I changed – solely due to me hitting blogging rock bottom.


Feeling enraged, embarrassed, ashamed and depressed cleared each of these deep fears from my being. Clearing each deep fear helped me see clearly. I moved in a more prospering direction because I moved away from a more poverty-focused direction. But I only moved away from poverty because I faced, felt and released fears fueling my poverty conscious ways, courtesy of the pure disgust I experienced and embraced during dark times, in my online world.


Full transparency; one frustrating moment arose recently. I felt disgusted about a few elements of my blogging campaign. Digging deeper into my mind revealed how much fear ruled my blogging campaign. As I dig a bit deeper into my mind daily I give fear less power to call the shots.


Have you become disgusted with your blogging campaign? Sit with these energies. Feel these emotions intimately. No one loves feeling horrible. I certainly despised feeling disgusted, hopeless and flat out enraged, during my lowest points online. But I only grew because I basked in these heavy emotions. I only clearly saw my blogging mistakes because I faced, felt and released fears fueling my mistakes.


Observe my current blogging campaign. I have written and published 1 or more posts daily for a long time. Why? What influenced me to make such a decision? I became utterly disgusted with my blog a little bit prior to my posting blitz. Feeling completely hopeless, lost and enraged felt horrible but I cleared fears fueling my stingy posting campaign. I stopped holding back. I became prolific. I posted once daily for years because disgust initially spurred me on. After the initial wave of anger I allowed my love of writing to pull me forward into a somewhat prolific blogging campaign.


I never would have been a somewhat prolific blogger if I did not feel disgusted and if I did not hit one blogging rock bottom a while back. Anger, frustration and sadness became a growth accelerant, urging me forward, serving as a springboard toward greater blogging success. I never, ever would be the blogger I am today unless I got fed up enough with the blogger I used to be. Does that make sense?


All bloggers need to grow out of more primitive, less advanced, less developed states to become more advanced, more developed, highly polished bloggers. Facing hardship is almost always a growth catalyst on such a blogging journey because few humans feel driven, focused and committed without some hardship to prod them along during tough blogging times.


Rather than complaining about your blogging disgust, feel the fears fueling these emotions to make this annoyance a practical experience. Sit with these energies. Purge fear fueling your failures. Sit with pain feeding your mistakes. See corrections to your errors. Find the solution to your ills. Proceed in a more successful, prospering blogging direction. Allow your anger, frustration and pain to become a catalyst toward greater blogging growth and worldly freedom.


Do not stop after you hit blogging rough patches. Keep going. Allow your freeing vision to pull you through tough times. Face, feel and release your fears. See your errors. Correct your mistakes to accelerate your blogging growth.


Blogging gets easier if you knife through tough blogging times.


  1. Phill says:
    at 11:18 am

    Another beaut of a post Ryan. I remember the very first Blog you had all those years back and the one you completely trashed for BFP. was that the one you was talking about? I remember it being all about chasing money if I remember correctly.

    I remember another post you wrote about chasing after the thing you want most for that thing to fly away from us. Just now I have written a post about time and how most of us plan and make time for our futures when we should be experiencing life in the here and now. We make plans for the future at the expense of the joyful happiness that we should be experiencing right now.

    It’s been good to be here and share my thoughts here with you and your readers.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:31 am

      Ah yes Phill; that was the blog. I had to go back into my mind and forgive myself for making a blog that mainly was about making money. In and of itself, money is OK. But my mind at the time was deeply rooted in a poverty consciousness. I ran the blog because I felt terrified to go broke. Of course, going broke and being beyond disgusted with my life actually led to me succeed with freelance writing while I ran that blog. But the freelancing success alerted me; I loved writing but did not enjoy how I monetized that blog. Blogging From Paradise was born as the unhappiness mounted with the old blog. Of course, I had to suffer enough to finally choose not to let my ego and its fears call the shots.

      Good note too on chasing; whatever we chase, flees, because it or they sense our desperation. Money is one of these things that senses our intent.

      Amen on being present. More than ever, I intend to let the past go to be in the moment so I can forget about time and just enjoy the here and now. Plus I am learning how we plan for the future based on a past we cling to. Making some plans is OK but when people obsess over future plans they rob themselves of peace of mind, joy and happiness in the present moment, which is really the only thing that is real.

      • Phillip says:
        at 11:57 am

        Amen to that fella. Lou and I make plans to go to different places all the time, in fact, we were just discussing going to Stratford-upon-Avon in a few weeks’ time. It being the birthplace of Shakespear makes it a great place to visit but we will not go into minute detail like a lot of people do making sure that every hour of their visit is filled with “STUFF”.

        I am still trying to remember what that blog was called now. Seems to have fleed from my brain. suppose that’s a good thing right?

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 6:36 pm

        What an awesome-sounding trip my friend. Do enjoy if you make it out that way. Sounds lovely.

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