How to Make Blogging Friends Quickly and Why You Should

June 25, 2018
VIP Restrooms, Doha, Qatar.


This morning I placed 2 sponsored posts.


Both opportunities flowed to me through dear blogging friends. Friends I had met by commenting on their blogs. Blogging buddies I had met by promoting them.


How it works: be generous, make friends, friends bring you money.  On a platter. Or friends support you. Give you ideas. Nudge you. Goad you. Guide you.


Making friends is the easiest way to expand sweet blogging success steadily over the long haul. Trying to blog lone wolf is the most painful, difficult way to grow a business through your blog. Happy folks know; 1000 is better than 1. Or having 1000 blogging buddies spreading your word beats you trying to blog solo.


This is why I am big on making blogging buddies. You can do so much. Humanity at your back? Hell it gets easier and easier to drive traffic and profits with blogging friends surrounding me.


I want to share a few tips so you can make blogging friends quickly. Before though, time to dive into the reason why.


Why Make Blogging Friends?


Here’s why:


  • blogging friends endorse you
  • blogging friends promote you
  • blogging friends hire you
  • blogging friends support you
  • blogging friends teach you
  • blogging friends guide you
  • blogging friends energize you
  • blogging friends boost your blogging profits by buying your stuff, by bringing sponsored posts to you, by inviting you into tribes which expand your reach and in 40 million other ways


That good enough?


One last reason; it sucks to go blogging lone wolf. Even if you hit the dingbat lottery and see some blogging success without networking the journey feels lonely, sad and just not fun.


Follow these tips to make blogging friends.


1: Comment Genuinely on Blogs


BG Jenkins generously shares my content on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Visit her blog here:


Trail Words


I have commented on her blog for a minute. My intent; to share my thoughts and add value to her posts. She began promoting me. Friendship formed. See how simple that was?


Comment genuinely on blogs. Personalize comments. Share value. Be real. Lay the foundation for a friendship. This works well for newbie bloggers especially; no barriers to publishing comments save avoiding spam folders.


2: Promote other Bloggers on Social Media


Facebook Share, Retweet or G Plus Share OTHER bloggers on social media. Bloggers whose content you share may dig it. Many will. Some of these folks become your friend.


Seeing a pattern here? Help folks. Expect nothing in return. Make friends.


Be generous guys. Give your social media streams to your friends daily. Plant seeds for thriving blogging bonds.


3: Promote Bloggers on Your Blog


Note me mentioning BG above.


Shout out fellow bloggers. Feature rocking bloggers in your niche. Via quick hitter snippets. Or via interview.


I’ve befriended many bloggers who featured me on their blogs. Fab way to snare my attention. Just give your blog to other bloggers guys. For a minute or 2. Super way to make friends freely.


The Wrap Up


Rather than fill your noggin with 45 ways to make buds through blogging – inducing blogger overwhelm – I gave you 3 simple, clear, practical strategies for befriending fellow bloggers today. Focus on 1 core activity now. Toss in some complements.


For newbie bloggers, begin commenting genuinely on top blogs in your niche. Leave your cyber cave, if you are hiding a wee bit too much. Reach out. Share value. Make friends.


Promote other bloggers freely. Via your blog. Via social.


Friends flock to generous, helpful bloggers. Be that blogger. Get connected. Succeed and thrive.


The eBook


If you want to become a full time blogger you can buy my eBook here:


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