Blogging Breather: Nut Money Shower 36000 Feet Above Sea Level

  March 1, 2022 travel posts 🕑 3 minutes read

Fiji flight


Mr. Planter’s met the rough skies.


Brazil nuts bounced off of her dome.


Chestnuts cascaded on her noggin.


As a final insult, an almond bopped her in the head after the initial nut deluge.


I never figured omega fatty acids would be so entertaining.


As we dive back into 27 of my most Netflix worthy travel experiences I want to expound on a colorful incident I experienced while Kelli and me flew to Savusavu, Fiji.


The Scene


Miles above the South Pacific.


Turbulence bounced the plane around a little bit. A little garden variety turbulence, then a few big bounces, save those dreaded dips causing stomach to meet throat. Frequent fliers know the drill.


I noted something strange; change rustled above my head. I heard something else. A dull sound, indicating some foodstuffs shifting around in the overhead area.




A second later I spied the source of the noise as the plane bounced to and fro.


A trail mix of assorted nuts and varying currencies from around the globe showered down on the lady in front of us. Brazil nuts, cashews, a few peanuts and the aforementioned almonds danced on her dome.


Then the pennies, and Thai baht, from heaven, flew out of the overhead, jingling from the skies, as if Scrooge McDuck and the gods of currencies got together to create a delightful doubloon mix.


Fiji views


The lady looks at the guy next to her with a befuddled, quizzical, confused stare, as if to say:


“What the hell just happened?”


The guy shrugs back.


Another story for my Netflix series is born.


The Origination of the Nut Shower


4 hours prior we flew out of Sydney.


I stowed away Kelli’s backpack in the overhead compartment. Unfortunately, a collection of trail mix nuts and spare change had jiggled loose in the front pocket of the backpack.


The flight attendant was so insistent on me getting into my seat and buckling up – huge on safety, this airline was – that I did not have a chance to zip the front pocket of the backpack closed, creating the potential for a omega fatty acid and currency shower to grace some lucky flier.


But for the perfect story to unfold, we would need a secret ingredient: turbulence.


Turbulent Transition


The flight had been smooth.


We cruised along, 5 miles high, above the breath-taking South Pacific.


Eventually though, the plane ran into a bit of turbulence. Nothing severe. But the left to right action gradually increased to the point where drinks began to slowly spill just a wee bit from the shimmy-shake of the plane as the atmosphere attempted to find equilibrium.


This was the exact point where the coin-nut jambalaya found its opportunity to break free of the compartment prison, squeezing through the narrow opening between the overhead door and base.


Some loose change jingling here, a nut shake there, and before you know it, a slow but steady stream of nuts and coins flew out of the overhead luggage compartment, directly onto the lady in front of us.


The flummoxed look on her face as we cruised above Fiji flashed a mixture of shock, annoyance, and flat out curiosity as to how Brazil nuts and Thai baht could bop her over the head way up there, in the South Pacific air.


The guy next to her was resigned; his shrug suggested,


“Hey, it happens.”


As if one commonly enjoys coin and nut showers on turbulent flights headed to Fiji.


Just another day blogging from paradise.

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