Blogging Breather: Horry County South Carolina

  March 16, 2022 ebooks 🕑 2 minutes read

Horry County, South Carolina


Before I head to Summerville tomorrow I wanted to take a breather to share my experiences in Horry County.


The Myrtle Beach area flashes a mix of heavy development on the strip to rural areas not but a few moments away. I hiked in an area a few minutes from a highly developed area that was home to:


  • black bears
  • bobcats
  • coyotes
  • wild hogs
  • snakes


I heard a pack of coyotes howling at the tree line at the edge of the development here in Little River.


Kelli and I enjoyed a beach hike as well as strolls around the development. We cared for a tiny Yorkie named Cooper.


Retirement communities are popular here. The development where we are currently holds 200 homes but plans for 900 await. No additional land needs to be razed as all homes sit on a former golf course.


I see the appeal of living in relaxation close to one of the most popular beach destinations on earth. Picture the ideal mix of comfort and convenience.




Yesterday I had a phenomenal chat with my friend Morris Grand.


Keep an eye out for it on Blogging From Paradise.


Morris set off a light bulb flickering above my head yesterday. He noted how my eBooks are not eBooks but manuals, or, complete guides, that explain via in-depth detail how to reach the desired goal. I deeply appreciate his feedback because his experience mirrors other Blogging From Paradise manual readers who print out the reads, re-read, highlight, take notes, study and gradually consume these offerings.


Way too many bloggers perceive their eBooks as short, light, cheap offerings flashing a few personal stories, airy opinions and nothing more. God knows I did for quite a long time; even though each read is incredibly rich. But based on Morris’ feedback I will refer to the few reads that I offer as manuals that I now sell on Selz and Gumroad. I feel clearer on the pricing better reflecting a manual, or, complete how-to guide, in addition to the richer and flat out better user experience of navigating and even printing these full guides for study, review and consumption.


Thanks Morris! Shout out to David Boozer too; he also mentioned reading, re-reading and reviewing these manuals. He helped me realize that these resources are not something to sell for 5 or 10 bucks on Amazon for a pittance of a commission but rich guides to be priced and used, studied and re-read appropriately.


PS….Morris and David are thriving entrepreneurs who are fabulous mentors. Follow them.


Well folks…..I need to prepare the house for the homeowner’s arrival tomorrow. I also have some blogging work to do in addition to studying A Course in Miracles.


Have a great day wherever you are in the world.

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