How to Handle Blogging Criticism: Turn the Sting into Service

February 13, 2018
8 inch Scolopendra centipede packs a mean sting.




See that sexy beast up top?


A little over a year ago in the very house where I write these words, I battled and evicted that 8 inch long, Scolopendra centipede from the crib.


As evidenced by his primal look and Sherman tank like armor, along with massive mandibles and whip like tail, this sucker could pack a punch with its sting.


It hurts to get criticized as a newbie or struggling blogger.


Or it outright stings. A little like being stung by a centipede in Thailand.


OK; maybe not near as bad as being stung by a centipede in Thailand.


The sting of criticism leads to all sorts of silliness:


  • dwelling on the past
  • worrying about the future
  • getting angry in the moment, wanting to fight critics
  • feeling embarrassment after being criticized


I wanted to position critics in Murder Holes during my lean blogging days, visualizing boiling oil roasting their tender flesh, relishing the fact that their bodies turn into…..relish.


Eventually I learned how to convert the sting of blogging criticism into prospering service.


Cease wanting to hurt critics.


Focus instead on helping people through your experience.


Watch this short, 1 minute video explaining how turning the sting of blogging criticism into service prospers everybody.


How to Handle Blogging Criticism: Turn the Sting into Service


Your Turn


How are you turning the sting of blogging criticism into service?


Do you want to fight critics?


Do you want to skewer critics like a suckling pig?


Or do you convert the angry or embarrassed feelings into something helpful and valuable for your readers?


Recommended Reading


I wrote an eBook chock filled with 11 tips to help you profit from blogging criticism.


Buy it here:


How to Turn Harsh Blogging Criticism into Sweet Blogging Profits: 11 Tips


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  1. Well done Hannah. Being criticized can work wonders with our blogs if we feel any sting or hurt, release, and open up to helpful feedback wrapped in some venom.

  2. Argh I needed this! Although I have come some way since the early days of feeling burning shame at every criticism. Recently someone was very rude about one of my blog posts but in the same breath demanded more info. She really did me a favour, I wouldn’t have known otherwise that the info she wanted was what people were looking for- one updated post later and I’m ranking for it better than ever (it was an airline review). So criticism can definitely be a stepping stone to success!

  3. Oh yes Sue; I have been in the same spot. I recall one fearful, pain person who followed me around like a lil puppy worshiping his master. But the puppy lacked clarity, so he criticized most of what I did. I ceased responding to his pain and fear – aka criticism – and he vanished, looking for another master to project his pain upon. I’ve compassion for critics but let them go immediately; better to align with clear, happy, inspired folks like you Sue 🙂

  4. Sue Slaght Says:

    Ryan a timely post. I sometimes think you may be sitting on my shoulder and then choose topics based on what is happening in my world. Because it’s all about me of course. :0
    I have a recurring critic fellow blogger who goes wild when I write anything that involves a collaboration or sponsorship. A fascinating reaction. the first time it happened I felt deeply wounded. Not so anymore.
    Recently I wrote an article and another blogger listed off my errors. To be honest one was a factual error and I expressed my appreciation for the assistance. Good learning to triple check details.
    Good advice to sit with the feelings whatever they are and then turn it around.

  5. I dig your approach to fielding criticism Rhonda. In a few cases it helps us get clearer but in most it is simply the ramblings of an unclear person admiring what we do. I just feel what I feel – if a sting exists, which is rare these days – and move on. Thanks much…loving Chiang Mai and we are excited for New Zealand!

  6. Rhonda Albom Says:

    I was told that you’re starting to make it in blogging when the haters leave criticism. I never spend negative energy on criticism. I look at the criticism and see if it’s valid and if there is anything useful in it. Most times the criticism reinforces that I’m doing the right thing (or, at least, saying what I believe in). Thanks for the video Ryan. I hope your sit in New Zealand is as nice as what you have in Chiang Mai.

  7. Thanks so much Janet 🙂

  8. You have a wonderful way with words Israel. Love your style my friend. Agents of distraction. Perfect! Because critics just want to pull ya from your purpose due to their lack of clarity. Ignore and proceed. Or feel stinging, breathe out and proceed toward your purpose. Thanks so much.

  9. I love this comment Elvis. Being polite, humble and open to learning – because the sting suggests lack of clarity and some agreeing with critics – is the way to grow through criticism. Thanks bro.

  10. Some blogging topics/niches naturally attract more harsh critics than others. Passionate gamers, for example, can be BRUTAL over the slightest disagreement.

    The biggest reaction, aside from anger, is embarrassment. “That guy criticized me in my own virtual home, in front of everybody!”

    As a blogger, you can either remove the comment (assuming it was made on your own blog) or you can:

    – Politely thank the reader, even if he’s wrong
    – Be eternally grateful if he’s right
    – And in either case, learn from the criticism. Perhaps you (the blogger) simply weren’t clear enough, and now you’ll keep that in mind for future reference. There’s always a lesson, especially when things sting.

    All in all, getting irrationally angry is a waste of time. You can’t please everybody.

    “Even the best Hollywood flick will have its critics.”


  11. Hi Ryan,

    It hurts deep down inside to get criticized as a newbie blogger trying hard to get off the ground! Maybe some bloggers didn’t face it once in lifetime due to early exposure to proper mentoring, but most bloggers did in the early weeks or months of starting out.

    I got criticized at discussion boards, affiliate marketing forums and many other places in my early blogging days but never allowed critics to get me distracted. I used to call critics agents of distraction because it’s their motive and they are everywhere.

    It’s really great to learn how to turn the sting of blogging criticisms into service. I’ve long ago noticed this fact in whatever is human that the ability to withstand or bear the pains of getting criticized is naturally based on individual differences.

    That’s where learning how to disregard critics and focus mainly on turning blogging criticisms into prospering service comes in. Thanks for the 1 minute video and the eBook, Ryan!

    Wish you much more success,

  12. Janet Arnold Says:

    What a great idea to use it for good!! I find if there is something to learn, it is also there to teach others! Thanks Ryan!

  13. I left a thought.