Blogging Breather: 4 Wise Tips for Sleeping Soundly in the Tropics

  March 3, 2022 travel posts 🕑 3 minutes read

Imagine if this guy landed on you when you tried to sleep in the tropics? Mothra-sized moth I saw in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


I snapped a shot.


After feeling the breeze of its wings.


Mothra landed in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I instantly thought; imagine if he landed on me? Without the Mothra twins around to keep him peaceful and serene?


Not a pretty picture.


Then I imagined him landing on me while I slept. Even worse look. Especially considering I’ve had roaches dance on me while sleeping and God knows what else during deeper slumbers.


Sleeping in the tropics can be a peaceful, serene experience if you are dog tired or have a routine in place. I prefer both; tiring myself through exercise and work but following a ritual to get to sleep in hot, humid spots with big bugs, skeeters and other challenges.


So tip A1: exercise. Walk for 30 to 60 minutes daily. Or jog if you get the OK from your doctor.


Follow these tips to fall to sleep soundly in the tropics.


1: Be Active Early in the Day


I get busy early in the day.


Cooler temps and sometimes drier conditions means you can exercise or grab a bite to eat without sweating your rear end off.


This helps you slow down, calm down, relax and settle in later in the day.


Exercising during evening hours tends to keep you up late.


Work out early. Slow down early evening.


Sleep well in the tropics.


2: Seal the House/Apartment/Hotel Room


I recall seeing a massive roach in Hanoi tap-dancing thru my hotel room.


Said roach was bigger than a 747. Flew faster than a 747 too.


After kicking him out of the room – seriously I almost had to kick him he was so big – I sealed the space beneath the door to prevent him from returning to the room.


Sleeping soundly gets easier if you feel good about being safe and secure from big bugs in the tropics.


After evicting an 8 inch long centipede from the crib here in Chiang Mai my friends said they’d be sleeping with one eye open. I slept like a swaddling babe after closing all doors and sealing all possible entrance points to prevent a big bug breach.


3: Make Skeeter Nets Your Friend


If you live deep in the jungle, or by rice fields, getting sleep ain’t happening without a skeeter net. Aka, mosquito net.


Virtually all homeowners and hotel managers know this and supply you with a net but if not, buy one immediately.


Forget big critters; hearing the buzz of mosquitoes during rest-time drives you mad. No way you sleep with 1 or 10  mosquitoes buzzing around your dome, feasting on your blood.


Use a mosquito net. Sleep in peace, tropic-style.


4: Drink Ample Water


I cannot stress how many times I woke in the middle of the night being totally dehydrated in the tropics, suffering through insomnia sessions until I downed 2-3 glasses of bottled water.


Ditto for late nights where I couldn’t pass out because I dried out.


Hot, humid tropical conditions goad you to drink a gallon or more of the wet stuff daily. So…drink it!


Drink only bottled water. Save Fiji, I have never lived in tropical areas where tap water was safe to drink.


Binge drink early in the day. Hydrate early. Eliminate during the day. Avoid 15 trips to the toilet during the overnight period.


Bonus Tip: Prepare to Be Uncomfortable


Writing these words from 83 F Georgia, USA today reminds me: spending time in hot temperatures means preparing to be uncomfortable.


No matter what tips you follow it feels uncomfortable while acclimating to hot, humid climates. The body and mind need some time to get used to heat and humidity. Prepare yourself to be a little bit uncomfortable during this adjustment period.


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