Blogging Breather: 4 Pristine Places We Visited in the Tropics

  February 23, 2022 travel posts 🕑 4 minutes read

Savusavu, Fiji


I want to pull back from my 27 Netflix worthy travel experiences this week to change gears a little.


Let’s take a look at the most pristine places Kelli and I have personally experienced.


1: Savusavu Fiji


Savusavu, Fiji is the most pristine place we have seen in person.


Savusavu, Fiji


After spending 4 months in this gem of the South Pacific I can attest to experiencing:


  • planetarium-like views on cloudless nights
  • insane visibility levels in both Savusavu Bay and the South Pacific
  • Avatar-like beauty in the surrounding hills and jungles
  • brilliant blue skies
  • a dazzling effect of clear water, then turquoise water, then deep blue seas as you glanced from the shore toward the horizon
  • the best, most jaw-dropping sunsets I have ever seen


Savusavu was a cut above compared to any place we visited. Everything was clean, clear and crisp. Factor in those movie worthy sunsets that seemed CGI-generated and you have an unforgettable experience.


2: Buena Vista Costa Rica


Deep in the jungle, you don’t see pollution.


Buena Vista, Costa Rica.


Just crisp, clear skies, the most lush green canopy and more rare animals than you can shake a chorizo at.


When we spent 6 weeks in Buena Vista, Costa Rica we were treated to a Pura Vida in La Pura Selva on the Caribbean side of CR. Of course this entire country is gorgeous but the Caribbean region of Tico Land is among the most pristine, remote areas in a green, environmentally-friendly country.


We drank stream water which reached the house/hut/shack via a hose. Tested multiple times for impurities, this water was REAL spring water. Towering trees surrounded the hut, reaching hundreds of feet into the air.


Grab your rain jacket, of course; this is the real jungle folks. We experienced a cleansing, cathartic, 2-3 days of rain during one stretch.


As Kelli noted, we have yet to be in a more energetically stable environment than this remote jungle. Nothing like being surrounded by perfection. Even if you need to drop your Texas Yule Logs in an outhouse surrounded by scorpions and bullet ants.


3: Lodtunduh Bali


Rice fields. As far as the eye can see….OK, I’m BSing you. As far as say, a few miles. Still not a bad deal.



Far away from the hectic, frenetic, Red Bull Ready town center that is Ubud, Lodtunduh is one of those villages that the Ryan Biddulph guy suggests to friends and fellow travelers when he says to motorbike about 15 minutes outside of Ubud then rent a place out there.


Kelli and I stayed in a big, beautiful, Java Joglo style villa which was a 5 minute ride *into* the rice fields.


Picture an expansive walled compound with gardens, staff and an elevated, panoramic view of the surrounding rice fields.


We’d often watch workers go about their day while lazing the afternoon away inside of the villa. Unless we were seeing frogs, toads and mysterious black snakes crawling or hopping into the house. Oh yeah; a large fruit bat flew over my head one night when I was going wee wee. Not faulty engineering, or a weird, pet-like fascination with mammoth-sized bats. This was an open air bathroom. Which is code for:


“Try like hell to hold your pee through the night because you don’t want to walk outside at 2 AM to be a whiz kid.”


4: Koh Lanta Thailand


Picture a deck I mean dock I mean back porch out of your dreams.


Koh Lanta, Thailand.


Kelli and I woke to gorgeous sunrises over the bay. Low tide affairs were as stunning as the high tide risers too.


Primordial mud skippers hopped to and fro during low tide as crabs scurried about looking for bits and pieces of whatever fell to the bay floor. But during high tide, the waves calmly lapped at the pillars which held up the home….and the dock.


I spied a monitor lizard in the jungle across the street from the front yard. I never figured out what he was monitoring. He was a babe in the woods though. We saw 5 to 6 foot long beasts deeper in the jungle toward the center of the island.


The beaches on the southern end of Koh Lanta made me drool like I was hovering over Thai sweet snacks at any 7-11 in the Land of Smiles. Clear waters, peaceful, green, lush surroundings and less people around then at a nuclear test made for an enjoyable month on this paradise of a Thai island, one of the most pristine places we visited.

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