Blogging Breather: Francis Marion National Forest South Carolina

  April 3, 2022 travel posts 🕑 1 minute read
Francis Marion National Forest South Carolina

Francis Marion National Forest South Carolina


Kelli and I drove to a remote region of the Francis Marion National Forest.


We hiked the Palmetto Trail in a particularly desolate region.


This massive 252,000 acre forest spans a hefty chunk of the state from the coastal region inland to Lake Moultrie.



We drove roughly 30 miles from civilization to enjoy a few hours deep in the forest.


For all Sasquatch fans, multiple sightings occurred very close to where we hiked. Truckers have seen more than a few Bigfoot people in the region, some within the past year. I can see why. This genuinely remote region has almost zero development. A small scattering of human beings living in sleepy towns whose population cannot exceed a few hundred people – at best – makes for the perfect cryptid haunt.



Coyotes, bobcats, deer and other fauna call the Francis Marion National forest their home.


I curtailed the hike to the south for a controlled burn still smoldering on the trail. Kelli and I turned around to head north toward a swampy environment.



Pine dominates the region. Sand makes for easier going than a rocky setup.


Wherever you are in the world, enjoy your day.

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