Blogging Breather: 4 Fun Towns to Visit in Bali

  February 20, 2022 travel posts 🕑 4 minutes read

Rice fields around Ubud Bali


4 Fun Towns to Visit in Bali








Brimming with culture.


I have visited the Island of the Gods many times.


We have thoroughly enjoyed each of our stays on Bali.


This place is quite unlike any island on earth due to its small scale – I liken its roads and buildings to Hobbiton-sized in many regards – its range of natural beauty, the degree to which its culture is infused into everyday life and yes, the people in Bali may be the friendliest on earth.


Check out these 4 fun places to visit in Bali.


1: Jimbaran


Fishing villages.


Farm country.


4 star hotels.


Jimbaran has a little bit of everything.


Our first visit to this community was a month long stay just a hop skip and jump from Jimbaran Bay. We rented a luxury home for the month down the road from the beach.


The returning trip was a 6 month house sit in the hills located in farm country, on the other side of town.


Jimbaran is popular among well-heeled jet setters for its glam hotels and restaurants but budget conscious travelers can enjoy the place too.


Jimbaran Bali


Expect a pretty serene beach scene during high season, with peaceful surf gently lapping at the shores. I often swim quite a distance out into the sea when the calm, gently flowing waters are not much more roiled up than a bath.


Enjoy the traditional Indonesian fare of corn roasted over a grill on the beach, with vendors slathering spicy melted butter on these bad boys.


Jimbaran is one of the best walking beaches in Bali. Kelli and I were often spotted strolling for hours down the beach, enjoying a few ears of corn.


Our crazy fun – and sometimes wild – Jimbaran house sit was in the beautiful hill region, with sweeping views of the mountains and valleys in the area. This was snake country; we even faced down a spitting cobra which killed a mama chicken and 2 chicks. On 2 separate occasions, huge pythons got into the neighbor’s chicken house and killed some chooks too.


2: Ubud


Ubud is perhaps the most famous town in Bali due to the movie “Eat Pray Love”.


I first visited not because I desired a casual fling with Javier Bardem but because of the fine eats in town plus the stunning rice field scenery present around Ubud proper.


We rent places about a 15 minute motorbike ride outside of town. The city scene is all hustle and bustle these days but you have a dizzying array of fabulous restaurants, massage spots, spas and also a broad selection of accommodation for your pleasure and leisure.


Make sure to visit Monkey Forest at least once. Just keep your belongings close to your body; these cheeky monkeys are thieving simians, or as one of my Indonesian friends noted, they are “fatty funny.”


Rice fields Bali


Rent a place outside of town for beautiful rice field views and a slow, chill, authentic Balinese pace of living.


Ubud is Arty Farty. Big-time artist vibe here with a high volume of galleries. Note; most of the artists and fans of art are not snooty at all. I just feel the Arty Farty phrase sounds funny and should be used as frequently as possible.


3: Sanur


Sanur may be called “Snore” by locals for its attractiveness to the older travel set but the place was still hippity hoppiting along for Kelli and I.


Which means we are either really old or it has enough stuff to pique a younger traveler’s interest.


The beach scene is calm. Imagine a chill bay surrounded by a bevvy of luxury hotels.


Kite surfing is popular in the area. I’d spend some time watching these skilled dare devils flip around as the winds picked up over the water.


The main drag has ample eats and hectic Denpasar is a quick 5 minute ride down the road.


It may not be the most happening place in town but Sanur offers you peace, quiet, relaxation and an overall calming vibe that matches the chill flow on the island perfectly.


4: Legian


Legian is one of the more upscale communities on the Island of the Gods.


Once you stray from villages on the outskirts of town you will see fine restaurants, high end stores and even a few galleries to enjoy.


We stayed in a little Balinese village about a 40 minute walk from Double 6 Beach in Seminyak, getting our cardio in while living in a quiet community for the month. I also enjoyed a $1.95 hair cut in this spot well off the tourist beaten path.


Legian is not rural by any means. If you want peace and quiet this is likely not your first choice but if shopping and good eats – as well as a close beach – are high on your list, Legian is the place for you.


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