Blogging Breather: Walking the Corniche in Doha Qatar

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Me at the Corniche in Doha Qatar

Walking the Corniche in Doha Qatar


Window washers, hundreds of feet in the air up there.


Sounds of love and devotion as the salah blared through loud speakers.


The serene, shimmying waters of the Persian Gulf.


Towers as high as the eye can see.


Welcome to a day walking the Corniche in Doha Qatar.


The Corniche


The Corniche is a high end area in a high end capital of the wealthiest land on earth.


Imagine huge, impressive, sleek skyscrapers kissing the clouds. The aforementioned window cleaners left Kelli and I with our hearts in our throats as the guys seemed to be almost dangling from the support, getting their wash on hundreds of feet above the pavement.


Stroll around the waterfront as you gaze upon the Persian Gulf to the East and Doha proper to the West, stopping for a quick workout on one of the exercise machines in the area.


Qatar is battling an obesity epidemic – rich people = lots of food = health problems – as the average Qatari’s immense wealth, plus the status symbol of having a full belly means you are eating well and living lovely aka wealthy, has encouraged the government to place a heavy emphasis on working out and eating a nutritious, healthy diet.


I did a few quick sets on the pec deck. Had to tighten up the chest.


Anyway, as you stroll by the waterfront you can grab a boat ride by the Corniche to enjoy the area from a maritime perspective.


Or perhaps you just want to capitalize on one of the few areas in Doha where one can walk unimpeded for a few miles.


I chose the latter.


The charming and mysterious Souq Waqif (read my review) lies a hop-skip-jump to the west if you want to step back a few centuries and visit a genuine Middle Eastern market, with winding alleyways, bartering between bazaar merchants and customers and that Indiana Jones feel that can be palpably experienced throughout the area.


The Museum of Islamic Art is a fascinating, fun way to spend a morning in Doha when things get a little too hot and steamy outside. Find it on the north end of the Corniche.


We stopped for a quick light snack at Costa Coffee, a sweet little spot with ample views of both the Persian Gulf and the eye-popping skyscrapers in the city.


Walking thought the area is all about the views though, as few waterfronts on earth afford you such dramatic sites. 1 part pristine nature (the Gulf) and 1 part of immense opulence (the buildings and city).


The Weather


Kelli and I visited during low – or cool – season.


We also experienced the wettest stretch in Doha in 50 years, combined with 47 degree Fahrenheit temperatures on some mornings.


I had to clarify because during the sweltering hot season, temperatures can exceed 50 degrees Celsius. Combine that with agonizing humidity and you have a climate cocktail that all but ensures you will be inside for much of the day and evening.


The high season in the area is hot and humid, from May through September, with the ridiculously hot period spanning through July.


Things do cool off quite a bit during the December to March stretch.


Getting Around


Doha is a car town.


Public transport is non-existent, although a train line should be completed for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.


Expect heavy traffic around rush hour. Note; car volume and delays can build at virtually any hour.


The Corniche Doha Qatar


This is an Uber town through and through.


We used Uber to get around if we did not have the luxury – aka sidewalk – to travel via our own 2 legs. This service is cheap in Qatar, with rides from by the Villaggio Mall to The Pearl costing only $10 USD.


Fire up your phone. Order your ride. Enjoy an air-conditioned transport amid the traffic of Doha. Just be prepared to wait a while if you choose to get around at rush hour.


The Corniche


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