What Does a Blogging Critic Teach You?

  May 22, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
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Bloggers often fear succeeding for the fear of facing blogging criticism.


Some bloggers prefer to struggle, fail and quit versus facing fears in mind triggered on encountering one critical comment.


But instead of fearing critics you can learn a valuable lesson anytime someone:


  • criticizes your blog
  • criticizes your products
  • criticizes your services
  • criticizes you


Shoutout to my friend and fellow blogger Eri. She gave me the idea for this blog post via her comment on this post:



Let’s review the comment and reply to see what is really going on.


Eri runs a blog. She publishes posts on a specific niche topic. Bloggers reach out to her to pitch blog post ideas. Some guest post pitches sit completely outside of her blogging niche. Since these guest posts are irrelevant to her niche she does not accept the pitch and publish the guest post because it makes no sense for her and her readers to publish content no one seems to be interested in, save the guest blogger.


Right now, imagine if someone pitched me a guest blog idea for candles (they have). Since that one human being wants to blog about candles on Blogging From Paradise, would it make sense for me to publish the post about candles when all of my readers – and me – are only interested in blogging tips and the odd travel post? Nope.


Now, imagine if I did not reply at all or replied thanking them for the pitch but informing them that the guest post pitch was outside of the Blogging From Paradise niche. Imagine if this pitching blogger called me:


  • a bastard
  • stubborn
  • too picky


Clearly, a sane mind would not deem someone a bastard, stubborn or too picky for explaining that 100, 1,000 or 10,000 human beings agreed to meet in one spot to discuss one topic but that one human being wanting to discuss another topic that 100, 1,000 or 10,000 human beings had no interest in, would not be discussing that 1 topic that 100, 1,000 or 10,000 people did not want to discuss.. Solely insane minds would perceive a blogger as being a bastard, stubborn or too picky for choosing to blog about one topic for a bunch of humans who want the blogger to blog solely about that one topic.


Yet, Eri reveals that some insane minds called her a bitch or too picky for specializing in one topic and not choosing to cover 1 other topic because it meets the demands of the one guest blogger and does not interest 100, 1,000 or 10,000 other humans who will not read the post.


The one who calls Eri a bitch or picky and who calls me a bastard or stubborn or too picky is a critic. All critics are insane minds. Critical minds are insane because anytime you judge someone, you judge yourself, since we are all connected as one. Instead of looking into their own mind, to face their own fears, critical minds project their fears onto fellow minds. This is insane, or, not sane. Sane minds face fear, release fear, and treat fellow minds with love, respect and care.


Anyway, how Eri or I perceives a critical mind reveals OUR minds, to ourselves. This is the good stuff. This is where the blogging rubber hits the road. If Eri or I react to critics in fear we anger at these folks, feel defensive, feel upset, feel embarrassed, or flat out, feel bad in some way, shape or form. If we feel bad, in our mind, we have forgiving, clearing, overlooking of OUR OWN fears to do in order to forgive or overlook the insane, critical mind.


Every blogging critic teaches you a lesson for you. Every blogging critic reveals your mind to you.


So, Eri feels sad and also feels like their insane critical mind should not make her feel sad. This is beautiful because she is learning how to face the unconscious fear in her mind in order to forgive or overlook the critical guest post pitchers. Overlooking means scanning an unclear guest blogging pitch or critical reply and feeling peaceful, relaxed, at peace and aware that an unclear, scared mind intended to project its rage onto you via a bitch comment, bastard comment or pickiness or stubbornness remark. In an instant, you then move on peacefully with your day.


Doing this requires disciplined mind training. Like Eri, I am learning how to train my mind. This is a free but sometimes highly uncomfortable process. For guidance, check out A Course in Miracles and The Disappearance of the Universe.


Both books are mind training manuals enlightening in nature, freeing in the practical application of each and both quite startling and radical.


Most bloggers feel terrified to help people for the fear of receiving a single, negative, critical blog comment. Breaking down how to frame critical blog comments in this fashion can help you:


  • overcome the fear
  • help more people
  • have more fun
  • free yourself from the chains of fear
  • experience more worldly success


Again guys; I am learning with you. I am a newbie mind trainer. Jesus from A Course in Miracles and Arten and Pursah from The Disappearance of the Universe are ascended masters. You and I are bloggers who are just delving into mind training in order to realize that we are way beyond who we think we are.


A blogging critic teaches you about your mind. Their criticism is for you. Learning how to face your own fears to remove the sad, angry or embarrassed charged feeling triggered during critical encounters unearths the power to overlook their criticism instantly. Overlooking their criticism instantly feels peaceful. You read a word or sentence and move on from the criticism immediately, peacefully and seamlessly. No heaving feelings of fighting, debating, self-judgment, judgment of the critic or anything arises but relaxation. Sure, a little resistance may arise but again; I am no ascended master. I am training the mind as a beginner.


Consider referencing this post the next time someone criticizes you or your blog.

  1. Tom Greene says:
    at 4:49 am

    Yeah you also have to learn to laugh at the true haters. The give me energy and I always post their comments on my articles even tho I don’t have to approve them.

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